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Bailey at 800cfs + swim

Bailey at 800cfs

Last Sunday with, Goodman, Paris, Crabtree and 4 other guys. It was great!!. I had a good and a bad day. Good until I lost my paddle just above Super Max. Paddle on to Super Max with a break down paddle. Walk super max with everyone else. Except Chad who makes it look like class 3. Paddle on to Deer Creek rapid. Get flipped before somwhere before it. Do not have a roll with the break down paddle. I mean four attempts with out even getting my head up. I rembember thinking "I don't f'ing belive this" and "are there even blades on this thing". After number three and then thinking "maybe I should just fing hand roll". From this point on the day was lousy.

I start hitting stuff. Paddle gets ripped. (again) I pull, I swim and swim big. I'm on my own. There's not much anyone can do, It's not exactly a easy section at 800. I'm getting worked. Really worked! It's a relentless section most of my efforts were focused on keeping clear of rocks. I remember this one rock I was sure would pin me if I hit it square and how swimming hard right to avoid it didn't help as much as I had hoped, but enough to wash me just to the right of it with a little leg bracing as I got close. I also remember my feet catching enough going over one drop to stand me up and send me chest first over it. I almost get out a few times on river right but current was to strong and shore not so good. Must have swam 50 to 75 yards at this point. Not really sure. I spotted a small cable above the next drop and grab on mainly just to catch my breath, I needed it. Looking over the drop I make eye contact with David and another boater Alex in the eddy river left of the drop I was just above. They look very serious and surprised that I'm hanging on where I am. (Climber strength) I'm not in the best spot really, we all know it. I was just catching my breath which I sorely needed. It was by no means somewhere I could have held on for too long. I adjust my grip and relax some to conserve. Dave say's to me "be careful". He doesn't like the cable and is worried I might get stuck somehow. I ask "what should I do?" He tells me get to river left. That was pretty much my plan. Dave moves to get out of his boat on river left and ready a rope. I think he was planning on hitting me with it where I was hanging on. I'm thinking "there no way I'll be able to grab it one handed. It's also beginning to get hard to hang on so I decide it's better to use energy swimming rather and hanging on any longer, (it's been maybe 1 or 2 min) so a few last breaths and I launch the next drop and swim hard left. Didn't have a chance at the eddy they were in but I catch the next one and drag my self out. Worked. Matt put first AID on the cut above my nose and the rest of the guys lug my boat up. I walk out from here, five min's from Deer Creek. Mike had a sweet boof on the second half of Deer Creek. Felt better after Deer Creek and started looking for paddles so as to paddle the flat water out instead on dragging my boat. I saw a few big sticks and was considering using them. Now that I think about it I don't think I would have been able to get my skirt on anyway. My right thumb is broken. So anyway hope someone finds my paddle and Chad's break down. Besides the thumb and a sore nose I'm fine. I can't wait to get back on Bailey, if those guys will have me back:-S


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LOL, makes me feel better after swimming out of the c-1 on bailey wow! one of dem exiting swims!
(looking for creek boat)
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Broke my paddle (4 years with my 7-2) also on sunday...thank god!!! Dan M and crew had a breakdown, feel like i would still be walking out of there.

Ran Tampax with the breakdown and I agree with "did it have blades?".

Looking forward to getting down there on Saturday!!!

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Glad you're still with us to tell your tale, or 'yarn' as us aussies like to call it. Sounds like you were dealing with 'the now' as old mate Marc Lange used to say. You may not want to deal with it now, but you're going to deal with it NOW!
Happy paddling. I'm Jones'n for a beautiful run like Bailey, as I kick back in downtown Bendigo, Australia.

Check you blokes later

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oh yeah
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how do 'yall get 800cfs from the above page? looks like it hit 625cfs or so on saturday and droped a 100 on sunday to ~525cfs.
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Watertalk at 9am on sunday reported 587 cfs, which im pretty sure was right.

As for 800 maybe late Sat nitte???

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I ran Bailey for the first time Saturday afternoon and didn't see anyone. The guage in Bailey was right around ~800 .

I was with a group from Durango and we were thinking you frontrangers don't have it so bad. Great run, 800 cfs is a great level. So many people bag on this run and I thought it was alot of fun at this level, I wish we had something that nice running right now.

Thanks for sharing the goods.
Creek Boaters Like Tight Boxes
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It was 800ish on Sunday up until mid day and it dropped hard. I go by the Bailey at Bailey Gauge. The Grant gauge is allot father upstream.
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Yeah but where is the extra 260 coming from between the tunnel and Bailey? There was a discrepancy on the 2 gauges on Sat. night which lasted until noon on sunday. How can you account for this? Don't think it ever hit 800, maybe 680.

PS. Hey Dan I think we are gonna hit Black rock for the last time tommorrow night if you want to join. I'll call you this evening.

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Hey Kent,
I was there on Sunday morning and it was definitely 800. Once again, I got my ass kicked in my Huka. I'm not good enough to paddle that thing in pushy stuff and my roll sucks the big one these days. I am a bruise from the waist down and some of my fingers don't work too good. I'm done for the year. I'll be in the play park until next May. Fuck!
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