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Attention CSU Kayakers

I have been talking with Paul over in slice, and as many people said there are several barriers put forth by the school. However, he and I agreed that it would be a good idea to have a meeting to talk about possible directions we can take to develop a club within the school or not. So I am looking into scheduling a room at LSC. I would really like to attract as many kayakers as possible. I am going to have some fliers made and I am looking for volunteers to help me distribute them so we reach out to as many kayakers at csu as we can. If you would like to help contact me through the buzz so we can work things out. In the mean time keep praying for snow up in the mountains so there is a runoff to match last years.

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What's the goal?

Hey there, my wife and I are both kayakers, have been for the past 10 years and we reside in Fort Collins. Read your post and was curious what your goals are and what, if anything, we could do to help?

Thanks, Lenny.
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I've been part of the CSU club for quite some time now. I wish you the best of luck with it. The university will fight you every step of the way. We had to pay for our own roll sessions at the university pool. Doesnt sound hard, and it wasnt when we could actually have a fair number of people in there (15-20). Then the university decided they were going to limit us to 8 people, which is hardly affordable for our club. We met with recreation management several times to try and get university funding as well as negotiate having more people allowed in the roll sessions to no avail. This is my final year at CSU, and Im afraid I'll never see a kayak club at the university that's anywhere like the CU or school of mines club. Leif and Natalie did a phenomenal of organizing roll sessions at another private pool in Fort Collins. If it hadn't been for them, the "CSU kayak club" would have died years ago. I wish you the best of luck in a restart of the club and will try and support whatever you decide to do with it!

by the way, CSU rec. management SUCKS!
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If you're serious about getting a club started back up maybe we could help each other out. I'm not a CSU student but I'm trying to get a Poudre race (other than the Narrows race) going. Proving to the Rec. department that your club is more than roll classes and free shuttles would earn respect and attract new members. Hit me up.
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Some things you can try are:

Change the name to the Canoe and Kayak Club. People think canoes are timid and nothing to fear. The inclusion may calm the insurance folks down a bit.

Rename the roll sessions to "Paddling Technique Session" Rolling is a technique.

Go to the aquatics director directly and get him in your camp. They usually love when they can justify that their pool is being used since it's such an expensive. Have some kayakers attend a guard training session so the life guards know how to right a flipped boat. It would also be good to talk to the aquatics director of Mines and CU since they seem to have a good relationship with kayakers.

A good concession you can make is to require pfd's in the pool if they are not already. That may make the difference. And finally, if they still pull out the "it's too much of a liability", ask to see the incidents on which they are basing their decision... it doesn't exist of course but they maintain that it does. Push down that path as a last resort. You can also contrast it with scuba liability issues for a scuba club (if there is one).
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Here's my memory of the issues that we faced. Take all this with a grain of salt, since I always tried to keep out of the administration as much as I could. I just showed up every single time, and this is what I remember other people complaining about.

First off, back when I first got here, Ty Newton managed to get the pool sessions to go off without a hitch. He used the outing club as a front or something, but that one year (2005), we actually made money off the sessions (which we put back into the club in the form of a decreased price on the original hoodies). Those were the days. How did he do it?

If I remember right, the main arguments against having kayaks in the pool were actually for the safety of the pool. A couple of the pools have just been remodeled, and they are concerned that the kayaks will scratch, chip, or otherwise damage the tiles and pool environment.

They also have a rule that there cannot be more than like 8 kayaks in a pool at a time, which was what basically shut down the campus sessions last time (around about 2007 or 2008 ), since we had over 20 paddlers showing up, then sitting around watching only a handful of people in the water. I don't know what the justification of that rule is. I seem to remember hearing that the health and safety department (can't remember the real name) was responsible, but that can't be right, since the rule has nothing to do with health or safety.

On top of the actual quantifiable roadblocks, we also found that the scheduling process was very difficult. We were the lowest priority when they scheduled pool times, so it was hard to get a workable time, and even then, it was not uncommon to find out that somewhere in the process the pool had been double booked, and there was a scuba class or something like that already in the water. The administration was not overly helpful.

In the end, we found that it was easier to go off campus, and even ended up being about the same price.
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Does anyone know of a Fort Collins pool that does allow kayaks? I really really want to get in the water and practice! Also, once this crazy semester is over, I can help with fliers or whatever. That would be so great if CSU would stop being so weird and just let us in the pool! Come on!
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I'm over in SLiCE, so any questions you guys have about the student orgs side, just let me know. The real problem is the rec management, and their rules about boats in the pools. But its just a brick wall, nothing we can get around or over if you want it bad enough.
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CSU kayaking

Humm, I wonder if we can arrange a meeting with the rec person and get the reasons behind the rules? Sometimes that helps either make it clear to all that the rules are stupid and may need to be changed, and then find out how to do that, or if the reasons are not deemed by some to be stupid, it may be possible to come up with creative solutions to get around the rules if the reasons for the rules are known. For example, if the issue is that the kayaks hurt the sides of the pool, maybe we could just put one of the lane line divider things by the side of the pool to keep the kayaks from hitting up against the sides? Or maybe they are worried about the kayaks being dirty, and we can just assure them that we'll shower the kayaks before they are put in the pool . What do you all think about a little meeting with the rec dude?
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