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"band of nine landowners" claim to own the Elk Riv

This story in the Post today just seems unreal...I wonder if they also own the air that surrounds their property, the insects that crawl on it, and wind that blows through it...


...thank goodness for river access organizations like AW and CWWA!

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I just don't see where these landowners think this is gonna make their lives any better. We'd all love to have a piece of paradise but not to the point of having to sit around trying to keep everybody off their land. Seems like a very paranoid lifestyle with 6 billion people on this earth with the land along rivers in the hands of greedy-assed people like this running around screaming "get off my land". I rather not own any land if it meant I'd get my panties in a wad every time someone paddled by. What kind of life is that? I guess their idea of paradise is they get to think they're GOD on some piece of earth. When it finally gets to a war of have versus have-nots.....I'm betting on the have-nots as there are alot more of them.

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I just don't get it. I was born and raised on the St. Joseph river in southern Michigan. I could swim before I could walk and paddle a canoe before I could ride a bike. I used to love to watch boats, tubes and whatever else go by. I would paddle the river to my Grandpa and Grandma's house on the lake almost daily. All of my neighbors would wave as I'd go by, I'd wave back. It was natural and I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams that someone would be offended by me floating by their house.

My husband and I have been floating the Laramie above Woods Landing the last couple of days. (Close and only a two week window if lucky.) Every person that lives on the river, without exception, waved at us as we went by. They appeared happy to see us.

What kind of people are these? I know what kind of guy Andy Wirth is, and if you read my earlier post about the dumb ass that sawed a tree alone, and dropped it on our truck as we drove down the Elk River road, you know him too.

Now here's the tricky part. The Chairman of my board, (I won't say of what, as I haven't resigned my job of 12 years, YET), lives on the Elk. I need to know if he is one of these nine. If he is, he and I are going to have a heart to heart. I need to understand what makes someone think this way. Again, it just plain does not make sense.

We, as boaters and lovers of the outdoors, have absolutely no interest in touching their property when we float by and in fact, their ugly monstrosities make the wilderness ugly. Their houses are trespassing on my wilderness experience! (Buffalo Pass road for example.)

Does someone have a list of these nine people? Please post them, or PM me.


P.S. ACA and AW Memberships current!
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Andy Wirth, Andy Wirth, Andry Wirth...I know I'm singling out one of these nine Elk River landowners here, but the hippocracy is too good to pass up. Mr. Wirth is director (V.P titlewise) of marketing for American Ski Corp. which owns Steamboat ski area. For him to be the leader of a coalition seeking to ban RECREATIONAL use of a public waterway adjacent to Steamboat is aggregious. His company currently generates tens of millions of dollars of revenue through the RECREATIONAL use of public lands, i.e. Steamboat Ski Area. How can he rationalize this conflict?

I guess he really meant it when he launched Steamboat's new ad byline this year- "This is my Steamboat."
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I'll try to come up with some names: Wirth, Rowe, Moss - with the exception of Wirth, who as of today has decided to drop out of the group, the others are guesses. The Seedhouse Road Coalition presented their case to the Routt County Commissioners this morning.

Their attorney: Sandy Horner

John Duty at Bucking Rainbow Outfitters might be able to help as he is the person trying to get their permit renewed.
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I suggest a "float in"!

Can anyone supply a year that people started regularly floating down the Elk? Such as when it could be established that people were floating 2 or 3 days per week during April - August.
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Thanks Baker, I will call the outfitter. I was wondering if Andy's position in this band of nine would have any ramifications with his Steamboat Resorts marketing job. Do you suppose this is why he has backed off? That dude still owes me lift tickets from the tree incident and I'm not giving up until he pays up!!! (LMAO) I think my statute of limitations for suing for pain and suffering runs out this weekend, (still LMAO).
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What a bunch of dicks! The float-in is a good idea.
Like it or not, all of us are the result of a sexual act.
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I just called Bucking Rainbow Outfitters and guess what?


Congrats to them and good news for the future of floating issues, hopefully...
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Loaner-You ran into a tree and are getting free lift tickets.....sounds like a good story?

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