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Whitewater Rafting

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  1. Upper Salt Saturday
  2. Diamond Down Highlights
  3. Achilles Rafts
  4. Class V Guide Schools
  5. All you Mini-Maxers sound off..cooler question please
  6. Gallatin Whitewater Festival?
  7. winter whitewater Kentucky
  8. San Juan Fees
  9. trailer repair/aluminum/steel welding available
  10. Snow report
  12. What your new boat/piece/upgrade for the 2017 season?
  13. Any Steelhead fisher persons here?
  14. Cooler for the oarsman seat
  16. Alsek Tatshenshini 2017 trip advice
  17. Upper Salt River Yesterday
  18. Insure Raft - Do people do it?
  19. Rogue River ?
  20. The Best of The Buzz, your stories and thread links.
  21. Winter Rafting Porn Needed
  22. ROBBERY Cascade River Gear / Maravia
  23. Maravia AD-2 valves
  24. DS Rampage modifications and upgrades
  25. Did anyone feel the tilt?
  26. FLoor fix
  27. New Custom Diamond Plate Floors - AIRE Super Puma!
  28. AIRE Super Puma - Custom Floors!
  29. EMPLOYMENT as guide for Overnight or day trips in PNW for 2017 season. (Idaho, WA, OR
  31. ANNOUNCING the TOP 10 in our "CAPTURE THE RAPTURE" Photo Contest!!
  32. Anybody ever hiked out the Whitmore Trail? Grand Canyon
  33. Small bubbles on bottom of Rocky Mountain PVC raft
  35. The Best of Idaho
  36. RAFT Recommendations
  37. Water in cataract oar
  38. Upper Salt Permit
  39. TR- Grand during HFE
  40. Looking for Boatmen for Grand Canyon - May
  41. Oljato Wash Packrafting/Hiking Out?
  42. Questions about hiking into phantom ranch
  43. Banjos
  44. Cataraft Frame Sale Scam
  45. WINNER of "Capture the Rapture" WEEK SIX!!
  46. SF Boise
  47. I'm not a robot. :)
  48. Illinois River - November 12-13, 2016
  49. Multiday raft trip employment
  50. Customer Review: RMR Storm, RBW BWO Frame
  51. RIP Dave Helfrich
  52. 2011 RMR Floors?
  53. Anybody have any reviews on the NRS explorer dry suit?
  54. Good Raft flip video
  55. WINNER of "Capture the Rapture" WEEK FIVE!!
  56. South Fork Snake
  57. WINNER of "Capture the Rapture" WEEK FOUR!!
  58. Best raft cleaner? 303?
  59. Butte Fork of the Applegate
  60. Nahanni advice
  61. new rapids near Diamond Creek (GC)?
  62. WINNER of "Capture the Rapture" Photo Contest WEEK THREE!!
  63. Middle Fork of the Salmon Outfitter Recommendation?
  64. Biking the Shuttle
  65. Cool River Videos
  66. WINNER of "Capture the Rapture" WEEK TWO!!
  67. 2010 odyssey 14' raft. Questions regarding quality.
