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Lost & Found

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  1. Lost Blue R.E.I bills bag Hwy 95 near Weiser -Cambridge Idaho
  2. Lost NRS Otter
  3. if you recently had an epic in the crystal gorge:
  4. Lost NRS PFD
  5. found whitewater paddle/ smelter parking lot
  6. lost paddles-bailey
  7. Car got broken into
  8. lost shred ready grey camo helmet at 2 rivers on 6/23
  9. found ir fleece rash guard at 2 rivers on 6/24
  10. found super scrappy at 2 rivers on 6/25
  11. lost rx glasses @ Jones Hole #4 on 6/24
  12. Lost Paco Pad at MF take-out
  13. Found ExtraSport jacket on the SanJuan
  14. Found Gear at BV playpark
  15. Lost: GoPro on Baily
  16. Lost Carlson Pump 4in Beehive Bend or SouthFork Payette or Alder Creek RD
  17. lost 'Bear Grylls' multi tool on the Middle Fork of the Salmon 6/5
  18. Lost White/black paddle
  19. Found - SDHC card on Ruby-horsethief
  20. yellow/orange boat in the gorge
  21. Lost paddle in pine creek/#s
  22. Hey BV community
  23. FOUND: Men's Wedding band on Westwater
  24. Lost 66" Blue Carlisle Guide Stick-Colorado River: b/w Shoshone& Two rivers
  25. LOST orange dry top golden
  26. lost sunglasses at ladel
  27. FOUND - Blue Pond Paddle by Dumont on Clear Creek
  28. lost throw bag on Middle Fork of salmon 6/5
  29. MFS Lost & Found
  30. FOUND: Dry bag on the Salmon River
  31. Lost oars MFS on 6/4
  32. Lost 2/3 paddle on USB Saturday
  33. Lost shoes and socks
  34. Paddle Swallowed WHOLE at Rigo
  35. Crappy Weekend For Paddles
  36. Lost paddle poudre narrows
  37. Lost paddle near Black Rock
  38. Lost black and red Werner on Black Rock
  39. On the San Juan...
  40. Lost kids flip line Durango 4Corners takeout
  41. lost helmet black at 24rd take out grand junction.
  42. Lost paddle near Black Rock
  43. Lost Sawyer oar on the middle fork of the salmon
  44. Straps Found at Stone Bridge
  45. Lost: chaco flip flops at Hades
  46. Hydroskin Pants Golden....
  47. Lost simms hat on coal creek
  48. lost wedding band
  49. Lost Rx Sunglasses @ Shoshone Put In
  50. left behind on san juan
  51. Lost - green kid's paddle on Lochsa
  52. FOUND: Iphone on the Upper Colorado
  53. lost gloves and elbow pads at hecla
  54. Found Throw Bag
  55. Found Paddling Vest
  56. L&F Utah - Light blue dry bag, Generator
  57. LOST(?) yellow dry bag on Lochsa Memorial Weekend
  58. Lost Werner ShoGun paddle
  59. Found IR Dry Top
  60. Found - Rogue River break down paddle
  61. Lost gloves on bridges
  62. Lost Water Bottle at Deckers
  63. lost paddle on lower clear creek
  64. lost oaklies on the blackfoot, blue polarized lenses. I will give you so many cases o
  65. Broken Werner Powerhouse Black Rock Clear Creek
  66. Lost A/T Paddle on OBJ!
  67. lost oar near rincon + fishing vest and net
  68. recovered craft
  69. Lost paddle: Big South
  70. Lost: Pentax W80 at Poudre Narrows
  71. lost: firepan on ruby/ht
  72. lost skull cap on Poudre
  73. Lost: Olympus Stylus digital camera Deso-Gray
  74. Stolen Blue Flame Metallic F150 FX4 Crew Cab
  75. Found kayak paddle - Taylor river
  76. Waterton lost boat
  77. Lost Musical Instrument
  78. lost werner bent shaft- numbers shuttle 5/19
  79. Lost Paddle on Numbers
  80. Left drysuit at Bailey's takeout
  81. Lost sweater- Shoshone take out
  82. Lost gopro on Poudre
  84. Kids paddle river left above Glenwood wave, lost.
  85. Lost Carlisle take-2-piece paddle on Filter Plant
  86. WRSI helmet at broadway bridge GJ
  87. lost AT superduty paddle on HWY 82?
