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Lost & Found

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  1. Lost in Grand Canyon - Oakley prescription glasses
  2. Rafting Gear lost during the flood in Lyons in September - UPDATED
  3. Lost Mongo Throw Bag at the Free Take Out Numbers
  5. Found some sunglasses on the Eagle
  6. Found Gear on The Blue
  7. Lost Werner Paddle and pogies - Clear Creek
  8. Lost Werner Sherpa Bent Shaft Paddle in Golden.
  9. Rafting Gear lost during the flood in Lyons in September
  10. canoe
  11. Lost axe at mushroom camp.
  12. lost triton helmet and astral pfd
  13. Lost Phantom Quad Copter in Numbers!
  14. LOST: packed throwbag
  15. Lost - Carlisle oar on Ark/Miracle Mile
  16. Lost Paddle in Eldo
  17. Lost - Brown Pelican Case at Westwater Take Out
  18. Lost Werner Paddle in Gilman
  19. Lost Dagger G-Force & AT Paddle on Upper C
  20. Lost cooler & oar locks between Almont & Crested Butte
  21. Lost SUP Paddle on Dominguez-Escalante Canyon Gunnison River $100 Reward
  22. Found paddle - BV
  23. Lost Elbow Pad - Eldo Parking Lot
  24. Lost dog
  25. Lost - Catarac Oar on Yampa in Town
  26. Lost kayak paddle in Northgate
  27. Loma Westwater on Easter weekend
  28. Kids chaco
  29. Lost Paddle in Waterton Canyon
  30. Found PFD I-70
  31. Lost a GoPro in Hudson River Gorge (NY) Help!
  32. Lost ammo can & pfd Westwater March 30
  33. Lost Werner Stinger Paddle 4/14/14 Shasone
  34. Lost skirt on Westwater 3/30
  35. 2 Lost SUP Paddles @ Glenwood Wave
  36. Orange camera lost on westwater near little dolores
  37. Lost Camera Grand Canyon
  38. Found paddle on the Molalla 4-5-14
  39. Found: gear at mulberry pool
  40. IR Spray Skirt Missing from Meyers Pool
  41. lost pfd
  42. Lost Oar on Lower Gunnison below Cottonwood Campground
  43. Lost sigg water bottle "yes on 64" Label
  44. Found PFD Westwater Hades 3-19-2014
  45. lost mitts on the lochsa
  46. Lost AT Paddle Pine Creek 3/21
  47. Lost AT river carbon
  48. Paddle found in numbers
  49. Stolen gear and truck
  50. Lost Tie-Die Paddle On Browns-Late 2013 Season
  51. Boat in Clear Creek
  52. Lost Paddle - Bear Creek
  53. lost GoPro in Granite
  54. Lost Puffy at the Gore Take out
  55. Lost spray skirt at dubendorf on the Grand in mid Nov
  56. Party Barge Gone Wild 11/10/2013
  57. Lost Oar just above State Bridge
  58. Lost IR pogie on hike out of rockwood.
  59. Lost Purplish-pink bag with Jack's Plastic cutthroat tubes
  60. Lost Camera at Westwater put In
  61. Found gloves at Westwater
  62. Frame board left at Westwater Putin Sept 28
  63. Lost bright red Canoe paddle at ClearCreek
  64. Lost Lime Green Jackson Fun & Werner Player - Royal Gorge
  65. Thanks from Dushanbe
  66. Lost paddle Callaghan Creek
  67. Found river knife on Westwater below Little D
  68. Lost paddle Unkar rapid, Grand Can
  69. Found 3 Oars in Lyons-- 9.15.13
  70. Found Rain Coat above Foster Bar
  71. Lost Paco Pad near Carbondale
  72. Lost Gear on the San Juan
  73. Found: PFD, Drypants, and Splash Jacket at Heckla Junction
  74. Lost Werner Player(Orange)
  75. Lost: Red, White, and Blue Project X 64, Golden Play Park
  76. Lost Sawyer Polecat on Main Salmon
  77. Found camera and pfd at Big Eddy on Chama
  78. Found Socks at Bear Ck Take out
  79. Lost paddle Clear Creek
  80. Lost: Kayak and Paddle on Bear Creek
  81. Found- booties
  82. Found Raft: North Fork Dave Scadden Signature Series Big T Sept 12 2013
