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Asshole Alert on the Taylor

In need of a Beat Down:

GUNNISON (AP) - A New Mexico woman on a commercial rafting trip in southwestern Colorado was pierced in the lip by a fishing hook - possibly on purpose.

That's according to the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Monday that witnesses think it was done deliberately by a disgruntled fly fisherman on the banks of the Taylor River.

Investigators say they couldn't find the suspect.

The 51-year-old woman's name and hometown were not immediately released. She was treated at a Gunnison hospital and released.

The incident was reported to deputies on July 17.

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Golden, Colorado
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A fisherman got mad at me earlier this season. It was at the Clear Creek play park in Golden. He was fishing in the play features for about 3 hours on a Saturday morning. When I got out at the end of my session I smiled and said, "hey, how's it going, great day, etc.". He started ranting about how good the fishing was early in the morning until the kayakers showed up and scared the fish away. I told him that he should try walking up the path above the play park to get away from the crowds. He would not drop it and I think he was either mentally ill or he was intentionally trying to piss me off.

Well, I tell you it was his lucky day because I was on a month-long vacation with nothing to do but paddle and I was in a great mood. I just walked away from that retard.
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Last week on the Poudre, I didn't even notice a fly fisherman, up past his waist and I floated right up on him. I was extremely apologetic. His reply was, "no problem, I should of gone boating tonight anyway". Obviously not having much luck, but I thought it was cool, he was so cool.

Seems like most fisherman on the Poudre are pretty nice and usually say hi. I've never met a fisherman on the Taylor that I trusted with a rod in his hand--they have a mean look in their eye and they never say hi. (And as I float by, a fish usually jumps right next to me, )

And I'm sorry, but what serious fly fisherman wants to fish in a play park anyway? I try to get away from the crowds. I think you're right, he was looking for a confrontation.

Just personal observation.

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I was a guide on this trip. It was a deliberate act. He began yelling at the guide, called him a cocksucker, and threw his hook in the middle of a boat with three kids and two adults. The barbed hook was lodged one inch below her eye.
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Aggravated assault, anyone?
Join up, suckas.

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid."
- Soren Kierkegaard
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What the F*ck is the matter with some people? Fishing is supposed to be introspective and relaxing- this guy acted like he just pulled into rush hour traffic in the Tech Center. Nothing against fishermen in general, by the way. This is a guy that needs to be 'regulated' by his own kind. I have a guy at Trout Unlimited that would be happy to administer.

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Some people lose the essence of what something is suppose to be about and they get angry at the fish or rapid and it becomes a man vs. nature thing and rapidly loses all the enjoyment that could be found in the sport, whether it be paddling, fishing, skiing or just living life. Kinda sucks for them and anyone else they screw with.
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Same type of thing happened to my bro, Tony T, in the Royal Gorge, a few years ago. Fisherman tried to hook him and his girl as they floated by. He pulled over, chased him down and kicked his ass. Now that's what you call river justice.
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Yep this pisses me off as well. Us rednecks had about a 100 year run as the fishermen in Colorado but now the yuppie fly fishin contingent has us whipped. A very embarrassing time to be a redneck worm fisherman in Colorado!

Over the past few years it seems as we kaykers are expected to bow down then to tip toe around these “this is my public property types” - remember that the surface of the water is public property no matter how much land you own. These fishermen are becoming lke more people out there that for some reason will not share the sandbox.

The only outdoor group that to me is worse are some of the BC tele guys out there. Lately when a fisher gets rowdy and as you can tell I am full up to the top with over done fishermen on public property – Shit I just holler out don’t let us ruin your day – throw a few ends in the hole they were fishin and then you get to watch a “ranger” or yuppie melt down! Priceless!

Finally here is how much the fish are “scared” of boaters on the ark. Last Oct my Brother and I were enjoying a beautiful fall day floatin on the ark. Cast and Blast style.

Well a bunch of ducks jumped up and we were kickin shells out of those shotguns as fast as we could re-load. At the end of the shootin the dogs were in the water getting the ducks, we were hollerin, and I looked down to see a 14” Brown trout hit one of the pieces of wadding from the shotgun shells not once but twice. Now if you can’t scare off the fish with shotguns, dogs, and hollerin rednecks I am not sure how to scare them off.
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Right on redneck. I feel it a classic example of one person blamming their short commings on another. And while we are ranting Why do the same people that give me dirty looks when I am in my Kayak chat me up like a long lost freind when I am in my Dory. sj
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