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Lost & Found

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  1. Lost Boat & Paddle on the Pine Creek Race
  2. Green webbing flip line
  3. Lost guide stick Poudre
  4. Lost Fluid Solo M YELLOW on the Arkansas River!!
  5. Lost Conche Shell
  6. Found watch
  7. Lost Fly Rod and Reel Big Thompson
  8. FOUND: paddle on the Eagle
  9. Lost pfd Crystal at Avalanche
  10. FOUND: Dry Top, Vail Colorado
  11. lost oars -- Daily Run Moab
  12. Lost Duck on Fraser
  13. LOST: Two NRS Helmets - Upper South Fork Payette
  14. Lost coolpix camera @ westwater put in area
  15. lost paddle on the Eagle 6-8
  17. Lost paddle Yaak river
  18. Lost Gear On The Poudre
  19. 10 foot yellow carlisle below Wolf Creek Selway
  20. Lost Throw Rope - Poudre 6.8.13
  21. Found AT Paddle Upper Clear Creek
  22. Lost AT paddle on foxton
  23. Lost Neoprene NRS Socks - BTO Poudre
  24. Powerhouse Paddle on Big South / Spencer Heights
  25. Lost gopro daisy creek put-in
  26. Found throwbag Slate River
  27. Found: Flip-flop
  28. Lost Black Paddle-Poudre June 9
  29. Found Ducky Paddle on Foxton
  30. Lost Paddle on Fraser
  31. Lost Paddle On Eagle River
  32. Left, dropped or lost spray skirt-Poudre
  33. Lost Sawyer Oar/ Poudre river
  34. Found: Wildwasser Sprayskirt
  35. Mamba taken 5 miles west of Lake George
  36. Edwards/Lake Creek rancher guy?
  37. Paddle found on Slaughter House
  38. Lost boat in lower rustic
  39. Lost wedding ring on yampa
  40. Lost paddle and pogies-clear creek narrows
  41. Lost PFD - Westbank
  42. Lost bike wheel at Pumphouse
  43. kayak found in Clear Creek
  44. Found Kayak Paddle, Vail
  45. Lost Creekboat on Clear Creek, CO
  46. Found! Small dry bag in Hells Canyon.
  47. Lost Paddle on Milk Run
  48. Knife Found on Main Salmon Road
  49. Yet Another Lost Paddle on Clear Creek
  50. Lost paddle on Clear Creek
  51. Found Paddle, Pine creek rapid,
  52. Found Buried Treasure on Yampa
  53. Found kayak helmet on the Poudre. 6/2
  54. Stolen Slalom Boat, Vail CO
  55. Lost Iphone in Browns
  56. Green Chacos @Stonebridge Salida
  57. Lost paddle on CLEAR CREEK.
  58. Lost Remote for GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
  59. Lost: Floating sunglasses in the Poudre
  60. Lost paddle on East Fork San Juan
  61. Lost NRS Mesh Bag on Black Rock Clear Creek
  62. Lost helmet at Dowd Chute take out
  63. Lost AT Paddle
  64. Found, footwear at stone bridge, denver guy was in a shredder with oar frame
  65. Lost knife. Clear creek or #'s
  66. Spotted: Red Creek Boat Pinned on Lower Clear Creek
  67. K-pump below Rancho
  68. Werner Paddle/ Middle Tenmile
  69. Forgot my helmet at DU pool 2 weeks ago...
  70. Found Nalgene and throw bag Saturday Kermits take out on Clear Creek
  71. Lost blue Werner Sidekick paddle with grey pogies Clear Creek 5-26
  72. Found PFD @ Two Rivers
  73. Lost paddle below dowd.
  74. FOUND: Chris Harman's paddle on the Numbers
  75. Found women's glasses Rx
  76. Lost Gopro on Browns
  77. Found: Oar, Grizzly Creek
  78. Lost: Yellow Kokatat Drysuit | Poudre
  79. Lost blue Werner Sidekick paddle with grey pogies Clear Creek 5-26
  80. Lost 1 Carlisle paddle dowd chute/upper eagle
  81. Lost on Clear Creek Sunday 5/26/13
  82. Found: PFD at Hecla
  83. Lost two paddles in Poudre
