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Advice: CA New Years ocean surfing/boating location

Was pondering a trip to CA for some warmer climate ocean surfing and inland creeking/playboating. Anyone have any suggestions. Probably post christmas to new years range.
Would love to find something coastal for beach combing. N. Mexico would be OK as well. Thanks.


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Golden, Colorado
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Hey Steve,
I go surf in CA almost every winter. I used to live and surf in Eureka before I was a kayaker. My best surf/kayak surf trip ever was the one to Central Cal, based out of Cambria.
I will never forget a few days I had at Willow Creek, which is north of Cambria, south of Big Sur:

On small days (small for winter, that is) you can get out in a kayak. If you surf the right on the south side of the break, wear your creeking helmet:

"Upon first inspection, you might think that the waves that break in front of the kelp-covered, tortoise-sized boulders of Willow Creek are too close to shore for a safe go-out."

Hehehe. I got worked on the rocks a few times, but it is no worse than going upside down on a steep creek.

Sand Dollar beach is sweet too (if it is small). The north end of the cove has a nice right-hand point break that would be good if no surfers are on it (it is a short wave and won't handle a crowd....and one kayak becomes a crowd quickly).

I would go to central or nor cal because the coastline is full of little rocky coves that you can have all to yourself. Low tide breaks that are full of rocks and unsurfable on a board are sweet in your playboat.

Once I paddled back in, beached myself, and found myself about 20 feet from a huge bull elephant seal sitting in the sun. Awesome! Willow Creek doesn't look like it had enough water to paddle the creek itself.... and I never check out the other creeks when I'm in the area...I'm in the ocean 24-7.

Around Eureka the waves are bigger (usually huge starting now through Jan) and surfable spots a bit harder to come by. The best place for surf-kayaking there is Patrick's Point but it is always full of surfers when it is good and the surfers will shit if you paddle into the lineup so low-tide, surfing way inside is the best option there. There is a perfectly placed big rock at the end of the wave (breaks left) that you can eddy out behind at the end of your ride if you get caught by the whitewater and can't kick out over the top of the wave (other choice is get worked on the rocks).

If you want beautiful weather and nice beaches I would go to So Cal and stay at the Moonlight Beach Motel in Encinitas. It is about $80/night for a kitchenette from which you can check out the surf while sitting on your balcony. There are tons of breaks in the area and the semi-crappy ones (like Moonlight Beach) are empty. It is much harder to kayak surf in that stuff because there are no channels to paddle out in, but getting worked in beach break has its own flavor that I kind of like.
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ward, your a joneser buddy, plain and simple. Have you ever thought of a normal life, surfing things like porn and snow up at Purgatory. Just cause the terrain is hairball don't give up on the place bro. Let me tell you a little something about kayak surfing out in cali in the middle of winter. Cold!!!!!!!! It's not Mexico out here, plus there is no glory in kayak surfing, people just make fun of you and throw shit at you and chicks think your a dork. If you want to be remembered as "Steve Ward, One cool Motherfucker" you need to find out when a big swell is coming into Jaws howley. Better yet, take all that kayaking angst and save it for a spring trip to cali. Save up a little doe and come out here for a good month, mid april'ish. I promise you that you'll get so much top quality wetness, you might be able to finally kick your kayaking porn addiction.

If you see Fullmer tell him that I say hi and explain to him that he needs to start taking more advantage of his female students. Tell him scout out any possible dumb ones that might be willing to drive shuttle on all expense paid trip to california in exchange for an A or something of the sort. I'm afraid that Fullmer doesn't realize the full potential of his job.
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San Diego and Frisco, CO
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Surfing in SoCal

Not exactly sure I wanna wade in on this one, but ummm lots of friendly kayak surfers out here in San Diego. And we even have a nice tidal bore standing wave that works once in a while. (particularly in the winter!)
Moonlight Beach hotel in Encinitas was a good call.
We'll happily tell you where we like to surf and some spots the boarders don't fancy 'cuz its a bit of a paddle.
Water temp is fine,...I wear less out surfing than I do paddlng in Colorardo, though water will get a bit colder with the NW swell coming in.
And Baja is a lot of fun too, though DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT leave your cars unattended while you are in the water. I could elaborate, but I have to go work some more to pay for all the cool stuff I HAD STOLEN last weekend near Puerto Nuevo. &^%$#@
E-mail me and I can hook you up with a local list server we have for surfing. Conditions this time of the year can be all over the map!
[email protected]
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didn't think you frequented these lame ass co forums. I thought it was just for you. good to see your still trolling.
yah I haven't seen the professor in over a month. I told him that once he has a kid it is all over, truth hurts. Last I saw him he had some 1/2 nude flc coed washing his truck. I think he is coming around.
don't you worry i'll be out to check you in the spring fantasy falls is calling my name.
Saw your article in kayak session, figured your head got so big and you flipped in some of that cali mank and weren't able to do keyboard strokes anymore. The irony is that you don't live in durango anymore. Them like me are behind the times.
pm me your e-mail would love to hook up.

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Hello my brothers!

Hello my brothers!

Imagine the grin spreading across my face as I read these words in cyberspace. It's good to read your words Wayne. I hope Cali is treating you to all her goodies. I actually might be able to do some boating in my old stopping grounds this spring. I miss the real deal of running Fordyce, Golden Gate, 49 to Bridgeport, and on and on. I have done a little something something here in the backwaters of this corner of Colorado. My bro E-ro and a posse of youngins and I went and ran a little bit of the seive section of the Animas. We made it all the way down to two rapids above the BIG sieve before we had to bail and climb about 500 veticle feet to the top. We got to a rapid we named "The Rack," not because of our dreams of semi-clothed coeds sudsing down our pickups, but because of a set of eight point elk antlers we found lodeged in a boulder in the middle of the drop.

Anyway, both of you, Chorter and Sward, would have appreciated the hiking to boating ratio of that adventure. Chorter, give me a call at 970-903-0474 (I had to change my number because of a student stalker). Sward, give me a call and we'll do up Rockwood, even thugh it's 50 degrees out.

And remember this litany the next time you are floating above a big one:

Fear is the mind killer
Fear is the little thing
I will face my fear
And permit it to pass over me
And when it is gone
Only I will remain.

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