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Old 11-28-2011  
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Anyone have experience with Big Agnes sleeping bags.

Looking into getting a good sleeping bag that could be taken on multi-days in a kayak or kept in the truck for truck camping. I can get wholesale on Big Agnes, and their bags look good. If you have used them or know their quality please post.

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Old 11-28-2011  
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I went for the whole pad/bag system and didn't like it because I don't sleep on my back. The pad is rigid to the bag it doesn't form with you when on your side. That was my 3 night big Agnes experience and I returned them both. Seems awesome though if you are a back sleeper.
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I think the bags are good. What I didn't like was where you slid the sleeping pad into the bottom of the bag (there way of compensating for not having any insulation on the bottom of the sleeping bag). It made me feel trapped as the bag no longer will conform to how you want to move. I like to sleep on my side with my legs cured up. Can't do that very well with this system. As for warmth, they feel pretty true to specs. I would go to a store and try one out, you will know pretty quick if it's your style or not. Good luck. Atom...
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Pros and cons

I have a Zirkel (15 degree 800 fill) and a Cross Mountain (35 degree semi-rectangular synthetic). I'm a back sleeper and they work well for me. The Zirkel is incredibly compact and I love the fact that I can roll in it without the bag twisting with me. I'm about 6'4" and I also like their 76" pads as opposed to a 72. They mummy cut of the bag limits your pad options and one downside is that you really need a pad (cot alone won't work paco won't work with mummy style). The only other issue is that @ the lower end of the temp rating I'll occasionally get cold spots near where the pad and bag meet.
The cross mountain is not as compact due to it being synthetic, but it is a bit roomier due to the rectangular shape. One feature I love is that the Zirkel slides into the cross mountain for COLD weather camping (I've seriously sweated my ass off below zero). The cross mountain allows for more pad options, but I still think a paco would be sweaty below the nylon alone. I like them and think the quality is great but be aware of limitations like the inability to just toss it in a cot or couch or use it on a hut trip with bunks sans pad. Also beware the potential for cold spots where pad and bag meet.
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What about Lafuma or Marmot, and what is better down or synthetic?
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Old 11-29-2011  
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I have a Lost Ranger and I like it, but since I mostly river camp, the pocket pad system is pretty useless if you have a paco. a Paco or similar is too wide and thick to fit inside, so I end up just laying the one sided sleeping bag on top and sometimes cold drafts come in the gaps (wouldn't happen with the pad in but I don't want to bring two pads to sleep on. for lightweight camping, the pad pocket makes tons of sense and probably would make sense again if I ever go with a cot (as most use thermarests on top of the cot for heat retention) but after going to a paco, I have no interest in going back to a thermarest on the ground.

Quality and fill wise, they are as good as anything else.
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I would suggest going to and going to one of the current outlet stores listed. You can get wholesale and try it out first.

Their down bags are awesome, but I would look at the synthetics too for an affordable choice.
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I have a Big Agnes Moon Hill 0 degree bag. I really dig the integrated pad because it keeps me from slipping off during the night. I can still roll in the sleeping bag and have even slept on my stomach.

She's a hot bag and the pad is plenty comfortable.
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I have been using a bunch of the big agnes products a ton for the last 4 years. I am not a fan of the integrated pad/ bag system, but they make plenty of normal bags as well. Just use your discount to get one of those and you will be happy.
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Originally Posted by Flying_Spaghetti_Monster View Post
What about Lafuma or Marmot, and what is better down or synthetic?
I sold Marmot and other high end bags for 13 years, I don't have any experence w/ Lafuma. As far as down vs. synthetic, they both are good and both have pros and cons. If you get the syn bag wet, you will still be wet but it will keep you warmer thru the night and will most likley dry out in a few hours depending on the humidity. The only real prob w/ g/d is "if" it gets wet it will take days to dry and then will dry with clumps. You can launder the syn bag in a top loading washing machine and line dry it. I have done it 100's of times w/ rental TNF bags. You can wash g/d, but drying it is where it really gets tricky. It least to do a pro/factory job! I have a company called Mtn. mend do mine. I think they are still based in CO.? G/d keeps its temp rating longer than syn and can be "revived" over the years. Syn bags can not be revived, they just won't be as warm over the years gone by thus loosing loft/trapped dead air space. Of course there is low quality g/d/feather bags that suck, but when you are shopping Marmot, TNF, Mtn. Hardware, Big A ect. you have nothing to worry about. They are all quality. G/d bags are lighter in weight and just about half the size when stuffed into the stuff sack! G/d is more money though. I have 5 bags, 2 syn, 3 g/d, but if I could only have 1 it would be g/d. When I do winter Grand Canyon trips, I take my g/d bag. I stuff it into a H2O proof stuff sack that is the same size as the factory stuff bag that comes w/ it, then put it in my big dry bag w/ all my other stuff (double bagged as I would do w/ a syn. bag). If you have the extra $$$ and want to save space and weight go with a bag w/ at least a 600 and up "fill power" which means, what ever the fill power number is, say 600, means 1 oz. of goose down will fill 600 cubic inchs of space. It is a refrence for warmth per weight measurement. So 800 fill power would be warmer for the same weight as say 600 or any number that is less than 800 but will weigh the same, but it will cost more sense there is more down pod and less feathers. One last thing, if you are an average size person or bigger, I would highly recomend a semi-rectangular bag! They are getting harder to find in goose down last time I checked for some reason but they make them in syn also. It just gives you more room to move around than a "mummy" but not as large as a full rectangular bag. It gives you best of both worlds. I use mine in sub freezing temps and sleep great. Mosly unzipped.
Hopefully this will give you some insight and help you on your bag selection?
Good luck and stay warm!
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