  84. Who napped my oars from dalla betta takeout in durango?!
  85. Lost Camera, Travertine Falls, Colorado River
  86. Stolen NRS Cooler @ Railroad Bridge Arkansas River access point
  87. Lost strap box
  88. Lost red/orange dagger nomad at oh be joyful creek
  89. Lost: WRSI Trident BLK Composite Helmet near forest road bridge off of gore creek
  90. Lost Timex Ironman Triathlon @ Screaming 1/4 race
  91. lost paddle on yellowstone
  92. Lost paddle Dowd chute 3/17
  93. Lost Canoe Paddle -Probably in Bridges Area
  94. Lost paddle on Gore Creek, Vail - May 18
  95. Lost Paddle on Boulder Creek (Town run) 5/18
  96. Found: Black jacket Desolation Canyon
  97. Lost Paco Pad 5/12 Durango
  98. Found: 2 PFD's at westwater ranger station Sunday, May 12
  99. Friend lost an oar at Mayors landing, Yellowstone
  100. bike combination lock found on poudre
  101. Throw bag - south boulder creek
  102. Lost fly rod on the ark 4/27
  103. Lost Sawyer oar in Warm springs, Yampa Canyon
  104. LOST Paddle-Glenwood
  105. Lost Kayak paddle Cataract Canyon
  106. FOUND: Oar on Lower San Juan
  107. Lost! Nomad fishing net
  108. Lost GoPro-Grand Canyon
  109. paddle found: numbers Arkansas river
  110. Lost cataract oar and new magnum blade WestWater.
  111. Johnny Partner seat at Blackrocks #7
  112. Found Highshcool ring Ruby Horsethief
  113. Stolen Dagger
  114. Lost Paddle and Pogies on Colorado River.
  116. Lost Wave Sport Big EZ 3-23 Breckenridge/Summit County
  117. lost gopro
  118. Shoshone Take-out Helmet Lost
  119. LOST: Werner Paddle Shoshone take out
  120. Lost! Ipod, and PFD near Gunnison
  121. Found BCA shovel handle
  122. Help! Lost Volkl's with skins!!! please please
  123. Lost Ski on Cameron Pass
  124. Lost GoPro OhioPyle State Park
  125. Lost: Dry bag and gear in Grand Canyon
  126. Lost GoPro / Winter Park
  127. Lost gear at Riverway/Mccabes take-out
  129. Lost:Gopro/ Stern mount at Bailey
  130. Lost rescue PFD at Westwater putin on Sunday, 10/21
  131. Found PFD at the Westwater put in.
  132. Found a GoPro on Bailey below Tampax
  133. missing GoPro in Skull
  134. Found: PDF Westwater Takeout: 10/14
  135. Found cot at Hades in westwater
  136. Small bag of straps found at Westwater Takeout
  137. Found NRS Pogie on Bailey
  138. FOUND: Memory Card Shoshone
  139. Lost: New Fly Rod and Reel at Pumphouse Sat, Sept 22.
  140. Found gear bag on Snake River at RM 181
  141. FOUND
  142. Lost Paddles at Radium take out 9/16
  143. Lost repair kit at masons ferry takeout gauley
  144. Lost Werner Paddle w Orange Blades
  145. Lost Blackberry upper gualey put in today around noon
  146. Keys found at Pumphouse.
  147. Lost Werner on Ruby Horse/Westwater
  148. Lost and found paddle on the Checkamus River, BC
  149. Found: Small keys at Foxton takeout
  150. Fishing gear found @ Harpham Flat, Deschutes River
  151. Lost: fly rod on Main Salmon
  152. Found- dry bag and river gear at Ruby Mtn.
  153. Found Helmet
  154. Found 14' avon with everything on Lodore
  155. Missing Pink Nemesis
  156. Found Throw Bag
  157. Lost Guide Stick @ Hecla Junction
  158. Lost paddle foxton
  159. Lost paddle on Bailey
  160. Lost Paddle - Poudre: cardiac corner
  161. paddle still lost on bailey
  162. lost oar on San Juan
  163. Found- dry bag and river gear at Hecla Junction
  164. Lost kids Redline bike at Gore this weekend.