  88. Attention: EMT boater from Montana on Lochsa last weekend (4/28)
  89. Found: Werner on Waterton at the big sieve
  91. oars picked up by mistake. Clay Hills take of San Juan. Friday 27th April
  92. Carlisle Pump and Sawyer Oar Lost on Uncompahgre Summer 2011
  93. Found Keens at Bridges Take Out
  94. Lost PFD at WW 4/11
  95. lost carlson pump
  96. Found Camera card in Grand Canyon
  97. Found first aid kit on piedra
  98. Found pump
  99. Poudre - Found Items 4/23
  100. Lost touring paddle on the Chama
  101. FOUND: Paddle O-hole in Lyons
  102. Found on the San Juan
  103. Man In Gunnison Lives Near the City market has my paddle
  104. Lost Werner on Embudo
  105. Lost paddle on Bailey
  106. lost green dry bag on upper c
  107. Stolen Boats in Durango
  108. Lost on Yampa Canyon - Cataract oar w/counterbalance
  109. LOST: Werner Paddle on the Animas
  110. Golden playpark.
  111. Found: Rod Tip Lower Blue
  112. Lost: gray bella pfd
  113. STOLEN - 16 Ft Red Maravia Cataraft
  114. Found Flip Flops
  116. Lost Boat
  117. Lost Stuff
  118. Lost orange Carlisle paddle and gopro on Verde between gap creek and childs.
  119. lost Werner paddle on the verde
  120. Stranded Duckie on Verde River, AZ
  121. Found kayak paddle
  122. Camp axe left behind at Upper Blacktail
  123. Lost ski on Berthoud
  124. F-N-A Guide Helmet
  125. Found Two Way Communication Device Cameron Pass/Zimmerman
  126. Found Sawyer Oar at Tuckup
  127. Found Multitool
  128. Lost Olympus stylus tough camera on Westwater
  129. LOST: paddle on barrel springs rapid
  130. river booties left at camp on the grand
  131. Found barrel pump on the Upper C
  132. Found: Throw bag on Big Thompson
  133. Lost race paddle
  134. lava took my oar (and a few other things)
  135. Lost womest pink mountain bike DURANGO
  136. Found: Water jug @ Cisco 10/30/11
  137. Lost 14" DO Lid at Cisco
  138. Lost: Green Melanzana Hoody @ Numbers take out -Ark river
  139. Gore: Lost Boat; Found Paddle
  140. Found a saw at Pot Creek #1 (Lodore)
  141. Lost helmet Westwater
  142. Found Tent poles on Lodore
  143. Lost oar between Moab and Nefertiti
  144. Allen Satcher's Boat & Paddle TAKEN
  145. Lost Paddle on the Ark
  146. Found throw bag @ Toilet Bowl
  147. Lost Red Dagger Playboat
  148. Lost Ipod/speaker @ cisco Landing
  149. Lost Wallet, Cisco Landing
  150. Found memory stick on the Salt
  151. Lost fly rod and case on the Lower Blue
  153. Lost Sawyer Oar Cataract Canyon
  154. Found 2 AT paddles in Gore Canyon
  155. Lost: 7 Carlisle Paddles Main Payette
  156. lost yellow dry bag ruby/horsethief
  157. found tevas on the lower rogue
  158. Found camera in GC
  159. Found bootie: Westwater
  160. Lost half of a paddle
  161. Water shoes found Ruby/Horsethief
  162. lost on Pumphouse deflated stand up paddle board
  163. Lost: toyota car key at PumpHouse put in
  164. stolen oar on upper CO Sunday AM
  165. Lost 3 paddles on road Upper C
  166. Found green nalgene in gore
  167. FOUND: Pro-Tec Helmet @ October Hole
  168. Lost Tandem Kayak Retrieved 9.11 on UpperC
  169. Lost GoPro
  170. lost black carlisle oar on tuolumne
  171. take off your wedding rings..
