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Lost & Found

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  1. lost werner straight shaft paddle on fish creek 06/23/05
  2. Lost Werner Paddle On Encampment
  3. FOUND: Paddle in Boulder Creek near 47th St.
  4. Lost seven two paddle in boulder creek
  5. Lost seven2 paddle on St. Vrain at Lyons
  6. Lost kayak paddle on Poudre
  7. Lost Jackson Rocker Creek boat on fish creek
  8. Lost throw bag in Boulder creek
  9. lost paddle on dowd chute
  10. found thermal top @ black bear
  12. Lost Paddle
  13. lost waterstick - below blackrock
  14. Lost Paddle Numbers
  15. Lost sprayskirt at Lower Mish takeout
  16. Found: Digital Camera at Oh Be Joyful Campground
  17. Lost Race Paddle in Salida During FIBArk
  18. Found throwbag at Golden WW Park
  19. Lost: Kayaking Gear left at Buena Vista take out
  20. kayak found
  21. Lost Paddle on the Poudre
  22. [b]Lost Paddle on Lower Animas[/b]
  23. Found paddle on Clear Creek
  24. Stolen Raft - $250 Reward
  25. Found pogie & elbow pad (lime Ck.)
  26. Lost Green Caspia Kayak
  27. Ted and Alice - I found your paddle
  28. Left at Lawson swiftwater class Sat 6/11
  29. Lost Kayak
  30. found paddle on poudre
  31. lost paddle/Taylor River
  32. Lost/Stolen Super EZ on animas in durango
  33. Lost Werner Sherpa at Filter Plant Take out
  34. lost paddle on ten mile town run
  35. found spray skirt
  36. Lost Seven2 on the Poudre
  37. Lost paddle on the Poudre 6/8
  38. Found paddle on LSB
  39. Lost paddle Clear Creek 6/8
  40. found throwbag, Clear Creek/Ark
  41. found paddle pants at Gilman take-out
  42. Lost paddle on Clear Creek of the Arkansas
  43. Lost Kayak
  44. lost in space
  45. found paddle
  46. Lost - Avalanche Beacon near Mt Bancroft 5/28/05
  47. Lost gear on Northgate canyon 6/05/05
  48. lost paddle on Clear Creek 6-6-05
  49. Stolen: Teton Village, WY
  50. Lost paddle and booties on North Platte - 05/27/05
  51. Lost chaco, left foot, size 10
  52. I Found A Paddle On Lower Clear Creek
  53. Another lost paddle on clear creek
  54. Another Lost Paddle on Clear Creek of the Arkansas -06/03/05
  55. Lost paddle on Lower Clear Creek
  56. Paddle found way below durango
  57. PFD Left Behind on Rio Grande at Pilar
  58. Lost Werner Straight Shaft - Clear Creek
  59. lost paddle on the dolores
  60. Lost Paddle BTO
  61. Lost Wavesport BIG EZ Animas-below sawmill (5-28)
  62. Lost NRS Toaster Mitt on the Ark above zoom floom
  63. lost werner double diamond on Animas in Durango
  64. turqouise Nalgene found on Bridges take out
  65. Lost Werner On Clear Creek Of The Ark Thursday 5/26/05
  66. Lost AT paddle on Foxton
  67. Lost Skirt @ Steamboat Library Parking
  68. Lost Werner Paddle - Upper Clear Creak
  69. Lost AT2 Paddle on Upper Fish Creek
  70. Lost paddle on Poudre Sat 5/28
  71. Kelly Corbins Guide Stick
  72. Lost AT paddle on Clear Creek of the Ark
  73. LOST: Paddle on Roaring Fork
  74. Found paddle on Bailey
  75. Lost AT Paddle on Eagle River
  76. find any booties on the ark?
