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  1. More Groover Maddness!
  2. Rabbits!!!!
  3. GPS
  4. NRS anchor system
  5. Painting Aluminum
  6. Kayakers sell coolers to rafters
  7. Hyside thwart hinge knuckle bags
  8. Wood Burning Stove for Overnights
  10. cleaning PFD
  11. NRS expedition 14: thwarts or not?
  12. Igloo Yukon 150 cooler questions
  13. Opinions on coolers and dry boxes
  14. Looking to purchase first raft- fishing
  15. Personal Locator Beacons - some links for your consideration
  16. This has some potential...and gives back
  17. Raft frame/oar length advice????
  18. Possible Cat Hammock Stand
  19. frame width
  20. IK Paddle?
  21. Propane campfires?
  22. Kokatat paddle suit vs other models? Cut question?
  23. High Flotation PFD's
  24. Sotar Thwart Buckles?
  25. Minnkota endura submergence
  26. pump you up
  27. Home made pvc raft
  28. Ditch boots...
  29. NEMO Hexalite 6 tent/shelter
  30. Special Edition Wave Destroyer?
  31. Need a rec for a good LED lantern
  32. Using pvc shower pan material for wear patches on old PVC bucket boat
  33. Best Storage for raft
  34. RMR v. Hyside
  35. Kitchen Lamp Red Light?
  37. NRS Scout advice a 2002 for $1100
  38. K-Swedish?
  39. Drybox Bottom reinforcement?
  40. Leafield b7 vs c7?
  41. Triton SL8?
  42. 20 yr Hyside Pro vs 10 yr NRS E (14 ft)
  43. Colorado Welded Aluminum Frame Builders
  44. Barrel pump storage ideas?
  45. Help sizing fishing frame
  46. Westwater this weekend?
  47. Stability: Aire 143R and Sotar ST14
  48. Best Rapid(s) Name
  49. Wave Destroyer & similar diameter (21-22") Cataraft tubes - frame spec questions
  50. NRS & AIRE rafts/catarafts for sale @ Leisure Sports
  51. expired glue
  52. Nu Ice
  53. Looking for a Pack Raft
  54. Help with Woodland Power Stove
  55. Custom Inflatables is have a killer sale!
  56. Ridge Runner ATV Trailer in Loma?
  57. Aluminum Goodies
  58. Safety Glasses?
  59. Aire Force on Sale at NRS
  60. AIRE Sabretooth
  61. River running with cpap
  62. Avon / Zodiac Milpro Rafts?
  63. Trailer Needed
  64. AIRE Sabertooth - Rowing Frame?
  65. What do you think about circa 2000 NRS Otters?
  66. oar ratio reference
  67. Input on seat repair
  68. Oar grip/hand position
  69. Trying to figure out what my used Aire raft is worth
  70. Need UR help... buying first boat
  71. oar size for 16' raft
  72. Grease Gun that doesn't get messy?
  73. Is it easier to sell parts, or a whole boat?
  74. Literature
  75. Cheapest source for sch. 40 1.5" anodized aluminum pipe?
  76. Coolers on Woot
  77. Ok- How's a Paco Pad supposed to work?
  78. NRS Frame Wrench?
  79. some good brunton deals at botach.com
  80. Go Pro Drones
  81. Any experience/opinions on the AAA Raft trailer?
  82. DropStitch Floor in Rocky Mountain Rafts
  83. Inovative ways to lock in Oar locks?
  84. What do you use for a captains bag?
  85. What kind of clothing for Deso in Sept?
  86. Create Bimini Side Walls?
  87. Avon Thwarts
  88. Motor for Cataract
  89. Looking for a 12, 13 or 14 foot bucket boat in Southern Idaho
  90. Does NRS ever discount/run sales on their new rafts?
  91. 14 foot Saturn with self bailer seperation from the bottom floor
  92. AIRE floors--Sealed floor VS. Regular ballast floor
  93. PVC or Hypalon for consistent deflated transport/storage?
  94. Want to Trade my 10' cataract oars..
  95. Info on older Riken's
  96. Eco-safe seat tab fix
  97. Catching a Dogfish. Cool photos of a dog rescue
  98. Trailer Tire Size
  99. sawyer duramax or cataract magnum?
