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  1. Lost: Werner paddle (Diablo)
  2. Lost Thruster on Gore Creek/Eagle River
  3. Lost Werner Paddle on Avalanche Creek on the Crystal
  4. Lost boat and padle on Boulder creek
  5. Lost: Black Werner Paddle on the Poudre
  6. Nick burns? Found your Fly Fishing camelbackpack, Upper CO
  7. Lost/Left Green NRS Drybag @Statebridge Landing
  8. Lost paddle slaughter house
  9. Found paddle on east river
  10. Lost Paddle Upper Blue
  11. LOST/Hand made fishing net....Upper Colo
  12. Lodore Lost Items
  13. Found fly boxes on upper colorado
  14. recovered: Dagger kayak upper Blue
  15. San Rafael June 10
  16. Pinned boat 11 Mile Canyon S. Platte
  17. Lost gear on North Platte sat 6/13
  18. Lost in steamboat: size 14 merril shoes
  19. Found: Cooler on the upper colorado
  20. LOST: Carlisle Oar on Poudre - 14 June
  21. Lost oars/paddle stillwater
  22. Lost: Astral PFD - at High Bridge takeout. Animas River. Durango.
  23. Lost: Cataract oar w/ carlisle blade Browns 9/13
  24. Lost Werner Stikine on Daisy Creek
  25. Lost warner Power house at SLH take out
  26. Lost Paddle- Poudre Filter Plant
  27. werner kayak paddle found - poudre
  28. Lost red Werner paddle clear creek
  29. Lost Red Dagger Kingpin Colorado River
  30. Found Paddle on Clear Creek near Idaho Springs
  31. Lost pfd at lower jackass on the MF Salmon
  32. Yellow Liquid Logic Lil'Joe - Lower Eagle
  33. Lost Red Dry Bag Leaving Westwater
  34. lost red dry bag on road near westwater ranger station
  35. Lost Paddle on Apple Valley
  36. lost paddle on lower blue!!!