  77. Paddle found near Clear Creek of the Ark. Werner Player.
  78. Lost in the Numbers Super EZ Blue 5-25-05
  79. Found PFD on Ark 5/21/05
  80. Lost Paddle on the Grizly (Near Glenwood Springs)
  81. Lost 5/22 at Black Bear Hole
  83. lost paddle on Animas
  84. Lost Paddle (Harmony) in Parkdale
  85. Found: Helmet at Forest Service Parking - Dowd Put-In
  86. Lost life vest, paddle jacket, booties, spray skirt@DowdChut
  87. Lost: NRS Booties, size 8 on Poudre
  88. Have you found my Guide Stick
  89. Lost: Paddle on Arkansas River below Bear Creek Rapids
  90. Paddle found on SF of the South Platte
  91. LOST: Seattle Sports Hydro Venture Dry Bag on 5/22/05
  92. LOST: NRS glove on Yampa/green about 5/18 or so....
  93. CHAD??? Found boat on Roaring Fork/Tootache
  94. Lost Paddle Clear Creek Sat. evening
  95. Gore Creek Paddle
  96. Paddle found in Black Rock
  97. Lost Kayak and Paddle at Boulder Creek
  98. Lost Eskimo Topolino on Clear Creek
  99. Lost Paddle Boulder Creek
  100. Found Yellow Drytop and Skirt at BTO Last night
  101. stolen subaru--Ft Collins--Colorado plate 613BXC
  102. found: gloves near boulder creek on canyon!
  103. Gear found Saturday at Taos Lower Box takeout
  104. bootie
  105. Found Helmet @ Picnic Rock 5/15
  106. For good karma, a handshake, and a six-pack of fine beer...
  107. Lost at westwater put in, waterproof cd shower radio
  108. Found on the D
  109. Lost Helmet, Golden Park
  110. Stolen
  111. Lost: Liquid Logic Session Plus lost on Westwater on 4/18-1
  112. Stolen G-Ride 6.2
  113. Lost - outfitting/paper work in plastic bag at Union put in
  114. Two paddles lost near durango!
  115. Esquif Blast STOLEN Rio Grande Race Course, NM
  116. Stolen Wavesport EZ
  117. Lost paddle on the Piedra
  118. Loose something in the Royal Gorge?
  119. Lost my paddle in the Taos Lower Box
  120. Found backcountry snow shovel
  121. Lost Werner Paddle @ Pueblo
  122. lost paddle found nalgien
  123. Reward: Lost sprayskirt at Meyers Pool, 3/20/05
  124. Lost Multitool on Montgomery Pass (Cameron Pass Area)
  125. Lost Garmin GPS at Loma boat ramp
  126. Found: Stolquist PFD on Desolation Canyon this summer.
  127. Found Camera in Grand Canyon
  128. Snowshoes gone
  129. Still looking for lost Necky (desperate)
  130. lost camera st mary's glacier
  131. Found AT3 on the Big T!!
  132. lost stuff at cameron pass
  133. Lost Helmet at No Name / Shoshone
  134. found boat in cross mountain
  135. LOST MORE MARBLES!!!!!!!
  136. lost werner paddle in westwater
  137. Lost green patagonia jacket at westwater
  138. Lost AT3 on the Big T
  139. Found
  140. lost my marbles in NEW GENERATION FALLS!
  141. Lost raft seat
  142. Lost Seda Helmet
  143. Stolen:Riot Air 55, Lime Green in Steamboat Springs Co.
  144. Lost Keys
  145. Paddle found at Nottingham lake
  146. found helmet and rash top at Grizzly on Sun 8/29
  147. LOST Paddle on Lower Narrows, floated down
  148. Booties at Grizzly
  149. Stolen Blue Ace 4.7 in Denver
  150. Lost Paddle in Lower Narrows
  151. Blue boat spotted near Fulton Headgate
  152. found at golden, helmet and pfd.