  83. Red RPM stolen Tuesday 9/17 @ tunnel 1
  84. Lost paddle on Clear Creek
  85. Found Kitchen box
  86. Lost Sub 7 on CC PP
  87. Bear Ck paddle
  88. MIA Pyranha Shiva and AT2 in Bear Creek 9/12
  89. Lost Werner Double Diamond on Bailey
  90. Lost SUP paddle on Snake
  91. Lost Orange Fluid Solo, Payette Stair Case
  92. Lost SUP Paddle Upper C Sat 7th Sept
  93. Lost Harmony River Passage Paddle-Clear Creek-Golden
  94. Found - Mens wedding(?) Ring Tony Point Selway
  95. wildwater helmet found on clear creek
  96. Lost Powerhouse on Vallecito
  97. Lost Sawyer Oar on Main Salmon
  98. Paraphernalia
  99. Lost Astral throw bag and SUP paddle Grand Canyon
  100. Lost Elec. Pump @ Shoshone
  101. Lost paddle Gore
  102. Lost Werner Sho-Gun Throw Bag, and Pin Kit on Lower Mesa
  103. GoPro Hero
  104. Will pay finders fee for lost kayak
  106. Lost Paddle at Gore Race
  107. Lost kayak
  108. lost Werner bent shaft sidekick
  109. Found expensive sunglass on the rogue
  110. Lost Paddle On Browns-Widow Maker on Sunday
  111. Lost paddle
  112. Lost Astral jacket throw bag in Grand Canyon
  113. Lost Carlisle Oar Rancho Del Rio, Radium or Trough road, Upper colorado
  114. Found: paddle marked "Brown's" in Canon city
  115. found presciption eye glasses on the grand canyon
  116. lost i phone browns canyon
  117. Found: #'s, werner kayak paddle.
  118. Found shorty splash top at Golden playpark
  119. Found: Gear at Carey Creek Main Salmon take out
  120. Lost at Lee's Ferry
  121. LOST small blue camera, Stone Creek falls, Grand Canyon
  122. Bailey Fest Lost and Found
  123. personal affect pfd
  124. Lost Camelback on Middlefork
  125. Lost Mountain Surf Spray Skirt Bailey Fest
  126. Lost broken AT bailey
  127. Lost Waistbelt Rope at Bailey Fest
  128. found lost paddle at takeout for upper taylor
  129. Lost in the Gunny Gorge
  130. Lost: Sup paddle, main salmon, Tuesday 8.6, 15 miles
  131. Lost blue Adventure Technology paddle 7/27 at Golden PP
  132. Lost Paddle @ Hot Springs, French Broad River- Yellow Werner Rio
  133. Lost PFD/Helmet/Water Bottle @ Clarkston
  134. Kayak paddle found in North Fork of South Platte
  135. Found PFD CO 285
  136. Lost Throw Bag on the Lower Blue on Sat. 8/3
  137. Found 5 helmets at Two Rivers ramp.
  138. Lost GoPro on Little White Salmon
  139. Lost blue Werner kayak paddle Golden PP
  140. lost AT paddle lower main Salmon
  141. Found: Rowing frame along Main Salmon
  142. Lost Sweep Kit on the Poudre
  143. Lost yellow dry bag Salmon River
  144. Lost Warner powerhouse on gore
  146. Lost Whisperlite Kayak padde SF Payette
  147. LOST gopro with orange float Gore canyon REWARD!
  148. Lost: Green Sweet Helmet and Red Stolquist Vest
  149. found thwart on Poudre
  150. Found- 2 person ducky on the milk run.
  151. Lost: 7 wt Scott Fly Rod-Lower Blue
  152. LOST -14' NRS in DeBeque Canyon - REWARD
  153. Lost:Rough Stuff Paddle Poudre
  154. Lost GoPro in Peli Case on Main Salmon
  155. Found: Paddle at Golden PP.
  156. Lost Oar on Middle Fork of Salmon
  157. Lost kid's Sprayskirt at Winnies Rapid
  158. Lost Werner Powerhouse Carbon on Shoshone
  159. Found oar below blossom bar on 7/21
  160. Found: Raft ? Frame piece
  161. Lost Werner side kick gunny gorge
  162. LOST paddle on Foxton 7/20/13
  163. Found: Kokatat drysuit
  164. LOST: Liquid Logic Stomper 90 - Lime Green
  165. Found an Oar at Radium
