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YO BUZZARDS!! Time to rally for boaters rights! The owner of the Red Lion Inn doesn't give an F about Boulder Creek. His dam has washed tons of debris and rebar into the creek and he doesn't seem to care about anything except getting 9 News to do sob stories about Weddings that are being missed. He hasn't made any attempt to clean up the pipes, metal rebar, rusted out corrigated metal and cement blocks that are washing into the creek. He is so cheap that he said he wants to use some sort of railroad cars to form a bridge across the creek. In the past his deathtrap forced boaters out of the creek at high water. Instead of allowing them safe access around his mess, he made it clear that he wanted us to walk on river left through a barb wire fence which we chopped apart last year after tearing our drysuits on it. Who knows what person can spearhead this problem and force this guy to build a real bridge. Can AW get involved or Gary Lacey or someone like that? If this joker does some rig job with railroad stuff who knows what sort of deathtrap boaters are going to have to deal with next. For such a popular river with a high flood risk it seems unbelievable that this cheapskate can get away with such crap. Anybody have any ideas or names of people or organizations that can help out??

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I agree that the bridge needs to be cleaned up but the rail car idea is actually a very functional solution. You can set the cars on the old bridge abutments and the will span the creek without any low debris, like there previously was, in the creek. The danger to boaters or future concerns about flooding would be seriously alleviated, in my opinion. I work in construction and we are currently using rail cars for temporary bridges, they are great! Quick to install, very little chance of getting washed out, and clean. So yeah, clean up the mess but don't get to worried about his solution. In fact, building a new bridge would likely have much more serious environmental impacts due to a more invasive and complicated construction process.
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Yeah, the rail car is a realllllly good idea. The only better idea would be some shitty trailer from the trailer park with the ends ripped off. What a half assed shitty unsightly solution.

Maybe one approach would be to talk to some city or county folks about the issue. Its probably a good time as boulder was worried about a 2ft wall of water coming down if the bridge collapsed instantly. I'd tell the county folks that bridges that are safe for kayakers are also bridges that don't wash out, collect debris, or crumble and present public safety hazards. If you come at it from the angle of public safety, you might win there. I'd assume that building permits would be needed for bridges and that the county has some say there. It seems like common sense that you would put a soundly engineered bridge over boulder creek.

The idea of putting in the crappiest unsafe bridge that will only last a few years just seems rediculous. Think of what would have happened is some car was on the bridge and it collapsed and was in the water.... scary.
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The clowns who owns this place are all over the TV boo hooing about how much money they are losing. I don't feel sorry for them a bit. Maybe if they put in an adequate bridge in the first place they wouldn't be having this problem. This thing couldn't even handle a thousand CFS. Any kind of big rain event would have obliterated this thing in minutes.
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The real Atrocity is how much you pay for crap food in a dank nasty resturant. That bridge has been a death trap for years and I gaurantee loser owner will do nothing to clean up his cheep ass bridge unless pushed.

We need to get somebody infront of the news cameras and let people know the real issue
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Start talking to Boulder County Planning Department - they will have to approve any new structure. If you make your opinion known, they may have some pull. The fact this bridge has washed out twice should make them at least consider putting something in that is more sturdy.

Boulder County Land Use, Planning and Zoning: 303-441-3930
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I intend to write a letter to the Boulder Daily Camera this weekend. I would encourage others to as well. Someone already wrote in yesterday:
Letters to the Editor - June 10 - Boulder Daily Camera

This owner, Chris Mueller, reaps much of his business from Boulder, so negative publicity should apply some pressure for him to do the right thing for the community. We had an encounter with him the other day. After the bridge blew out we were trying to take a quick, 10 second peek at the bridge to see if passage was safe. He was walking around on the opposite bank and informed us we couldn't be on his property. We tried to be friendly but he pretty much blew us off and did everything short of give us the finger. I was pretty unimpressed. I wouldn't expect that he'll do anything out the kindness of his own heart.

I believe when the bridge blew out 7 years ago, it was the same situation. The owner thought the city should pay to rebuild it even though it is on private land. The city refused and so he did the cheapest job possible creating a death sieve for people in the creek and as demonstrated this week, potential danger for the entire community downstream near the creek. Even having averted a disaster, the city and county wasted massive amounts of time and money closing the area around the creek, positioning emergency crews, and removing debris and dismantling the bridge in a safe manner.

I'm actually really surprised he was allowed to do such a shotty job in the first place. Is anyone familiar with the process to approve the construction of a bridge like this?
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Just made some calls and was told to talk to the City of Boulder Transportation dept. They and CDOT would be the ones to approve a new bridge. Cleanup would be through the City of Boulder (good luck) and it sounded like the bridge that just failed was supposed to be a temp fix from the last time it blew out and he never followed up on fixing it.
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Red Lion

I know Chris. Let me be the devils advocate hear for moment. Chris has been trying to hold onto a business he has devoted his life to and that he can hand down to his children. That's his priority and it's not for a small community of recreational people who travel down the creek 1 month out of 12.

Chris made a mistake by not investing in a proper bridge in the first place and now he is paying for it. He may pay for it with everything he as worked his life for. He is backed into a corner now and to expect him to have the kayak community at heart is unrealistic. He doesn't want to deny access like what is going on with the Taylor.

I do think the county should force him have some type of minimum specification that he must adhere to avoid the situation we currently have. For the safety of all people down stream.

Making your safety concerns known to the county/city/state will be most effective avenue; not publicly trashing Chris.
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Rwanda is an atrocity. This is an inconvenience for

Originally Posted by possumturd View Post
...a small community of recreational people who travel down the creek 1 month out of 12.
Should the bridge there be safe for navigation, yes. But trashing this guy isn't going to make it happen not to mention,

Originally Posted by possumturd View Post
expect[ing] him to have the kayak community at heart is unrealistic.
I think deforrest, being independently wealthy and all, should pay for the clean up and construction of a new bridge. After all, this seems to impact deforrest the most.
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boulder, boulder creek

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