  37. Lost Cigar humidor/ dry box Eagle Source.
  38. Lost- salto Dumont
  39. lost: Wavesport Godzilla Kayak on lower blue
  40. Found dry box
  41. LOST- Dagger CFS Kayak Upper Blue River
  42. found carlisle paddle raft paddle Pagosa
  43. Lost Werner SUP Paddle w red blade and black carbon fiber shaft
  44. LOST- Sawyer Oar on the San Miguel 6/6/15
  45. LOST gear on the Blue
  46. Lost-Werner Twist Poudre Sunday
  47. Found Cooler Lid- Eagle River
  48. Noticed this on Craigslist today
  49. Gore creek red zg 48 found
  50. Lost Orange Diesel 75
  51. LOST - white ipod at loma put-in
  52. Lost Werner Paddle on Boulder Creek last night
  53. LOST Breakdown paddle, Selway put in
  54. Found powerhouse in lower clear creek
  55. Found- Women's bracelet, San Juan
  56. Lost 2 Fluid Solo Yellow Creek boats last night
  57. LOST paddle on Laramie from Jelm to Woods Landing
  58. lost AT FLEXI bent haft
  59. LOST black helmet on Poudre in town
  60. Lost: Throwbag on Gore Creek below Cascade in Vail
  61. Another lost Powerhouse in Bear Creek
  62. Found guide pfd and fly rod below yarmony
  63. Found paddle above Piney Creek on the Upper C
  64. Found PFD at Numbers
  65. Lost camera on roaring fork
  66. Lost Powerhouse Bear Creek
  67. Found paddle and kayak on the Provo
  68. Found. Women's life jacket at Eagle take out.
  69. AT2 paddle lost in Blackrock narrows
  70. Found Dry bag Split Mtn
  71. Sawyer Oar Shaft and Dynamite Blade Lost
  72. Green and white recreation kayak pinned on Eagle
  73. Lost Oar on Eagle River (STP-CLimbing Rock)
  74. LOST Werner Twist in screaming 1/4 mile
  75. Lost Grey Fire Bllanket on Desolation Canyon
  76. Lost keys on Upper Colorado
  77. Found flyrods on North Platte
  78. Still looking for the owner of.......
  79. Lost Paddle on Vallecito
  80. FOUND: ski poles Independence Pass
  81. Lost paddles
  82. Lost Dagger Juice Lower Big Horn - Arkansas
  83. Found Perception kayak in Poudre
  84. Found Accent Kayak Paddle on Staircase, SF Payette
  85. Found: Kokatat Union Suit Onesie Clear Creek
  86. Lost AT paddle- Upper Blue
  87. Boat pinned on Piedra River, Mud Slide rapid
  88. LOST GoPro at Glenwood Wave
  89. Found water bottle below rigor
  90. Pinned Boat EFSF Salmon
  91. Lost throw bag at 1in 5 on SSV
  92. Lost Paddle Boulder Creek
  93. Lost boat on Piedra
  94. LOST: Rollable Solar Panel B Section Flaming Gorge
  95. FOUND: Dry top on Hwy 40 in Steamboat
  96. lost AT paddle on eagle
  97. Lost Paddle -Poudre
  98. Lost Werner Black Double Diamond on Shoshone
  99. Help Steamboat! Lost gear...
  101. lost: SR standard helmet, browns takeout or putin
  102. LOST Paddle Bear Creek 5/5/15
  103. Found Paddle Clear Creek
  104. Lost 3 oars on Monarch pass
  105. STOLEN: Nikon DSLR in Pelican case
  106. Lost: Orange Dry Bag (small) - San Juan...
  107. missing /stolen red jackson fun 1.5
  108. Lost Paddle on Westwater 4/25: Werner Sidekick carbon bent shaft
  109. FOUND! GoPro on westwater
  110. Lost AT paddle in Browns Canyon 4/18/15
  111. Paddle taken from Meyers pool 19 April
  112. Lost fly rod and reel near Rancho
  113. Found Raft Paddle
  114. Found gear at Beasley Flats, Verde River
  115. Stuff found at Hades Bar campsite Westwater
  116. Stolen Raft Rig
  117. Found: Paddle on I-70 near Copper
  118. FOUND!! colorado school of mines paddle
  119. lower Piedra put in 4/5/15
  120. Lost spare tire - take out of San Juan
  121. Lost fly rods, waders, etc at Gore Canyon
  122. Tent found on Lower Juan
  123. Lost Pogies in Black Canyon
  124. LOST Canvas Bucket at Kirkwood Ranch Hell's Canyon,Lost on3-14-15, Cold BEER REWARD
  125. Stolen Squirt C1 and Slalom C1
  126. Blue oar on the blue
  127. Stolen veteran's programs kayaks out of Ohio.
  128. Lost orange Werner Paddle on Arkansas The NUMBERS
  129. Found shovel
  130. Found Pfd at Pearce Ferry Dec. 22
  131. Lost duckie on Grand Canyon
  132. Found Paddle Clear Creek (post Bump)
  133. Found Paddle- Poudre
  134. Stolen Wave Sport Möbius San Mateo campground
  135. Found: Gear Bag on I-84
  136. Stolen Zet Raptor
  137. Lost: Colorado License Plate from Raft Trailer
  138. Lost Aire 4" Barrel Pump at Westwater
  139. Found Scott SVS905 on SJ in NM
  140. Lost: Scott 9'6wt S4 on Lower Blue River
  141. Found : Pair of Oars on the Upper C
  142. Found: PFD Westwater.
