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Golden, Colorado
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Accident Report - broken neck playboating

I wanted to let all my buzzard friends know what happend to me on Xmas day. So here it goes. Maybe a few lessons learned (the classic...don't paddle alone).

I was ocean surfing in So Cal in my playboat. I was paddling about a mile dwon th beach to a nice peak i had seen. It was high tide to everything else was shore break and i was surfing shore break as i worked my way towards the peak i wanted .

I hit the lip vertically and went over backwards with thought of landing vertically nose first. I got slammed onto the bottom on my head and it snapped. My arms wer complelety paralyzed and i could not pull my skirt. I was updsied dowm drwoning withmy hand floating in front of me. I was unimaginable. It was a steep beach so when the next wave came it pushed me up onto the beach for a breatth of air but then I got pulled back. This happended 3 time, I think.
after the last time I know I was dead. I though about Noland and Marcella. on my last time I got washed in AI started screaming and a woman and man heard me eventually and the man ran to me and saved my life. With my instructions he was able to pop my skirt. My head was flopping around so I aske him to leave me ther and he layed on my in the surf zone to take the impact of the waves for about 20 or 30 minutes while an ambulance was called and arrived.

I got out of the ICU after 5 days: tore every ligament in my neck betewwen C4 and C5 and pinched the spinal cordk.. miilimenter from death they said abut Told me I Was one of the lucky ones that they see once in a while. A top neuro surgeon fixed me up...fused my spined and dealt with an spinal artery that was torn.

that's it....tired now.

Love youguys....I can walk talk and type so I am happy;. Wont' be paddling soon but maybe run a big south shuttle for you this summer.


Oh, and one other thing. kickboxing saved my life. When I was inn the MRI maching the tech told be that my neck and back are solid muscle. Also, the training I got in dealling with pain helpped me hold my breakth longer when I was upside down with no arms. You should have see it...I held it FOREVER.

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pnw, Colorado
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Wishing you a fast recovery. Tough day for sure.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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Salida, Colorado
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So sorry to hear about this but I am super glad you are OK.

Heal fast and I have a happy new year.

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Seattle, Washington
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Damn Ture, that's scary stuff, glad to hear your doing better now.

How far out from shore were you and did you hit sand or rocks?
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Hey Ture,

I'm glad your still alive. Call me if you need anything. You've definately had a tough year. Take it easy OK.

Talk soon
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Ture - Damn glad you're ok man. Sorry to hear it like this, but real glad to hear it from your mouth. If you need anything when you get back into G-town, feel free to holler.

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Wow Ture--scary story!

Sorry to hear it and relieved to hear that it sounds like you'll be OK at the same time!

Take care of yourself,

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Damn, man. That's the kind of stuff that changes your whole least your perspective. I bet that hospital jell-o was the best shit you've ever eaten. Your body will heal and now you know just how tough you really are.

Get well soon, but take your time.
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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Damn man! I thought I had done the same thing when I was about 13 in Daytona Fl. Tried to surf the barrel and got slammed. I've never had that sore of a neck before. Here's wishing a quick recovery!

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Denver, Colorado
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Wow! I'm glad you made it through! That is an incredible tale of survival. Best luck on your recovery.

Reading your story gave me chills and made me realize that you experienced a kayakers worst nightmare. Its a testament to your strength and will that you made it through.
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