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Lost & Found

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  1. LOST Wavesport ZG red Kayak on CC
  2. Lot throw bag at #7 on the ark.
  3. Lost: Kayak Paddle on Lower Blue
  4. found paddle on slaughterhouse
  5. Lost paddle - poudre
  6. Found GoPro
  7. Found skirt in golden
  8. Lost paddle Big South
  9. Lost paddle at State Bridge small craft take out
  10. Kids pulled out a Aire Lynx on Local GJ Run
  11. LOST: Mitchell kayak paddle
  12. Found PFD Grn Mtn Rez
  13. Lost: Left a skirt in Eric's truck
  14. LOST MTI PFD (between take out on the Hagerman and Nampa)
  15. Found{ Wallet on Trough Road Fri 7/18
  16. Found a throw bag and sloar shower on the Selway
  17. (DEMO) CORE Paddle lost on Upper Blue...
  18. Found - Lifejacket - Northgate
  19. Lost sand stake on the Yampa July 10-15
  20. Found oar between Big Bend and Salida
  21. Dog Spotted Near Salt Lick on HWY 50
  22. Lost Blue Werner Paddle
  23. LOST: Black Werner Shogun - Below Pine Creek Rapid
  24. Lost gear on the way to boundary creek on the 8th
  25. FOUND: Paddle on Upper Blue
  26. Vinegar Creek Takeout near Riggins. Lost net bag and two ammo cans
  27. LOST: Pentax Optio Digital Camera - Catamount - Upper C
  28. Lost 8' cataract oar between Salida and Big Bend
  29. Lost REI Dome Tent Main Salmon 7/10
  30. left my pdf in Gunny Gorge
  31. Lost: Werner Paddle in BV
  32. STOLEN gear Clear Creek
  33. Lost AT2 Flexi Lower clear creek
  34. FOUND: Werner paddle in Black Canyon of the Gunnison
  36. Lost Tomcat IK on Animas
  37. Found Watch on the Middle Fork
  38. Lost fly rod/reel on Gates of Lodore
  39. Found river knife on Poudre on the 4th
  40. Lost Paddle Arkansas Salida East to Rincon
  41. Lost DRE Paco style sleeping pads at WW Ranger Station
  42. lost paddle on shoshone
  43. Drag bag at Corn Creek
  44. //LOST PADDLE on Slaughter House
  45. Found-Plastic bag of personal things on the Upper C
  46. LOST: Gerber knife on Pumphouse
  47. Found Orange Dry Bag Clear Creek
  48. Found Paddle, Poudre
  49. 2 IKs missing from Rimrock Adventures
  50. Lost throw bag on pine creek
  51. Lost knife on Middle Fork Salmon
  52. Lost Womens NRS black Paddle Pants Upper Blue Take out
  53. FOUND: IK paddle Animas town run
  54. Lost paddle on Spencer Heights
  55. Found Karnali Clear Creek
  56. Lost sunglasses Ruby-Horsethief
  57. Lost Black Cataract Oar on the Ark (Browns)
  58. Lost GoPro
  59. Found IR drytop and rash guard @ poudre
  60. Lost Werner Paddle Bighorn Sheep Canyon Arkansas
  61. Lost AT Kayak Paddle on Pumphouse
  62. Lost Werner Paddle on Bailey below Deer Creek
  63. Lost Camera at T-Bone Camp Main Salmon 6-28-14
  64. Lost Ray Ban glasses with orange tie on
  65. Lost Oar in Milk Run on Arkansas 6.28.14
  66. Lost PFDs at Rancho Del Rio
  67. Found dry bag, Brown's Canyon
  68. Found: some BFB things MFS 6-20
  69. FOUND: Anchor on Upper C
  70. Lost Strap Bag Lone Pine Arkansas River
  72. Lost orange watershed at triple drop(pine creek)
  73. dry box lid found on green 6/14
  74. Lost Oar Salida
  75. [Lost] Werner paddle at numbers
  76. LOST: Werner SUP paddle - Arkansas
  77. LOST: NRS Waist Throw Bag - Boulder Creek
  78. Found yellow playboat and paddle in Yampa
  79. Found Oar below 6 mile on the North Platte
