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Lost & Found

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  1. Found: Raft Oar
  2. Lost Mitchel Bent shaft on Upper C.
  3. Still looking for my lost AT
  4. Lost Camera Wolcott Boat Ramp 7-12
  5. Lost Paddle at Deckers, CO
  6. Lost Booties - Steven's Gulch - Poudre
  7. Triple drop booty
  8. Lost: Werner small straight shaft paddle
  9. LOST-NRS Paddling Pants at Hermits
  10. Lost arcteryx jacket on Yampa/Green
  11. Lost: Pogies on OBJ
  12. Lost - purple raft paddle - Poudre
  13. Lost paddle at upper/middle Blue (Columbine Landing take-out)
  14. paddle lost on uncompahgre river
  15. Lost paddlle Black Rock
  16. Lost paddle on Black Rock
  17. Stolen Sawyer Polecats Radium 10ft
  18. Paddle found, Pueblo play park
  19. Lost paddlle
  20. Lost Sawyer Oar Eagle River
  21. Found: Rafting Guide Stick on the Poudre
  22. lost paddle on the black rock around rigormotis
  23. Still Missing - Carlisle Oar and paddle
  24. Found: Prion Paddle on Upper Roaring Fork
  25. Found: Booties at the Upper Blue takeout Thursday evening 7/3.
  26. Found: helmet and PFD Brown's canyon takeout
  27. Paddle Found on Foxton
  28. Found(Denver Highlands)-Big bag of Kayak gear found 2-3 weeks ago
  29. LOST: Paddle on the Poudre
  30. Found: Paddle on Slate
  31. Lost Paddle on Arkansas
  32. Sawyer Guide Stick at Stone Bridge
  33. Lost on Roaring Fork
  34. Found-rafting paddle on the Eagle below Dowd
  35. Lost gear Eagle River in Avon
  36. lost AT paddle on the Gunnison July 4th
  37. Lost Werner Bandit Guide Stick
  38. Grizzly Creek on June 30th
  39. LOST: Paddle, AT flexi rodeo. Lost at Yampa town run play hole.
  40. LOST: NRS Booties @ picnic rock, Small, Red
  41. Lost Paddle on Upper Fork
  42. found creek boat at homestake
  43. Found Paddle on the Ark
  44. Found - Paddle at union chutes
  45. Found - PFD and Helmet at Stone Bridge
  46. Lost Oar on Ark
  47. lost Arcteryx jacket on the Yampa
  48. LOST Sawyer Oar 9' MXS-G on the North Platte
  49. Lost AT on Upper Fryingpan
  50. Two Lost Paddles
  51. Lost PFD Bennet Peak Road
  52. Found Oar in Northgate
  53. Lost orange (rafting) PFD at picnic rock
  54. Lost Paddle on USB
  55. Lost Oar Eagle River
  56. Lost boat and paddle on Dowds Chute 6/29
  57. Lost paddle
  58. LOST - 8' Carlisle Oar & Paddle - Cardiac Corner - Poudre
  59. Lost Helmet Dumont Section
  60. Sandals and watch left in Black Rock 4
  61. found throwrope USB 6/29
  62. Lost AT Paddle on Upper Rustic POUDRE
  63. Found Diesel on Poudre Bridges run
  65. Lost throw bag on Lower South Boulder 6/28
  66. Lost AT2 on the Poudre Sat 6/28
  67. Lost paddle on the Poudre 6/28
  68. Lost Paddle on the POUDRE 6/28
  69. Lost sawyer mx fg 10ft oar
  70. Lost float bag on clear creek.
  71. Lost Kayak Paddle on Upper Colorado
  72. Shoshone Yard Sale Saturday
  73. Lost Paddle
  74. lost paddle, pineview, poudre...