  172. Lost Sawyer Oar Below Split Mountain-Gates of Lodore
  173. lost reading glasses and ebook, Chama
  174. Missing Med Kit
  175. Found yellow dry bag below pumphouse
  176. LOST red youth pfd, Upper C (Radium, maybe?)
  177. Found PFD @ Gunni. River
  178. Lost SUP Paddle. Surftech adjustable red paddle
  179. Gierszal Found some rafting gear w your name
  180. Found Camera - Gunnison Gorge
  181. FOUND: Partial Dentures / False Teeth
  182. Lost/Left NRS Fireblanket on Ruby Horsetheif
  183. Lost Paddle at Foxton 9/3/11
  184. found paddle at foxton
  185. Lost AT paddle - Kirschbaum's at Gore
  186. LOST: Keys at October Hole Parking lot...
  187. Lost Black Werner Sherpa on Poudre/Upper Mish
  188. Lost dry bag on westwater
  189. Lost: Kids NRS Red Pfd
  190. Lost: IR splashtop at Santa Rita Park, Animas
  191. Found paddle on Upper Colorado
  192. 8/27|Grizzly|Lost Straps
  193. Found: Expensive sunglasses were left in our shop..Whitewater Rafting, LLC i
  194. lost werner paddle in gore
  195. lost grey tub with clothes, indy pass
  196. Lost Gopro Hells Canyon-Pittsburg Landing
  197. Found PFD - Main Salmon
  198. Lost an oar on the ark
  199. FOUND paddle Chama River NM 8/21/11
  201. located kayak, where is yaker?-bailey-NFSP
  202. Borrowed Life jacket at shoshone
  203. Stolen in Littleton: 2006 Lemond Woman's Etape road b
  204. Lost NRS Throw Bag & Green Kleen Kanteen @ Kermits (8/20)
  205. lost camera-bailey
  206. Found Helmet and PFD April 25, 2010
  207. Lost Sawyer Oar Upper Colorado
  208. STOLEN! blue & white villain from clear ck put-in ark
  209. Found: Fly rod in case Blue River put-in. 8/13/11
  210. Found an Oar
  211. Lost Kayak boat in Colorado river between No Name and Glenwood Springs
  212. Lost Yakima Keys at Lower Blue Takeout
  213. Lost Native white helmet
  214. lost paddle in Bailey
  215. Lost PFD at bridges take out
  216. FOUND: Dog
  217. lost powell fly reel pistol creek, mf 8/12/11
  218. Found: Orange camp chair at bailey fest
  219. Found: Kids hoodie at Bailey Fest
  220. Lotus Throw Rope - Poudre River
  221. Please return PFD and blade taken from beach on Moab Daily run Saturday afternoon
  222. LOST: Oar on Poudre
  223. LOST:Paddle on Ruby/Horsethief
  224. Lost Teva Lobster Claw Bootie, Bailey Fest Camping
  225. Found Paddle at G-wood wave
  226. FOUND: PFD & Helmet at South Canyon Take-out
  227. Found NRS Attack bootie
  228. FOUND: Men's orange Patagonia hoody at Baileyfest campground on Sunday
  229. FOUND: One elbowpad at Bailey takeout on Saturday 8/13
  230. FOUND Oar on the San Juan
  231. Lost Wood Paddle in Bailey
  232. Found 10' oar below Salida East.
  233. Lost PFD, pumphouse put-in
  234. LOST oar at Rincon
  235. FOUND: Keys at the BR Culvert takeout
  236. FOUND: Helmet and GoPro in Poudre Canyon
  237. bulk head found on clear creek
  238. found paddle and lost paddle
  239. Found: Raft pump at Steven's Gulch
  240. LOST Westwater 8/7-8 takeout ammo can w/ phone, cam, kash, headlamp
  241. Lost - Native Hardtop sunglasses, with "Dave" in Salida
  242. Found: Wedding Band in Clear Creek
  243. Lost Happy Feet- Golden PP
  244. lost paddle on ark...reward
  245. LOST- clear dry bag and nalgene BEER REWARD
  246. Lost oar on Shoshone Sat Aug 5
  247. Lost paddle on pumphouse
  248. Lost Blue Oar - Colorado River just above Radium
  249. lost werner sherpa paddle on 8.6 pine creek ark
  250. Lost GoPro at Westwater Aug 1st 2011