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Apartments / Jobs in Salida or BV

I am looking into moving to Salida or BV within the next month. Does anyone know of any apartments or rooms for rent or any jobs in the area. Thanks for any info.

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Denver, Colorado
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I don't have specifics on actual places for you, but I can advise you to look more at Salida than BV. Salida has a little more of an economy and more things to do than BV. Right now, BV is pretty much a ghost town, and your only chance of finding a job might be at one of the 23 churches or the prison. Salida has more stuff to choose from, and not to mention they probably have about 3 more single women than BV. I hope you are moving to this area with a significant other because the unhealthy balance of gender in this area will make your sperm wonder if they will ever get a chance to spread their chromozones.

Salida is your best bet for jobs, and a place to live.

Good Luck!
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This is a great place to move to, especially as a paddler and especially as a working paddler because you can work a 9-5 and still paddle everyday during the season. Both towns have excellent play in town and plenty of river running nearby.

Check the local paper's online classifieds for job and housing opportunities:

Both town's have their charm's but like Mark I prefer and would reccomend Salida. There are a few single women out there, you just have to find them (before anyone else does).

A few of us year round Salida dwellers work at CKS in BV (year-round) and CKS BV & Salida in the spring/summer so feel free to stop in and say hi.
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Thanks for the advise

I spent about 3 days a week in Salida last summer living at the playpark, haha. I was living in Co Springs and felt like Salida was more my style. I am in North Carolina right now and there aint much going on here, especially since i just got back from Costa Rica. I will check out that link you posted and hopefully can find some stuff. See you around.

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The next zone, .
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I can’t help but to spit a bit of smack toward our warmer, yet purple, brethren to the south. BV vs Salider now this is a Mtn Buzz subject with some teeth! There has not been this much rivalry in the valley since the yearly football game (which the BV demons always wins this year it was somthin like 60 – 7. I guess the hoops game is coming – saliva has less of a chance here - the last W for Saliver came in like 91’ or somethin). The funny part is that I have standing bets with 3 fells in salider for both hoops and football the last time I had to pay was over 3 years ago! In all honesty if you have kids ship them up to BV – the schools are waaaayyyyy better up here.

Rivalry was last instigated by a local freestyle comp where BV true to it’s roots stacked the deck full of pro’s (dre, jed, ND!, Marco, ect). Then drank too much of the hi life and went to lake for some creekin on the night of the event. I think we still won!

Yes saliva has the Vic - bensons’s hasn’t been around long enough to qualify and if there are more neo-modern-artsy pics on the wall than mounted elk, deer, goats, pigs, or monkeys - it doesn’t count as a bar. We have the Rope and where else can you see 70+ year old locals drinking themselves to sleep night after night (and day) of drinking! The best part they drive home! One couple has been at this for like 15 years now and has never gotten a DUI – where else is anyone afforded such a rich retirement!

Now don’t get me wrong BV is not for everyone. If you are not into dirt bikes, poker, snow machines, the best kayakin available day in and day out in the state, lake creek, BC with no one else around, sex with no one else around, heavy consumption of whiskey, PBR, or hi life BV might not be right for ya. But for the right person BV is paradise! More Pow than you can ride, Lake at 450, 4 man made play features, piney, the #’s, the may caddis hatch, duck huntin in the fall, way toooooo much to list - if you can tough out the winter you are rewarded for your efforts.

Marco – I week out east has your brain thawing out! Move to salider? Why you sellin out so quick bro? I know what is goin on - you have a “wicked” hot chick massaging the ice out yo skull!
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Hell Yeah!!!! Way to represent BV!! :P
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Denver, Colorado
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Now, that is some funny stuff, Redneck! I was wandering when you were going to chime in. And, it's all true!

Well, one week out east has quickly made me realize that being a single male in BV is about as bad as being in *PRISON* No selling out here, just making sure that a single male knows the darker facts of BV. And, one of these facts is that BV needs single women more than the people of the U.S. need to impeach Bush.

As for the activities you mentioned (Lake, pine, #'s, sleddin, etc): Yes, they blow away Salida's choices.

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The fact that the only consistent, staunch, defender of BV goes by the moniker, REDNECK, says all that you need to know about BV. JV, we kicked your ass the only year of the local series even with your pro ringers (notice how half of your talent now lives in Salida or is moving after growing weary of relations with themselves). All that being said I just talked some shit this morning on behalf of the whole valley and I think it is time for this little civil war to end. I have said it before we need a united valley. Lets go rip Cottonwood and bury the hatchet over a few PBRs.
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The next zone, .
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Cold as hell up here in BV today. -5 at about 6am today.

Harvey you are right we need to join forces and bring all of our skills verbal and otherwise to “fight the man” in our colder and purple brethren to the north. The far north as in the arctic circle – if anyone was wondering where this lovely place is - Leadville.

You know why they call it Leadville – because the drinking water is 30% lead! The only down side is that they never defend themselves up there, and talkin smack is no fun when you are talkin to a wall. Also they are probably a deeper shade of “red” up there than we are down here in the comparatively Bahama like BV. Just kiddin Leadville (about everything but the “red” comment) – the other thing to remember about Leadville is that there are more gang-banger types up there than in 5 points soooooooooo, right now I am bit afraid of an afternoon “drive by”. The only thing that I got goin for me is that I will hear the snowmachine commin from a mile away!

Anyway – Harv get a partner = Mo Inc or Hixton and give me a call for next week – the skiing is epic and we need a couple of you to join us. Tues, wed, thurs, I can go.
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REDNEK got us with the school thing...oh how lucky I am to have real roots in Howierd, CO. Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones that recieved my under-education in Cotopaxi. While it's true their are more gun toating mountian men than students we only had school four days a week, 8 man football, and still had more women than BV. As long as you don't mind your lady wearing bear skin vests, high top nikes and a mullet it's not so bad.

Love to get up their and ski, maybe I can swing it on Tuesday. Harvey and some buddies from out of town had an epic day on the cat Thursday. I'm thinking of getting another group for late march...interested?
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