  143. Lost pink ammo can Westwater
  144. Lost Camera Lens, Grand Canyon.
  145. Stolen Raft and Trailer
  146. Lost teeth on Upper San Juan
  147. lost Sawyer oar
  148. Lost Remix on Cemetery in Glenwood
  149. Found paddle 10/5 on Colorado river, Glenwood springs
  150. Lost Paddle in Stillwater Canyon
  151. Lost Oars at Radium
  152. Lost GPower Canoe Paddle
  153. Paddle Found NF Payette
  154. Found Eco Toilet Seat
  155. Lost polar heartrate monitor Snowmass Rim trail
  156. FOUND: Blue Brewer @ Deer Creek on Bailey
  157. Lost My Baby - ...AT Paddle at Rancho
  158. Found Dentures in Desolation Canyon
  159. Lost: Scott A4 flyfishing setup Lower Blue River
  160. Lost dry bag at Westwater take out
  161. Lost: Sage Chest pack at Two Bridges - Colorado
  162. Lost Sage One Fly Rod- Two Bridges Colorado
  163. LOST: GoPro in Golden, CO
  164. Lost Olympus Camera above Echo Park
  165. Lost SUP paddle on upper colorado 9-6-14
  166. Lost AT Paddle on Pumphouse access road
  167. Lost Werner Paddle at Gore
  168. found: AT paddle on gore
  169. Lost kayak paddle on Rogue River
  170. Lost canoe paddle main salmon idaho late august
  171. Lost River Camping Gear Turned into CKS
  172. Lost Kid's Canoe Paddle on the San Juan
  173. Lost small bright blue watershed bag at Cisco monday aug 31
  174. Lost keys at State Bridge
  175. Lost Carlisle Guide Stick Upper C
  176. Big ol' box of gear found on Hwy 24 today!!!
  177. Found Kayak on the Poudre River, Fort Collins
  178. Found: Raft pump in Skull Eddy
  179. Lost waist throw bag clear creek
  180. Found Paddle
  181. Left Werner Kayak Paddle at Ruby Horsethief Put in 8-22-14
  182. lost leather covered daytimer Westy-Cisco
  183. lost paddle on the main Salmon
  184. LOST @ Pumphouse, Launch 2, 8/24: Neoporene Socks and Booties
  185. Found Paddle at Grizzly
  186. Lost Werner Player - Gore
  187. Lost: SUP and Paddle, McKenzie River
  188. Sup paddle on i70
  189. shoshone thieves
  190. Grey dry bag on Main Salmon- Carey Creek Boat Ramp
  191. Lost: Werner Shogun Paddle - Westwater Takeout Ramp
  192. Lost Fuji Camera near Westwater Ranger Station/Ramp
  193. Lost Fly Rod--Heckla Junction
  194. Colorado Rio Redland's Dry Box, et al...
  195. Lost Nikon Camera @ Westwater Put In
  196. found plywood dory part
  197. Found paddle in CO near Noname
  198. Found
  199. Lost Oar on lower salmon
  200. Lost-LED ENO Lights on Westwater
  202. Lost Werner Paddle - Shoshone Friday
  203. Lost Grey Raft on I-70 b/t Westwater and GJ
  204. STOLEN! Kokatat Dry Suit & Paco Pad
  205. Lost: Mohawk XL-15 on San Juan
  206. Lost Tent Poles in Deso
  207. Karl Locke!!! Your shiva is safe!
  208. Found: 1 size 10 teva shoe below clear creek narrows
  209. FOUND: Two Werner paddles with no name on Browns Canyon
  210. Lost Stomper 90 on Vallecito
  211. Found Oar - Upper C
  212. Lost Paddle on Middle Narrows of Poudre
  213. Lost Lightning Guide Stick at Numbers
  214. Lost Pfd's on salida ramp
  217. Found Go Pro-Poudre
  218. Helmet left in my landcruiser at bridges
  219. Found wet suit and gloves boundary Creek july 7th
  220. Lost PFD and helmet on clear creek.
  221. Lost oar - Upper Colo (Yarmony) 9' Sawyer, Black
  222. LOST: eyeglasses in Grand Canyon
  223. Lost PFD hwy 285 near Hecla!
  224. FOUND: 90s playboat pinned below black rock rapid.
  225. LOST: PFD North Fork of the Payette
  226. Lost kayak paddle on Middle Fork Salmon
  227. Found on the San Juan
  228. Found Raft in the Gunny Gorge
  229. lost paddle
  230. Lost paddle in clear creek black rock
  231. Coors gear collection?
  232. Two bridges straps
  233. Lost Paddle: Lower Taylor
  234. Lost Dry Top by State Bridge
  235. LOST Wavesport ZG red Kayak on CC
  236. Lot throw bag at #7 on the ark.
  237. Lost: Kayak Paddle on Lower Blue
  238. found paddle on slaughterhouse
  239. Lost paddle - poudre
  240. Found GoPro
  241. Found skirt in golden
  242. Lost paddle Big South
  243. Lost paddle at State Bridge small craft take out
  244. Kids pulled out a Aire Lynx on Local GJ Run
  245. LOST: Mitchell kayak paddle
  246. Found PFD Grn Mtn Rez
  247. Lost: Left a skirt in Eric's truck
  248. LOST MTI PFD (between take out on the Hagerman and Nampa)
  249. Found{ Wallet on Trough Road Fri 7/18
  250. Found a throw bag and sloar shower on the Selway