  80. Found throw rope Clear Creek
  81. Lost canoe. $100.00 reward
  82. Lost werner Shogun w/ poggies Upper Animas
  83. Lost Helmet Middle fork
  84. Astral Abba. PFD "Lost" at 32nd street put-in. Durango
  85. Lost PFD and Jacket - HECLA Junction Takeout
  86. Pin kit - Gilman Gorge
  87. Clear creek of ark lost paddle
  88. Lost Valuables Between East Salida and Rinko
  89. Found tube for a green cat.16ft
  90. Found Werner Paddle on Clear Creek
  91. river karma bit me (lost AT Eddy poudre)
  92. Lost AT2 red tape on grips- Clear Creek
  93. found oar upper colorado
  94. Lost: Carbon Werner Paddle with Pogies on Upper Animas
  95. Lost: GoPro 3+ Gore Creek Vail
  96. Found: AT paddle CO river, Glenwood Springs
  97. Lost: Guide Stick just Below Dowd Chute
  98. lost sweet strutter at Glenwood 6/17
  99. Lost paddle in boulder creek
  100. lost oar yampa c hole in steamboat
  101. Lost sprayskirt in BV, flew out of boat on car
  102. Return NRS pump
  103. Found: Sweet Helmet, Glenwood
  104. Lost Carbon Powerhouse on CC ARK
  105. LOST: DRE Captain's Bag @ Fisherman's Bridge on 6/14
  106. Lost kayak paddle on the moab daily
  107. Waterbottle at Ruby Mountain
  108. Lost Paddle on Clear Creek of the Arkansas this weekend
  110. Lost yellow dry bag wallet
  111. Lost Werner Sherpa
  113. Lost Werner CCArk
  114. Brown's Canyon Dogs
  115. Found: set of 2 keys @ Foxton Takeout
  116. Lost Werner kayak paddle - Boulder Creek
  117. Frame/bags in Pungo Canyon
  118. Leif, Peter, Rod et al
  119. LOST blue watershed Dry-bag on ROYAL GORGE
  120. Found: oar on the middle fork of the Salmon
  121. Lost Life jacket and helmet in Clear Creek Canyon
  122. lost pup in Browns Canyon
  123. Lost AT bent shaft paddle numbers
  124. Lost Wallet Browns Canyon
  125. Lost Gear , Big Yellow Dry bag on Roaring Fork
  126. Lost Orange Pyranha Burn on Clear Creek
  127. Lost Red Werner Powerhouse Paddle on Boulder Creek
  128. Lost orange knife
  129. Roaring fork Left behind Werner paddle with pogies roaring fork at black bridge
  130. Lost: Paddle on Grizzly Creek / Glenwood Springs
  131. Lost bent shaft paddle on South Mineral Creek
  132. Found: Wavesport Playboat South Platte
  133. Lost Wallet on Filter Plant Section of Poudre
  134. Lost AT flexi paddle on Boulder creek
  135. lost SUP paddle, shaft & blade (i have T grip)
  136. Lost Carlisle Guide Stick, Below State Bridge
  137. Found Werner Powerhouse on Upper Arkansas ...
  138. Lost Paddle With Poggies, Slaughterhouse, Roaring Fork
  139. sand stake- Yampa
  140. Lost 8' cataract oar and blade at Rainbow Park
  141. Lost Iphone 4s on Cascade Creek
  142. Lost Red Liquid Logic GUS
  143. Lost Carlisle Oar between State Bridge and Dotsero
  144. Lost blue oar and green pump on the Roaring Fork
  145. Lost oars in Durango
  146. Lost wallet at Foxton- Boulder Garden put in.
  147. Lost green, bent shaft Warner paddle in Castle Cr.
  148. Lost Paddle - Foxton - June 8
  150. larry mac lost paddle slaughter house
  151. A friend of mine lost her paddle and boat above BV last Monday. Small yellow Rockstar
  152. Lost Paddles, Pump, and PFDs
  153. Yellow Astral Pfd at stonebridge 6/7
  154. Found, Warner paddle with pogies
  155. lost boat jackson karma, green warner paddle (now FOUND)