  166. Lost: Green OR Dry Bag at Haynie Bar Main Salmon July 10th
  167. lost paddling tops at gore
  169. Leana Schwartz Lost Aquabound paddle on the poudre river.
  170. Lost Throwbag at Mishawaka Inn
  171. Lost SUP Paddle in Deso/Gray
  172. FOUND: Kayak paddle on the Poudre
  173. Lost: H2O and AT bent shafts - Deerfield Dryway
  174. FOUND: Bimini type top on Hwy 50 between Delta and Grand Junction
  175. Found Paddle Glenwood Springs Area
  176. Found a Honda key at Hacla
  177. Found: helmet Dumont
  178. Lost-Werner Paddle-Clear Creek
  179. Lost Roller on road to Westwater
  180. Instant Karma lost paddle on Black Rock
  181. Left black NRS wetsuit pants at Lower Clear Creek takeout
  182. Lost Paddle in Brown's Canyon
  183. we left gear at two rivers sunday
  184. Found throw bag on Lake Creek
  185. Lost Blue 50oz Nalgene.
  186. Dodge Key Found
  187. Lost/left Drybag Eagle Sunday 7/7
  188. Found PFD
  189. lost yellow kayak hatch cover on Bailey
  190. Lost paddle on Foxton July 4, 2013
  191. Lucas I have your paddle
  192. Lost Paddle on USB
  193. 7/4/13 - Lost Paddle Crystal Gorge
  194. Lost PFD's at Cache Bar
  195. Lost throw rope: Yampa/Green
  196. 7/2 lost paddle in Lower Clear Creek
  197. Lost Sawyer Oar, Poudre
  198. Lost Carlisle Oars Sunday en route to Upper Colorado
  199. Found: Paddle on the Gallatin
  200. LOST: Drybag/ PFD Shoshone
  201. Lost KEEN sandal on Clear Creek
  202. Lost drybox on Highway 40
  203. Found sunglasses at the Numbers
  204. Found - Life Jacket at Carey Creek
  205. Lost: Throw Bag Shohone/Gizzly/Two Rivers
  206. Lost Paddle at Boulder Creek
  207. Lost blue PFD and other gear at Hecla June 16
  208. Stolen/lost: purple paco at numbers.
  209. Lost Paddle on Boulder Creek
  210. Lost paddle on Deso-Gray
  211. Stolen boats in Missoula
  212. Dog swept down South Boulder Creek in Walker Ranch
  213. LOST: Astral PFD & Fishing Vest, Salida East, Arkansas River
  214. Lost Carlisle Oars Roaring Fork
  215. Found helmet
  216. Lost flyrod, Arkansas River.
  217. Lost: Throw bag on MF Salmon
  218. Lost Car key in pumphouse parking/ramp area
  219. Lost: Liquid Image camera and housing MF Salmon
  220. Found: Left Teva size 9 Gnarkosi
  221. werner paddles lost
  222. lost - flyrod on Deschutes river
  223. Dotsero Landing - Cell Phone
  224. Found-wedding band at Lower CC put-in
  225. Lost Rocket Box on Poudre
  226. Found: Raft Oar on Poudre 6/23/13...
  227. lost green mesh bag(with maybe/hopefully still stuff in it) on lower clear creek
  228. Lost Stholquist black rescue style PFD and gray drytop at Buena Vista put in
  229. Lost paddle on pine creek/numbers
  230. lost jackson superstar Clearcreek
  232. Lost Throwbag Gallatin
  233. Lost duffel mfs. Post from IWWG
  234. Thank you to the anonymous boat-finder
  235. lost Chacos at Chicago Creek put in on Clear Creak
  236. FOUND! Kayak, Roaring Fork
  237. Lst red drybag Cisco
  238. Lost Guide Stick on Lower Eagle
  239. Lost Paddle on the Poudre
  240. Lonely paddle on Foxton 6/18/13
  241. FOUND: Splash Gear MFS
  242. lost paddle
  243. Lost Paddle on Ark
  244. Found orange/yellowish boat at clear creek
  245. Found: Black Cataract Oar
  246. Lost Nikon D3100 Gunnison gorge. Has a ton of pics on it. This one hurts bad.
  247. Lost 5.10 girls river shoes
  248. Barrel Pump found on the Ark
  249. Found Hand Paddles Golden Play Park
  250. Found: Drybag, PFDs, & Pump