  165. Lost 2 Carlisle Oars 8/19/12 in Westwater
  166. Found watch at griz today
  167. found werner paddle with yellow orange blades
  168. Lost spare oar
  169. Found Foot Block in Waterton Canyon
  170. Bailey Fest Lost and Found
  171. found= wavesport
  172. Lost: Shred Ready Full Face Helmet
  173. Lost AT paddle on the Frying Pan
  174. Lost: Bulkhead in Waterton Canyon
  175. Lost 2 paddles on Bailey shuttle drive
  176. Found orange Werner Paddle on road to Baileyfest
  177. Neoprene Booties left at Bailey TO
  178. Lost Oar on the Middle Fork
  179. Lost Gore Canyon Fuji Disposable Camera
  180. lost at paddle on bailey, four falls.
  181. Lost Lucky Spoon in Grand Canyon
  182. Lost Wooden Sawyer Paddle in Gore
  183. Found Oar at Two Rivers Park GWS
  184. Boise Boaters - Need help finding gear
  185. Found: Forward Pillar @ Foxton
  186. Lost First Aid Kit Desolation - Green
  187. Lost Westwater takeout: Protec Helmet Ace
  188. Lost backpack at Bailey
  189. Lost blue backpack at 2 rivers
  190. Found: camera at Ruby Mountain access on the Ark.
  191. Lost: POV on Gunny Gorge
  192. Lost GoPro Hero 2 in Brown's Canyon - Arkansas River
  193. Lost White Cataract on Slalom SF Payette
  195. Lost oar Westwater
  196. lost paddlefest T shirt
  197. found pfd on lower san juan. Is this your pic?
  198. LOST GREY ASTRAL PFD 7/15-Radium
  199. Lost Paddle Poudre narrows
  200. Oar found on the Skykomish
  201. Lost a Camera on the Foxton Run
  202. A common courtesy
  203. LOST WALLET Pumphouse/Radium
  204. Main Salmon Lost glasses
  205. Found - SPOT beacon
  206. Found Pump
  207. Reunited with my gear
  208. FOUND: PFD on the road between Pumphouse and Radium
  209. Found: NRS Booties - Waterton Put-In / South Platte Confluence
  210. Lost PFD at pump house on upper c
  211. Lost Gear
  212. WRSI limited edition helmet with gun emblems lost at broadway gj co
  213. 10 foot yellow cataract oar on Main Salmon
  214. Lost fire pan on MFS
  215. Lost life jacket
  216. Lost Werner bent shaft carbon fiber Radium 7/15
  217. Camera
  218. Lost diamond earring at prospector camp SJ river
  219. Lost AT in Gore Canyon 7/6
  220. Lost Ducky Paddles
  221. Found: Infiniti Key on Numbers
  222. Black waterproof camera on Boise playpark parking lot
  223. Bargain Remix on CL
  224. AT Bent Shaft @ Supermax Takeout
  225. found guide paddle on numbers
  226. Lost Paddle - AT3
  227. Found paddle
  228. Stolen SAGE Commercial Gear trying to be sold in Salida
  229. Anyone lose a Hoss?
  230. Lost Gear Bag @Hecla on 7/4
  231. Lost--pump at foxton
  232. Found: Elbow Pad, Rockwood, Upper Animas
  233. Lost Paddle in Bailey 7/6/12
  234. Lost Big Agnes Insulated Air Core- Radium
  235. I liked that oar...lower San Juan
  236. Numbers (Arkansas River)Put in (lost wetsuit top)
  237. Lost 9' Carlisle oar in Deso/Gray
  238. Lost paddle on Clear creek (black rock)
  239. Elbow pads left at Bailey
  240. Lost paddle on Bailey 7/6
  241. LOST: WRSI new white helmet
  242. Lost AT in Gore Canyon
  243. Found: PFDs - 2 Rivers Park - Glenwood
  244. Lost Kelty Noah's tarp 16 ft on Middle Fork
  245. Found NRS Helmet
  246. Lost Favorite Bow Line at Cisco
  247. LOST: Yellow mesh gear bag at Hecla juntion
  248. Fiberglass white blades AT paddle, upper greys, WY
  249. Camera and Hat
  250. Found: Throw bag at Bailey