  153. Found: IR Overthrust in Gore Canyon
  154. Paddle lost on bridges
  155. Mark - Found your drybox on Browns - above widowmaker
  156. Lost Seven 2 Paddle on Deckers/Chutes 8/8
  157. LOST green fleece at hot springs above Radium-Upper C 7/31
  158. FOUND Ron Johnson's cell phone
  159. Paddle found near Gunnison whitewater park
  160. Lost Paddle On The Poudre Saturday 7/31/04
  161. lost paddle on Pineview Falls
  162. Lost, webbing, cam straps, caribeaner
  163. Lost Paddle in Gore 7/24
  164. Lost IR Over Thruster (Loop Enhancer
  165. Lost: At2 on Bear Creek 7/24
  166. lost: IR spray skirt for a Riot cockpit and medium tunnel
  167. Lost Paddle on the Numbers
  170. Lost webbing/pulley on poudre
  171. Lost Java - Bailey's Last August.
  172. LOST HARMONY LC1 sprayskirt
  174. Any chance anyone found some "Booty"
  175. Lost mini cell pillar for Super EZ (Numbers)
  176. Lost paddle on Filter Plant.
  177. Lost
  178. Lost/Stolen Woody Paddle Radium
  180. Lost paddle on clear creek below tunnel 1 above playpark
  181. lost paddle on SSV
  182. Left paddle at Bridges takeout
  183. Lost paddlle 6-1-04 USB
  184. FOUND paddle...Clear Creek
  185. Found paddle- Lake Creek 6/27
  186. Lost Paddle at Pineview/Bridges
  187. leave helmet in my car?sat-poudre
  188. paddle in widowmaker?
  190. New details/reward for the pinned NECKY!
  191. Lost paddles on the South Platte
  193. Lost- IR Long Sleeve Thick Skin Shirt
  194. Lost: Blue/Black Marmot Jacket at Powderhorn or the Poudre
  195. lost pfd on poudre sunday june 20th
  196. (3) Three Lost paddles on Hwy 87
  197. Paddle found above Cardiac Corner on Poudre River
  198. Lost Paddle--Lyons WW Park
  199. lost dry bag w/accessories
  200. Stolen Boat, Austin, TX June 19
  201. Lost - Red Attack Shoes @ LSB tak-out
  202. Lost skirt: take-out at the Numbers
  203. Boat Pinned in Boulder Creek
  204. Lost Paddle: Pine Creek, Arkansas River
  205. Lost Throw Bag - Roadside, Bridges put-in
  206. Lost:AT Paddle on Rigormortis on June 16th, 2004
  207. FOUND: paddle in Royal Gorge
  208. Found: thermarest
  209. Lost: paddle on Arkansas/Browns Canyon
  210. Found: Paddle on Poudre, Bridges Section
  211. Lost Paddle on Eagle Dowd Chutes
  212. Lost Paddle on Arkansas South of Johnson Village
  213. Lost prescription sunglasses (and case) Saturday
  214. Lost Tackle Box in Dominguez Canyon on Gunnison
  215. Lost paddle on Big South...
  216. FOUND Paddle (and Boat?) on Lower Eagle
  218. Left Red Extrasport Rescue Vest at Dowd Chute Takeout
  219. clear creek 6\10
  220. Lost Werner paddle, roadside upper Taylor
  221. rpm on rock in boulder creek
  222. lost werner sidekick on clear creek of ark
  223. Left Wavesport Monolith drytop at Upper Rio Grande takeout
  224. Lost paddle on lower mish
  225. lost pyrana and paddle in lake creek
  226. Lost AT2 Paddle Bob Bridge take out avon
  227. Lost Seven2 Paddle at Zoom Flume
  228. lost Paddle
  229. Lost Daggar Infrared - Lower Lime Creek 6/4/04
  230. LOST Werner paddle on Eagle River 06/06/04
  231. Found Mutant on Lake Creek
  232. Found on Bailey- Werner paddle/gold blades.
  233. Lost throwbag at Fisherman's Bridge
  234. Lost Fly in ID
  235. lost paddle on upper animas
  236. Lost: Ace 4.7 somewhere between Buena Vista and Nathrop
  237. Lost paddle in Brown's Canyon
  238. Lost Flip-Stick on Cottonwood Pass
  239. Lost paddle on numbers sunday 05/30
  240. Lost Small Blue Dry Bag on Boulder Creek, Sunday May 30th.
  241. Lost Skirt
  242. found boat on SBC
  243. Lost paddle on Vallecito
  244. Found another paddle at BTO...
  245. lost paddle below gunnison whitewater park
  246. Broken Werner Bentshaft on Poudre
  247. found paddle
  248. Lost paddle on the shuttle of Brown's
  249. Lost Paddle on Alto Alto
  250. lost my wifes paddle