  100. Frame Abrasion using Behr Deck Over or Similar
  101. glue d-ring to urethane coated nylon fabric
  102. Trailer
  103. Yet Another First Boat Recommendation Thread
  104. Anyone with a used raft and fishing frame for sale?
  105. Wag Bags on Deso/Gray
  106. Splash top / Paddling jacket Recommendations?
  107. Oar Lock Position
  108. Flip Drills & Flip lines
  109. Binoc Rec for the rivah
  110. Throw Bags Questions
  111. Lace in floor wanted for older 12' Star Raft
  112. Hangin yer cooler, drop bag or straps?
  113. Suspended floors and passenger seat
  114. toobseal
  115. Bucket boat for training wheels
  116. Best glue for drybox tops
  117. change from canvas bottom to self bailing
  118. Refilling Old School Propane Tank
  119. Potentially able to save a trip? 100 times stronger than duct tape
  120. Rope Question
  121. Cooler Bay Modification
  122. Leafield A7 Valve Wrench
  123. Bimini??
  124. Sending real time photos over Sat-Phone?
  125. Woven cat frame floor
  126. fiberglass peeling on cataract oars
  127. Try this again
  128. Mixing Steel and Aluminum Frame Components?
  129. Storing water containers during the "season"
  130. New frame for my small cat.
  131. Double oar rig cat got one?
  132. Gear Repair/Custom Sewing - Roaring Fork Valley
  133. Oar length for smaller boat?
  134. Yeti Soft Coolers are Coming soon!!!
  135. Orca Coolers? anyone have one?
  136. What Raft will last the longest.
  137. Trailer advice needed; modify harbor freight, wheel size, options...
  138. Sawyer Oar Handle Removal
  139. Dry Pant Advice
  140. Roller bar
  141. Ideas setting up NRS frame with an emphasis on people for daytrips
  142. Removable Footcups
  143. Lewis and Clark Rafts?
  144. Super Puma vs Mini Max
  145. Rectangular Dutch Ovens
  146. Bending an oar blade straight?
  147. Quick way to install and remove thwarts?
  148. Thoughts on cutting up my steel frame
  149. Cataract Guide Paddle
  150. New raft seat
  151. Life Preserver for Cell phone
  152. New Research Cat on the Snake
  153. New Charcoal starter
  154. 13'' Oar Towers? Oar/Frame Geometry Issues
  155. Grand Canyon Outfitters
  156. A little advice please
  157. using axle to jack up trailer???
  158. Bear proof
  159. Canyon Whitewater Woes Up Date
  160. Good deal on a bucket boat
  161. Woodland Powerstove....bueller...bueller?
  162. Grand Canyon Experts !? Tube Seam Rips Causes and Questions?
  163. Maravia 16' Tempest circa 1990 Needs new Floor
  164. Looking for a used groover....
  165. Colorado Wiggy's Fans
  166. Sticky problem
  167. Anchor Question?
  168. Patch over guide logo
  169. AIRE Ocelot Floor & passenger location
  170. Avon boot repair
  171. Pontoon
  172. Lost Ik
  173. Raft frame sized on an Aire Super Puma
  174. 1990 NRS raft?
  175. Arctic Ice - anybody tried this?
  176. cooler swap near bend
  177. Rogue raft boat review? What's your opinion?
  178. Little help please: rigging
  179. 88 Avon Adventurer?
  180. What size raft do I need?
  181. What safety gear do you have on your person? Back up? Pictures please.
  182. Cutting Aluminum Pipe?
  183. Wave destroyer design. 22 tubes.
  184. Mountain Hardwear Yurtini
  185. bolt offset on NRS lowpros
  186. welding aluminum pipe to cast aluminum lowpros
  187. raft Design- self bailing floors
  188. RB Wagner vs. Hollaender Frame fittings
  189. I need help finding a pfd for my large chest!
  190. AIRE floor bladder fold?
  191. PVC Boat cleaning questions
  192. Please post pictures of raft flip lines, Z drags and the equipment you have on your p
  193. Anybody using a SportBrella Breeze Canopy on your raft instead of bimini/umbrella?
  194. What Would You Be Comfortable Paying for This???
  195. Boulder/Longmont Powder Coating recco
  196. Cascade Rapid Rig Tow Setup
  197. Looking for 10" Oar towers that will fit NRS frame and are not $100!
  198. Raft Trailer....no affliation
  199. What do owners think of Rocky Mountain Rafts?
  200. DRE vs. NRS frame re: fishing platforms
  202. sat phone service provider
  203. seeking the truth on wag bags
  204. Stabilize the cooler?
  205. WTB seat.
  206. Releasing a MA system from the raft?
  207. Used 13' Sotar Elite ST - what's it worth?
  208. building a dry box seat mount
  209. Best way/place to find used rafts?
  210. Flip seat: pipe vs. plate + tractor seat
  211. Boat Buying Recs Needed
  212. Cataraft/raft soft storage
  213. Frying bacon sound coming from cat tubes?
  214. Oar transport from Durango to Albuquerque/Santa Fe/Taos?
  215. Cat Frame for more than one size cat
  216. What type of finish for an ACX plywood seat?
  217. Alternative power sources! Post ideas and pictures if possible. Thanks!
  218. Vangaurd Rafts
  219. pin and clip sizes
  220. More Thoughts on Tarp-ology
  221. What size rafts can you get away with not having a tralier?
  222. Coleman stove with 10 lb tank ?
  223. one more tarp question
  224. Making a Flip Line out of S folded webbing?
  225. How do people lose oars?
  226. Oar length
  227. Large Waterproof Bag
  228. Dry Barrel for SALE! New condition.
  229. Looking for 10" Oar Towers / Oar Mounts
  230. Dry box - Recretec vs. MadCow
  231. Can you fix a broken handle on a carlisle??
  232. Extension Mod for a roll-up Aluminum Table legs
  233. fire blankets
  234. Welded frame broke advice needed
  235. DRE bound Boulder person?
  236. Can you flip latches on Pelican coolers to allow them to rest on frame rails?
  237. Carlisle paddle repair advice needed...
  238. Stuff Sack for Throw Bag
  239. Raft Refurb
  240. Dry box toppers
  241. Home made tables
  242. 14' sotar elite info
  243. Removing Plastic Oar Sleeves
  244. New gear
  245. oar right set screw y or n
  246. Tear Aid for boat repair
  247. Block Ice
  248. Nylon Sheaf Pulleys?
  249. No more umbrella!
  250. Is a double-rail frame that much stronger/better?