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Another Speed Rail Fitting Question


I am using 1 1/4 inch pipe and Speed Rail Fittings. For the corners pieces, I was always told you can drill another hole and bolt them on. I received my Speed Rail fittings today and when I look at the L fittings, I can not see how there is room to drill another hole opposite the existing set screw hole - and certainly not enough space for a bolt head or nut. Even if I somewhat off-set the new hole, I can't see anyway to place a bolt on the other end of the fitting.

In other words, If you drilled holes on the other side of the existing set screw hole there is no room for a bolt head or nut - for even one bolt - and certainly no room for a bolt.

The only way I can envision using a bolt with the corner L pieces would be to "screw" a longer bolt into the existing set screw hole, drill one side of the pipe and then run the long bolt trough the one hole in the pipe until it hits the "inside" of the other end of the pipe and then to hope it stays. However, I was hoping for a complete pass through bolt with nut.

I've heard so many folks talk about throwing in a bolt on each pipe going into the corner L fitting that without actually seeing a fitting, I just assumed it was possible - but have no idea at all how this can be accomplished. Anybody actually done this on 1 1/4 Speed Rail corner L fittings and how was it accomplished. Many thanks.

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Remove the set screw, drill, and install bolts and/or pins.

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Speed rail fittings is often applied as a catch all. There is probably another brand where this may work.

If its a Hollander fitting the set screw should be adequate. If not, drill another hole (using numbered tap drill) and tap a hole through the fitting and maybe even into the pipe

Most of your corners/end crossbars don't see much twisting like a footbar might experience. So they probably won't loosen up.

If you are using al pipe make sure it's 6061. The 6063 will crush/deform
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Yukon, Alabama
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Slamkal, I got my fittings from They were not cheap. They are listed a Holleandar Speed Rail and each fitting is stamped, "SPEED-RAIL with an circled (R) - and also marked CINTI.O 3-7. Also - are you suggesting drilling another hole in the fitting an threading it for another set screw? If so, where would you drill that other hole? Many thanks.

Jerkmybate: Many thanks for that picture - that is exactly what my intentions were. My elbow fitting does not have the space/distance for the nut like the one pictured. I am guessing you are showing a 1 1/2 inch fitting and I am using NRS size pipe and 1 1/4 inch fittings. My Elbow fittings do not have the kind of clearance.

Can you please tell me exactly what kind/diameter bolt you are using? It may be an illusion because your fitting is probably a 1 1/2 incher - but that bolt looks smaller than what I was envisioning using. I was planning on using the highest quality stainless bolts I can find - but am not sure what the proper bolt size would be. Many thanks.
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