  156. Lost astral brewers M11or 12 Clear creek @ lawson
  157. Thank you! Red Kokotat found!!
  158. Red Kokotat one more time with a pic. Lost.
  159. Red Kokotat Maximus prime Lower Animas 9th st put in
  160. Lost Red Kokotat Maximus Prime PFD
  161. Lost!! Shred Ready Helmet and Red/Black Stohlquist Rocker PFD
  162. Lost Paddle on Clear Creek of the Ark
  163. Brenda you lost your helmet...again
  164. Who lost a orange kayak on PanArk section?
  165. Lost RockStar above Buena Vista
  166. Lost Adv. Tech. paddle-Glenwood
  167. Jon Mckenna- paddle found on Arkansas
  168. Lost Paddle on Slaughter House
  169. Lost Remix 69 blue on the Arkansas
  170. Lost NRS duffle on Upper Colorado
  171. Found: Paulo's throwbag
  172. Some dude on foot looking for his boat in Golden Playpark by the Library
  173. Rough Day on Slaughter
  174. Lost Camera - M.F. Watrerfall Cr
  175. Lost: Sawyer Paddle Arkansas Spikebuck 5/31
  176. Chili Pepper Oar Animas River
  177. Lost: AT2 Paddle- Fractions on Ark
  178. Lost: Watch @ Dumont Put in Clear Creek
  179. Found PFD and Spray jacket
  180. Flipped Raft on Eagle Saturday Lost Guide Paddle
  181. Lost my bootie at filter plant put-in
  182. Lost: gopro at high bridge takeout, animas river durango
  183. Found: Werner paddle on Cabarton run
  184. Left Behind Clean Groover On The San Juan
  185. Lost SUP Sawyer Paddle
  186. Found: brian sweeney's paddle, clear creek of ark
  187. Lost yellow Werner breakdown paddle, clear creek of ark
  188. Lost red Saturn boat with MRS frame
  189. Lost: orange Jefe werner bent shaft below Rockwood on Animas
  190. Lost Red Sthohlquist Life Jacket, Garmin GPS, Leatherman - Belt Creek Montana
  191. Lost oar on san juan
  192. Lost 2 oars on the Animas
  193. Lost Helmet on the Ark
  194. Lost Liquid Logic Stomper 90 Eagle River
  195. Found Jackson Kayak on the Gunnison
  196. Found RPM in Browns Today
  197. Lost: San Juan guidebooks, sand island campground
  198. Lost dagger rpm
  199. kayak and paddle rescued on Filter
  200. Found: Paddle on the Colorado at Glenwood Springs
  201. Yo Peel, found your paddle on Gilman!
  202. Womans small wetsuit CC playpark
  203. Lost IR Shorts @ Heckla
  204. Lost Werner 197 Bent Shaft On Bailey last night
  205. Lost booties Upper Blue take out
  206. Lost AT Geronimo paddle on Clear Creek
  207. Lost Dagger Nomad 8.1 & Werner Powerhouse
  208. Lost PFD @ Phantom Ranch
  209. Lost AT paddle on blue bridge Boulder creek!
  210. Lost i-phone, NM, Rio Chama, Big Eddy, 5/25
  211. Lost Cataract Oar on Blackfoot in MT
  212. Lost oars on Rogue
  213. lost NRS waist throw bag, yellow at State Bridge.
  214. Lost Carlisle Guide Stick COlorado (Below State Bridge)
  215. found lost oar on the rogue
  216. Lost 2 life jackets at Westwater put in
  217. Lost/Stolen Salamander throw bag - Poudre River
  218. Lost NRS throw rope on #5
  219. Found Helmet: Avon
  220. Lost dry bags
  221. Lost Werner paddle on Filter Plant 5/26
  222. Lost SpriderCo Folding Knife at Heckla
  223. Lost yellow sawyer guide paddle, Royal Gorge 5/24
  224. Lost Paddles on the Blue Mon 5/26
  225. Lost Yellow Paddle on the Poudre
  226. Lost 12' Raft on the Poudre - Marked "Sunshine"
  227. Lost Helmet on the Blue (Saturday)
  228. Lost Paddles on the Blue (Saturday)
  229. Found: Camp Chair on Upper Colorado
  230. Northgate Canyon
  231. Lost Hydro Carbon on Grand Junction to fruita run
  232. Lost raft paddles on the Poudre
  233. Katie I took your paddle from fisherman's bridge
  234. Lost Yellow LL Remix 59 Boulder Creek
  235. Lost yellow Jackson Hero kayak on the Poudre
  237. Found Ducky paddle on Filter Plant
  238. Lost boat on Boulder Creek
  239. Lost Werner Bent Shaft on Filter Plant run of Poudre
  240. Lost paddle/ Found knife on Slaughter House
  241. FOUND: Puke Green All-Star
  242. Did you flip on the Upper C on Sat. May 24th?
  243. Lost Paddle on Numbers
  244. lost paddle Upper Rustic 5/24
  245. Lost Yellow Pyranha on Poudre
  246. 2 Boats, 2 Paddles on Cascade Slot
  247. Lost Kayak Dagger Mamba Blue River
  248. Lost: Seven2 paddle. Rustic, 5/24
  249. Lost in Grand Canyon - Oakley prescription glasses
  250. Rafting Gear lost during the flood in Lyons in September - UPDATED