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Anyone interested in a 2-some?

There - I've got your attention.

There's room for one more 2-some (and one more foursome, actually) in the 1st annual GOALS (Get Outside And Learn Something) golf tournament.

The event raises money to get kids out on multi-day wilderness river programs, creating the next generation of conservationists and activists who will speak up in defense of the rivers we love, ensuring that our grandkids have opportunities to explore the same canyons that keep calling each of us back!

Just $75 covers green fees with cart and lunch afterwards - come enjoy a great day of fall golf and support river-based outdoor education for kids!

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This should be in the eddy. But this is a hilarious post! A conservation GOLF TOURNAMENT! To preserve rivers! hahahahahaha OK how about we xerascape the golf course with native plants and stop pulling water from the rivers to irrigate the giant waste of open space that is a golf course.. Oh the Irony of a conservation golf tourney!!!!! hahaahahahahahhahahhahaha Can I go in my TU Stop Pebble Mine limited edition HUMMER? It has a Pimps Against Sexual Exploitation bumper sticker......
"A true patriot must always be prepared to defind his country against its government." Edward Abbey
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boofington would love to do a nudist two some on browns with you sometime im sure
"Don't f$&@ing eddy out, just run it! Whaddya doin??" -LMyers
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The Crooked River in Oregon has to be one of the most amazing wild and scenic runs in the country, except for the stretch that passes the Crooked River Ranch golf club. Lots of green grass here in the high desert, but no water in the river below. It sits on top of the canyon. Below are golf balls everywhere. Golf courses suck.
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treehugger - I'm sorry that the idea of a golf course fundraiser offends you. The bottom line is that people are already playing golf, and that it's a relatively easy way to organize a large group of people who will contribute some money to an organization through an activity they're already enjoying and will gather at days end to learn about what GOALS is accomplishing.

We thought about hosting a dinner featuring only organic grains by candlelight, where everyone was required to walk there and could only be dressed in fair trade cotton apparel, but tickets just weren't selling.

Seriously, though - I recognize the ecological evil that exists in golf courses - as well as ski areas and other recreational "parks" that many of us enjoy. I speak with kids about those on GOALS programs. However, rather than point fingers at a fund raising event hosted by an organization looking for ways to get more kids away from their video games and into the outdoors so that they can learn valuable life lessons about themselves and the world around them, perhaps you could lend a hand by spreading the word about GOALS to your network of paddling friends - or pass by the post and do nothing at all.

Negative responses to our efforts aimed at serving kids outdoors aren't what we're looking for.
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Oh I was not offended. I was amused at the irony of a golf fund raiser for an eco cause. If I was that easily offended I would have gone postal years ago. Or I would be burning down an embassy somewhere. You have to see the irony of it right? It is like having an all you can eat buffet fundraiser for starving children. Or Mitt saying how he isn't concerned about people that only make 50K a year. And wants to take away services they need to get by while they make him and his friends rich at a campaign fundraiser that costs 50K a plate. Or if PETA sponsored a baby seal clubbing trip to the arctic to raise money to prevent cruelty to animals. But I can understand how it would make money to get kids out from in front of the playwithyourself station. It also will help the country club sect feel good about their contribution to society while not having to leave their comfort zone. But have you thought of maybe a outfitted river or flyfishing trip or a dunking booth with a cop or politician in it. You know something that would actually be fun that is not completley counter to the resources you are wanting people to care about.

Now I have to go. I am tired from pedaling my electric generator to use my computer because all I eat is organic grains and raw vegetables.......

Good luck, get the kids on the river. Keep them off the golf coarse though. Golf coarses are evil.
"A true patriot must always be prepared to defind his country against its government." Edward Abbey
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BTH I think this is a great idea!!! it is like getting Pimps to donate money to get hookers off the street. it sounds funny but at the end of the day i bet you will truly get some golfers (that have a lot of money) to re-think that sport. Additionally, they may start floating and enjoying the "real" outdoors!!! Nice work dude! You should be proud of yourself and as a result, the kids will be better off.

Good Karma is headed your way.... you may have just avoided a FLIP.

good luck
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