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Back pain

Hey, my back has been hurting after creeking. just wondering if there are any lower back exercises that might prevent the pain after runnig a creek associated with alot of landing flat or slides. Any suggestions appreciated. Russell

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Ahh....yes , the infamous back pain! I usually get this about.....well I guess I have it all year when I boat. ANyways, what i was told to do, and what helped me was stretching your lower back by doing any stretching exercises that stretch your lower back, and glutes (your A$$). There are many ways of doing this, but one i find to help is by: sticking one leg out straight while sitting flat on the ground, then with the other like bend it in so it initially is like a half butterfly. Then lean over the bent leg and you should start feeling some stretching in your lower butt, and back....that helps me......

another thing is to have a girlfriend who likes to give back rubs, or a bank account that can support a chiropractor.

Just my 2 cents
Ben Guska
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I'm not sure about pain caused by harsh landings, but on a long river trip this summer, a crew instructor who happened to be along suggested that a lot of lower back pain was due to tight hamstrings.

Doing the following (which he recommended because it completely isolates the hamstring) once or twice a day allowed me to paddle for hours a day pain free.

Lie on back. Leave left leg extended (straight & flat on ground). With one hand pull other leg to chest. With other hand, try to staighten the bent leg by gently pulling ankle towards/past your head. Hold 20 seconds. Switch legs, repeat a few times. I'm so inflexible I can't really keep the one leg down or get anywhere near straight, but it helps.
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my back usualy starts hurting a month or so after kayaking season because my stomach muscles get weak. i forget to do my nightly crunches and sure as hell my back starts hurting like clockwork.
i also agree that working your hamstrings helps a lot too.
and a great exercise to work all your abs, back and hamstrings is Power Yoga. i was doing Bikram's in the off season until i started getting knee problems. Power Yoga is much friendlier on the knees and the women are just as hot : )
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