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AZ waterfall picture

1) where is that?
2) are there more drops like it?
3) it runs all year?



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it appears to be beaver Falls but I could be wrong.
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It does look like Beaver. If it's not then it's definitely in The Canyon. I've desperately boated all over AZ and that is the only area were anything would produce year round boating with that type of vegetation in the background. Sweet drop, but I'd hate the hike back up.
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let me help you out

this drop is the put in drop of fossil creek in strawberry, AZ. I live in arizona and have absolutely no idea what beaver canyon is, but it is definantly not that. the other drops on the main run of this creek consist of more bony travertine ranging from 4 to 8 feet tall. EXCEPT, the most fun drop on the run, the take out drop. This is a double drop about 17 feet in total height. Along with being a double drop it has a left and right channel. the creek is fun if you are desperate enough. it runs at 43cfs year round, barely boatable. the water temperature however, is very comfortable. I ran it last year in a shorty on christmas eve with snow on the ground now that was fun.
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Beaver Falls is about halfway between Havasu Falls and the River. It is very similar. We hiked an old sevlor inflatable up from the river and ran Beaver in 83 or 84. sj
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fossil creek

Yup, thanx for the step in huckin. I posted a story in cokayaking and some pics of the lower section as well. As far as being desperate, the run is worth hitting PERIOD; the creek is a one of kind and is only one of two travertine streams in AZ. The discharge comes from a carbonate aquifer system that pumps a plesent 43-48 baseflow and the water is 72 degrees from the source. check it out; its really close to christopher creek and the east verde both of which are 5's. By the way, some folks wanted to keep the creek a secret but I felt that the place is starting to get trashed so we need more boaters protecting the place.
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I hope that this isn't a dumb question: what is a "travertine stream?" Is it related to the fact that it comes from an aquifier?

Sounds like a cool little January expedition. . .
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fossil creek

travertine is a mineral deposited onto rock features from the water as it tumbles over falls, rocks, drops, etc form mixxing with oxygen. your right about the aquifer; the water is old and comes out of a limestone outcrop with huge amounts of caco3 (calcium carbonate). when you go, you will notice just how crystal clear the water is. NO SEDIMENT WHAT SO EVER
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Travertine is mineral rich water associated with limestone that builds up drops/ledges /falls rather than eroding the stream bed ,it makes for pool drop boating on emerald green to saphire blue water. Want to see the foremost example in the world search Cascadas Agua Azul,Chiapas ,Mexico.

Anybody ever run Wet Beaver Creek or West Clear Creek,we had a chance to 1st d them in '98 but were too lazy to carry in, I know theyv'e been run,any beta?
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Ive run wet beaver and the adjacent red draw, both cut into coconino sandstone and are worth hitting when in the area. Upper wet beaver drops some serious gradient; to get to the upper get to stoneman lake rd 50 miles south of flag. 1st d's are somwhat of a mystery in AZ, cause the locals down there dont claim them on paper. West Clear is a sick 5 in a deep gorge, and can be run at low flows. Ive never run it but I know the area well. When considering; check snowpacks for happy jack and bakers butte. anyone interested in gettin crazy if AZ gets a good snowpack? im living in denver, but ill be driving down there if my lottery doesnt come through.
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