  68. AIRE Super Puma & NRS Casting Decks
  70. long shot, but...lost chaco
  71. Oregon Invasive species permit on hells canyon?
  72. Sotar strike
  73. Who wants to WIN a CRG DREAMBOAT package?
  74. Sales for fishing rafts ?
  75. Help with NRS frame measurements? Thanks!
  76. PFDs - importance of waist strap
  77. Green River airport to Swazey's
  78. Drift boat through Pinball
  79. Whiplash rapid, main salmon
  80. Deso High School Trip Oct 4-11
  81. Need system for getting raft in bed of pickup truck
  83. Desolation shuttle
  84. North Fork feather river raftable??
  85. What river will you be on during the August 21, 2017 eclipse?
  86. Middle Fork of the Salmon River
  87. Gates of Ladore flows
  88. Lower Deschutes video
  89. Late Sept trip planning
  90. Pistol Creek Rapid - Left or Right at low flow?
  91. Upper C Rodeo Rapid
  92. Few open spots on Grand Canyon trip
  93. Pickaroon campground info needed
  94. Trip video - Snake River in Hells Canyon 8/23/16-8/28/18
  95. Moral Dilema San Juan or Taos box
  96. Helping each other
  97. Browns Canyon Question - Oar rig at 450cfs?
  98. Grand Canyon and pregnant?
  99. [Grand Canyon] Seeking 2 oar boaters Upper GC, Dec 7 putin
  100. question on cat boat tube
  101. Insurance for Cataraft
  102. MDO for sale. Left over from my project
  103. Westwater Labor Day (9/4 Launch)
  104. Twin Bridges Upper Colorado recommended way to float it?
  105. Grand Canyon Flow Report Sept-Nov 2016
  106. Urethane Coat Maravia Floor?
  107. Rafting with kids on the San Juan video
  108. Looking for some good, simple dutch oven recipes.
  109. Rogue Shuttle Crash
  110. Undercover Feds Middle Fork Salmon
  111. Fall Floatfishing Floor Model Sale
  112. Vinegar Creek to Riggins
  113. Anyone worked or working in Chile?
  114. Gunnison Weirs
  115. Need boat hauled Idaho falls to Boise
  116. Another Lousy Day In Paradise- Fishing
  117. Does anyone know the story behind the raft wrapped and left at Snowhole ?
  118. New Briggs Dory
  119. Lost Oar on Grey's River Wyoming Last Week
  120. help identifying an aire ducky
  121. Who did not win the GC follow up?
  122. Whitewater Dory Rivers
  123. Lower Salmon Questions
  124. Fire on the SF Payette
  125. Marine, Plywood, MDO- Comparing Weights.
  126. Green river below Flaming Gorge Dam-Fall Releases?
  127. Gore 8/15?
  128. Friendly boater looking for Oct-Nov GC trip
  129. Do R1? Is it possible? How?
  130. Lower Gunnison Trailer Friendly Take outs??
  131. James delivered a beautiful boat/frame
  132. Desta.co is looking for professional guides to beta test guide profiles
  133. Anyone have photos of HDPE or POLYMAX rigging of floors?
  134. Maravia Urethane coating
  135. Bummer
  136. White salmon - which section
  137. Late September MFS
  138. Colorado River- What sections you like for fishing?
  139. Gates of Ladore - cancellation for emergency?
  140. Bellevue library & Carvedog
  141. Play park Etiquette
  142. Boundary Creek Road Closure
  143. check out the San Jaun...
  144. A tale of woe, shuttle co totalled car and trailer... any thoughts/suggestions
  145. Gore Canyon Cataraft
  146. Oregon Guide To "Enhance" Trips w/ Marijuana
  147. Upper Colorado Red Dirt Creek Campsite
  148. Gore fest
  149. Gorilla PVC adhesive for a PVC raft?
  150. Battery powered mosquito repellent?
  151. Lost oar on Rogue R.
  152. Pumphouse and on at low water
  153. South Fork Payette Fires
  154. Polymax Flooring- You have to suspend it?
  155. Shoshone Boat Ramp Advice
  156. Current Levels of the Poudre River
  157. Rafting the ocean with motor
  158. bailey
  159. DANGER! Peter Pan Syndrome more common than brain eating amoeba.
  160. You wish you could look so cool....
  161. Spring/washer setup on Cobra
  162. Pumphouse play wave-
  163. Looking for ride August 15th from Corn Creek or Cache Bar to Salmon, ID
  164. 1st time running Radium-advice
  165. Wedging in a cooler
  166. Fatality on Snake (Wyoming)
  167. Westwater Bugs?
  168. cataraft porn
  169. Wait, rivers don't go in circles?
  170. What is a good PFD for rowers with high seat back on the raft
  171. Feather River Releases?
  172. Middle Fork accident - news release
  173. harassment in numbers
  174. Foot cups for fishing raft?
  175. You folks here are a corrosive, corrupting influence!
  176. Drowning on the Rogue
  177. camping around gunnison CO
  178. Main Salmon - water source
  179. Colorado Catboaters: How Low Will You Go?
  180. Fishing Raft on tight budget.
  181. Not falling out of the boat tricks of the trade
  182. Main Salmon shuttle question
  183. Gunnison Gorge Stock Rental
  184. Lost Cataract Oars at Beehive
  185. Shoshone < 2000cfs?
  186. commercial guiding
  187. Filter plant minimum?
  188. Any advice for Lodore @ 800cfs?
  189. Main Salmon Launch
  190. A Good Read...
  191. Cataract Canyon Videos
  192. Props to River Runners Transport in Vernal
  193. Bugs on the San Juan next week??
  194. Colorado Rafting trip late August??
  195. San Juan Boaters Needed in Bluff UT this Saturday
  196. Yampa @ 600
  197. Grand Canyon Rigging for a 15' in Sept..
  198. Need my raft/trailer moved.
  199. Yampa Canyon - how low is to low?
  200. New to Oregon
  201. Raft Cleaner?
  202. Dishwashing / dishwater strainer
  203. NFG
  204. GC food pack
  205. Opinion Needed-Sotar Warranty
  206. Frame Questions?
  207. Good block ice in Boulder/Denver?
  208. Tree sap on hypalon boat
  209. First Timer Advice
  210. Carlisle Oars New compared to Old Style
  211. Bravo Pump Comparisons
  212. Stuck on Big Red
  213. San Juan T R
  214. Pump house to two bridges or state bridge inaugural run, Eagle River, others?
  215. WY Invasive Sticker OK in ID?
  216. Lost Oars
  217. Extending the life of ice.
  218. Ark Sat. and or Sun
  219. inflation pressures for Tomcat IKs?
  220. Lake Fork of the Gunnison floating levels?
  221. Help find a trailer in California
  222. Looking for Ruby Horsethief Side Hike Beta (Rattlesnake and Mee)
  224. Ark Rafting Beta
  225. Anyone run a D.I.B with an oarframe?
  226. Browns Canyon 6-28
  227. What raft is this?
  228. Rafting the South Platte through Denver?
  229. Clear Creek Lawson to Idahoe Springs Video
  230. Grand Canyon Trip July 23 Boater Needed 1st Half + passenger
  231. Permit Free Floats on the Colorado
  232. They grow up so fast
  233. Ark shuttle around Salida
  234. PFD Question
  235. Raft motor mount
  236. ground shuttles for Deso Grey
  237. lost NRS ninja pfd (Glenwood - Carbondale)
  238. Slaughterhouse 6/22/16. 2250 too high?
  239. Where is the nearest scat machine to the Middle Fork Salmon take-out ?
  240. Pumphouse
  241. Sexism on the River
  242. Sleeping Elephant
  243. Sotar colors?
  244. Bug report for the Yampa
  245. Can this be repaired ?
  246. Flying Beer Into Indian Creek?
  247. Drop Floor Question
  248. What is what in Big Drop 2?
  249. San Juan High Water Camping
  250. Stolen Gear in Fort Collins