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Atlanta, Georgia
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BDP and Bomb Flow

Hello Mountain Buzz.

This is not a troll. I never participate in posting stuff, but I often read the threads. I can't believe this hasn't come up as a topic...

I have a question for the community.

Obviously BDP and Bomb Flow are different "crews", but it seems BDP is a collaboration of new and rising stars, as well as some Bomb Flow boys.

So my question is simple: why do they hate women, and why do so many boaters in the community support these young, ignorant, foolish young bucks? Everyone argues that they're just having fun... but at the expense of objectifying and name calling women? I'm sorry, but I don't think 'they're just having fun'. I think they're towing the line of acceptable for attention and to rustle some feathers. I know a lot of feathers that have been rustled.
The BDP boys complain, whine, and brag (all in the same breadth) that they're not sponsored, but on their 'team blog page' they have athletes like Tyler Bradt, Anton Immler, Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist, and Brenden Wells... I think we can all agree those are sponsored athletes. They are associated with both BDP and companies. The companies (Dagger, Liquid Logic, Kokatat, Bomber Gear all come to mind) endorse these athletes, who then endorse BDP, and BDP posts stuff like this (from their FB page):

"TiTS DEEP is a cheap knock off of BDP. Don't trust that shit!!! We've been rolling hard in the paint and BALLS deep for years. Tits Deeps (fueled solely by their want to have more Facebook friends) is all about teasing their fans with the occasional topless shot from behind. You can't even see their fucking tits!!! You may get lucky and see an occasional kayaking shot of some chick on class III or some bitch fucking up their line on gorilla. Just know, these chicks are not as hard as BDP. They don't break backs, the don't smoke trees by the O-Zs, and most of all they don't have big fucking dicks like everyone at BDP. CHURCH OUT CUNTS"

Kayaking community, companies, representatives, ambassadors of the sport... why are you all ok with this? They're not just having fun. They have a twisted and sick view of women, and it's shameful to witness the elite of the elite endorse such viewpoints.

Peace out,


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Hood River, Oregon
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Thank you for posting this.

BDP's videos are fucked up and a poor representation for the sport. Some of the scenes in Pleasure Strokes actually show actions that boarder on sexual harassment/assault. Tearing a drunk girls shirt off in a kitchen? Are you kidding me? She did not look comfortable standing in her bra in a room full of guys. It is pretty fucked up that a) they would do something like that in the first place and b) would proudly put it online. That's just one of the lame things that they are willing to publish on the internet.

I liked the early bombflow episodes but at this point they are all just filming shit that tons of other paddlers run and then putting it online and bragging. Tons of boaters run the same shit all the time without a gopro and a 7d. And get rid of the guns, boozing, and disrespect for women...

I don't know many of these guys personally so I'm sure there are some good apples among them. The overall scene is very frustrating and disrespectful though.

I wish the industry would stop supporting this.
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Atlanta, Georgia
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I'm all for free speech. I'm not trying to tell those kids what to think, how to behave, who to hate or what to say.
Blaze on young haters. With such viewpoints, you'll never have the respect or love from a truly amazing woman, and for that I pity you all.

I am amazed at how many people rally behind those boys when they get criticized, and the big name boaters and their companies endorse such behavior...
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Hood River, Oregon
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Posts: 295
Also, for those who supported the WWGP in another thread, realize that the same shit goes down there. I agree that the paddling side of that event is great and some of the competitors are upstanding citizens. If you missed the "partying episode" that came out early in the event last year and then had to be taken was pretty disappointing behavior. Lots of sticking the camera at girls' boobs and cat calling and trying to get them to undress for the camera. All of this was done by boaters who intended to put it on the internet. Come on...
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Land of Lovin, Colorado
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I had to look up what BDP stood for, I've never watched any of their vids but I have seen all of the Bombflow episodes.

Thanks for the heads up - I'll be sure to pass up BDP films if they pop up in my newsfeed.

From the quote in the OP's post it seems like they are hard up for pussy and angry that titsdeep isn't providing them with any. LOL
Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. - Voltaire
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Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I'm not defending this at all but I believe if you don't like it or find the humor in some of the things they post then dont read it and don't like it on face book dont watch the videos. They are just trying to stir the pot, and get you fired up about it. I think you're just playing along if you want to start a big thing about it, because thats what they want. They enjoy pissing people off, but if you want to waste time playing along then by all means let the world go round. I dont know any of the tits deep gals but I wonder what their opinion is of the rivalry. Not that I really care or will even check this post again, but I think it's funny that you will just jump in and join the band wagon of hating BDP or liking them. Either way they are somewhere reading this laughing their asses off at how much time they can get people to spend talking about them.

The Pro Kayaker formula is simple: Huck a few big drops a year, party like a god damn rock star and get all the media to hate on you thus boosting your popularity + street cred, then spend the rest of your time on Facebook. It's not fucking rocket surgery.
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Atlanta, Georgia
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I just don't think the boating companies should endorse this behavior.

Makes me not want to give them my money. The more money I give Dagger and Liquid Logic, the more free gear they give to Anton, Brendan, Evan and Fred, who are all team BDP. I'm voting with my wallet.
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Photos of Brown | Facebook

So glad I didn't donate..
Everybody else can foot the GP bill except the athletes them selves to busy keeping up with the jones. Happy to finally be growing up.

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For those of us who dispite 30+ years on the river, but don't facebook, what is BDP, Bomb Flow, GP and Brown?
And Mike, is that a picture of you and your van?
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Denver, Colorado
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Welcome to America. If you have a system that commodifies every single person, place and thing... don't be surprised when selling sexist and degrading behavior rises to the surface. These boys are cultural by-products of this system - a patriarchal system to boot, and one that spawned the porn industry - which has yearly revenues of around $3 billion in the US. So apparently sexist, degrading crap that objectifies and belittles women reaches much deeper (pun intended) than a group of boys who kayak well, but haven't figured out much else in life.

If you are so concerned about this then your complaint shouldn't stop here, Ryan. Write up a letter and send it off to the boating companies. Maybe they will listen...
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