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Edwards, Colorado
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Arkansas disaster waiting to happen

This article in today's Vail Daily sounds a serious alarm for the Ark. It would be a big nasty wave if it goes.

Vail Colorado-Todays information & news from Vail Daily - News

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scary man... Thanks for the heads up!
Life: Live it!
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wtf, any of you guys r welcome to can come stay at my place, i have an extra room with 2 couchs in it. im being serious

how did the blm let it get this bad in the first place? 200 ft of water behind it? this shows how much the government cares about its citizens, by putting them in direct danger.
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The next zone, .
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Funny this is a 10 - 15 year old story and when it hits the VAIL papers then it is a big deal.

This tunnel flashed once in the mid 80's... Turned the entire river oarnge for a few days killed some fish but all the boaters made it. Not as near as bad of deal as when the DOW killed every fish in the Ark. Now that was a bad deal.

They are and have been watchin this one for over a decade up in Leadville so I would not freak out just cause they printed a article in the vail paper.
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The story is here as well:
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So when this thing blows, here's what they need to do: The river will run crazy colors for a couple days (stay tuned for vid of the new trick I've invented, I've been waiting for exactly this event to unvail it, it's called the Orange Julius and will be thrown down in the Salida Hole when the color is it's deepest), the flash of toxic waters will pass through quickly but will leave all the fish drastically mutated with an extra fin, a pair of legs, and razor sharp teeth. So here's my proposal: the government should then take our tax dollars, build a massive set of tarps over several miles of the river, thereby trapping the heat absorbed by the earth while blocking out the natural sunlight. This will result in the natural killing of all the mutated killer brown trout that have spawned in the fertile waters running between the highway and railroad.

It's quite simple, really. I've got plans all drawn up if anyone wants to see them.
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Edwards, Colorado
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RDNEK - I appreciate the fact that you're on top of this issue and it's new news to us in Vail and elsewhere. But dude, the Vail bashing is old school. The ATFer's (Aspen Trust Fund) have been on that for years already. The 9 News and Vail Daily stories do make it sound like a big deal. When the public finally starts paying attention to something the government has been screwing up for years, don't give them s*^# about it, help educate them if you have the knowledge. This situation in Leadville sounds like it needs some fixing.
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The next zone, .
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I am not on top of any issue in Lake Co.. It just seems like old news here... This problem along with a ton of others has been in the upper ark basin since the 1800's and is going no where anytime soon.

It also has to do with the fact that I believe that the upper ark shed needs to be a EPA superfund clean up site. It is that dirty in the upper basins! For a long long list of reasons.

Just one point to think about is that Lake Co.. and these same people were working like hell and sayin what ever was needed to get that area off the EPA superfund list within the past year. They knew this issue(s) as well as a host of others and it was not even a problem a year ago!

Now these same people are sayin it is a "local state of emergency"? If it is a emergency now it was a emergency every day since she last blew! Looks to me like someone wanted to get their name in the front range news.

Small town politics at it's best..

Now for Aspen vs Vail.. You brought it up...

Your little aspen vs vail spat is funny.. Kinda like the saliva vs puney buney thing.. Good humor..

Trust funders fighting.. I love the idea.. My dad has more shares of Exon than your dad does.. Funny.

The reason that the ATF makes fun of the VTF is that Aspen is the better town and ski area(s).. Vail is nice front range resort.. You could even say the best front range resort.. But it still is just a front range resort.

Aspen is the best in Colorado. Vail and the rest just try and keep up.

And dont get me started about the BC... Aspen = nobody around, no attitude, and unbelieveable terrain. Vail BC = one of the biggest cluster F**ks in the anywhere in the Colorado. You gotta pay and then for your $ you bought the right to deal with all the attitude.

Maybe you vailites should try to compete with someone more your league like Breck, keystone, or Copper..

Before anyone gets too bent.. Just like puney buney vs salida... Good humor!
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Orange huh?I'll bet Crisco had a hand in this.Maybe they could release it to coincide with his curtain ,sort of a matching set.

Seriously ,this blows,comparing it to Teton,sure hope that is an exaggeration.Is there any way they could use this years high water to our advantage to dilute it ? Can they pump ,siphon, divert,or partially release this water in a controlled way?I F THEY COULD DO THOSE THINGS IS THERE TIME?The heavy snow is both a blessing and a curse,it'll be tough to get much done before thaw and by then maybe too late.

Anybody have any idea how much in Cfs a billion gallons if she blows?Who's water supply will be affected?Lots of questions,anybody got answers?
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Denver, Colorado
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A billion gallons released over a 3 hour window equally would be ~15,000 cfs. I say blow that shit up and lets get a good ride... Just kidding there.

Anyway, if it is such a huge issue, why not drill a hole into the water pocket and start sending it to the treatment plant. There are surely better ways to deal with this than gape, point, and be inundated.
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ark, arkansas

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