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Alpenglow's Annual Ski Swap & Tent Sale - Oct. 22 &

Hooray! The snow is falling and we are stoked! The trucks have been arriving with all the newest toys for us to unwrap and mark down immediately for your skiing pleasure.

So what better way to welcome the fluffy stuff than to have a swap?

Here's how it works: Bring us your old gear and we'll sell it so you can afford to buy new skis.

Drop-off begins at 8am Saturday, with the sale starting at 10am.

(Can't say for sure what time the kegs will be tapped...sometime after 10)

Jackson Hole will be coming by Saturday night to give away a trip for two (including lift tickets and lodging) and Rossignol has donated a pair of skis (your choice: tele or skate) and bindings. And we've been harrassing all the reps into giving us all kinds of schwag this year, so we can give it to you.

Our address (for you MapQuesters) is:
710 Golden Ridge Rd. #104 Golden, Co 80401

Call us at (303)277-0133 with any questions.

See you next weekend!

BTW, we still have boating accessories in stock, so anybody who needs pogies, get yer butt over here!

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ski/kayak bum
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First off- this is the boaters forum, not the gear swap or snowriders. learn to read!

Secondly- If i ever walk in there and a snot-nosed kid gives me lip about what I should be skiing on without asking me any questions first I will snap! If you think you know what someone should be looking for just by their appearance you are completely mistaken....better training maybe in order. I'll ski frickin circles around any of your employees and trying to put me on gaper skis was ridiculous. How many people have you sold the wrong equipment too?

Next- I would watch your language about the "fluffy stuff" on the second line of your post....every time i've been in there your employees finally greet me after ten minutes and they finally come out of the bathroom...maybe you're already having too much fun with the "fluffy stuff"!! a few of them seem a bit to jittery......

thirdly-quit trying to pawn your old used skies off at just less than retail prices! Its a scam and you should not allow your employees to pull such stunts!

Post on here when you get over yourselves and start running a real business!!!!!!!

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ski/kayak bum
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 460
not to mention the god-damn egos you people have...holy shit!
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you guys have more than just OUTDOOR recreation!

I mean come on, you guys know how to "party"!

why limit the sale to just outdoor gear?

What else can you hook a guy up with?
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Holy shit double A - tell us how you really feel. You obviously had a bad experience there so that allows you to trash this merchant on the internet? Similar to the Confluence rental kayak debacle a couple of months ago. Have a nice weekend.
Like it or not, all of us are the result of a sexual act.
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ski/kayak bum
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Posts: 460
they have major issues over there and every second i was in that store i felt like i was being scammed. i'm just warning people. they have a great location and potential but if it stays the status quo then people should beware. i wish i could warn out of towners who go there and trust them for their opinions. not to mention, no one has gotten on here to say they've had a good experience so i must not be the only one who has been treated that way!

I help run an honest business (in a totally different industry) and i resent people who can't do the same. I say there is no-place for that atmosphere or approach in a store where people go to buy things to help them enjoy life.

spend your money with people who treat boaters and skiers the right way!

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Aaron, you are a tool. Find a new hobby.
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What ever

First of all Geezer!! I did not mention any names, I was looking for advise, the confluence guys recognized the situation, and admitted they fucked up, but wouldn't take responsibility for it. I didn't trash them, you seem to be doing a fine job of it yourself just making comments on it, like the all knowing person you are!!

2nd, I like alpineglow, I have a good history with them, and I'll keep doing business with them. Chris fixed my helmet for free, and I've never been treated bad. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, it sucks to get treated like a gaper, I feel your pain.
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I haven't met him but I have feeling Aaron IS a gaper.
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