  75. lost paddle
  76. Boat found on NSV 6/22/08
  77. Who wants to run either Brown's or Shoshone this Friday, Sat, Sunday?
  78. lost AT3 Roaring Fork/Colorado
  79. Lost: On Poudre, werner breakdown, yellow blades
  80. Stolen... EVERYTHING (except crocs)
  81. lost paddle-roaring fork
  82. Lost Boat at MF Salmon Scat station
  83. lost paddle in black rock section of clear creek
  84. lost paddle in black rock section of clear creek
  85. Lost: Yellow Raft Oar in Lodore - 6/20
  86. Another found Paddle on Filter Plant....
  87. LOST climbing gear in water SSV, Lyons.
  88. Lost AT3 paddle, Black Rock (Clear Creek)
  89. Lost guide paddle on bridges
  90. Lost: Life vest
  91. Found Ammo Can Repair Kit in Dinosaur National Monument
  92. Lost AT3 Paddle on Eagle
  93. Found paddle on Filter Plant
  94. "Found" Paddle on Craigslist
  95. Lost Clear Dry Bag at City Market in BV Friday 6-20
  96. Lost Werner carbon bent-shaft sidekick on SSV
  97. Sandals and Watch left in BlackRock 4
  98. Lost Werner Player Bentshaft, LSB 6-22-08
  99. Lost fly pole nnear ranch del rio/pumphouse
  100. lost 8.5' carlisle oar on the arkansas
  101. Lost Kayak Paddle on the Taylor
  102. Lost Werner Small Bent Shaft - Pueblo Play Park
  103. "mis-placed" creek shoes and one pogie @ Pouder
  104. lost helmet Picnic Rock
  105. lost duckie $100 reward
  106. Lost AT bent shaft paddle on lower Gore Creek
  107. Lost Harmony Paddle Poudre - Bridges
  108. Lost AT-4 E Play Paddle on Upper Colorado
  109. Lost seven2 Paddle on the Upper Colorado
  110. Found Raft Paddle in Foxton 6/21
  111. Help--yard sale on Gore Creek
  112. Lost Werner Paddle on The Taylor
  113. Found Sweep kit @ dumont put in
  114. Lost Kayak on Ark
  115. Found Paddle on Slaughterhouse
  116. Lost: Red Jackson 2Fun on Roaring Fork
  117. Yard Sale at Slaughter House
  119. Lost: Breakdown AB paddle at L.O.G.
  120. Lost white werner paddle on 10-mile
  121. LOST- Yelow Jackson Star- Golden to Longmont
  122. Found Throw Rope Golden Play Park 6-19-08
  123. Gloves found on Oh Be Joyful
  124. lost paddle in lower clear creek and rope
  125. Lost green Liquidlogic CR 250 in the Roaring Fork
  126. Found Bootiesat GWS playpark
  127. Lost Yellow Paddle Jacket - Ruby/Horse Thief, Colorado River
  128. Lost paddle: Lower Fish Creek into the Yampa
  129. LOST Yellow Liquid logic on Roaring Fork
  130. Lost NRS bootys BTO
  131. Lost poagie on Poudre...
  132. Found Paddle on URf
  133. Lost Kayak on Clear Creek
  134. found poudre paddle
  135. Spotted Boat on Plateau Creek...
  136. Found camera in dry box in Salida PP, 6-15-08
  137. lost werner paddle black/blue blades....
  138. Lost paddle on the Poudre
  139. LOST: black 72 graphite paddle
  140. Found yellow Jackson on Castle Creek
  141. Lost Keens @ Filter Plant
  142. Lost Paddle Clear Creek Ark
  143. Lost boat, Alto Alto 6/15
  145. Lost AT2 paddle Pine Creek race 2008
  146. Lost paddle on Upper Mishawaka
  147. Lost paddle on Alto Alto
  148. lost my AT paddle at golden
  149. Missing Paddle - Vail Park - Gore Creek
  150. Lost paddle on Bailey, I got your pogies
  151. lost werner paddle lower frying pan
  152. Paddle Lost and boat stolen(?) on Big Thom
  153. lost throw rope
  154. The Source of the Eagle ate my paddle
  155. Found throw bag below Narrows on Clear Creek
  157. Lost Paddles on Clear Creek of the ARk
  158. Lost Werner Paddle lower blue
  159. M.I.A AT Paddle on Clear Creek
  160. Found NRS Creek Booty
  161. FOUND NRS Pogies @ Black Bar hole
  162. Lost Pyranha S6 - Golden
  164. Found Paddle
  165. Green soft-side cooler at BTO
  166. Lost Waist Throw Bag on the Poud
  167. Black flip flops at Bridges Put In
  168. Lost AT Paddle on Royal Gorge 8/8/08
  169. Lost NRS Hydroskin @ Golden playpark
  170. Lost Inflatable kayak
  171. Crash pad found on I- 70
  172. Lost half paddle on the Colorado
  173. Werner paddle lost at boulder creek
  174. Lost AT paddle 6/4/08 on #'s
  175. found oar in Lador
  176. Lost AT2 in homestake/eagle river
  177. LOST Black Rough Stuff Paddle on Big Thompson
  178. Lost guide Stick on Poudre
  179. LOST pfd @ state bridge.
  180. If you find a werner powerhouse in the Source...
  181. Lost IR green and black paddle pants- Gunnison river/ Mcabes lane
  182. Lost Paddle
  183. Lost 2 Kayaks on San Miguel
  184. Lost black Werner - lower boulder creek.
  185. Found: Helmet near Ouzel on Poudre...
  186. Misplaced Paddle on Roaring Fork
  187. Lost AT paddle w/ yellow tape: SSV
  188. found AT paddle in Poudre
  190. Lost keys: Poudre, btw BTO and tunnel (Mon even)
  191. Lost Guide Paddles on Arkansas in Browns
  192. LOST: Oar and Helmet in Browns Canyon
  193. Lost Oar on Poudre!
  194. LOST YELLOW KAYAK! Buena Vista CO
  195. Found Red Throw Bag-Jason Roberts
  196. LOG found a plastic tub and car keys
  197. Lost two paddles, Desolation Canyon UT
  198. Lost Paddle on Eagle Source
  199. Werner Paddle Lost at Hecla Junction Take-Out, Thursday 5/29
  200. FOUND: keys below Idylwilde Dam on Big Thompson
  201. Lost : Werner Paddle at Poudre Filter Plant
  202. Older pion playboat found on Filter plant
  203. purple kayak
  204. Lost Boat/Paddle below Dowd Chutes
  205. found: yellow dry bag on lower eagle
  206. Lost Paddle Screaming 1/4 Mile
  207. lost paddle on Poudre below pineview
  208. Found kayak paddle
  209. Lost Paddle in Clear Creek
  211. Matt's PFD
  212. Werner Paddle lost below Rollercoaster
  213. Recovered Stolen Jefe in Frisco!!
  214. Found Skirt @ BTO on the Poudre
  215. werner paddle in black rock1
  216. lost paddle in blackrock clear creek
  217. lost paddle- ruby/horsethief or westwater
  218. Orange Werner between Prospect and I25
  219. LOST: Shorts & Shirt POUDRE BTO
  220. Lost Paddle on Willow Creek
  221. Lost, Stolen?
  222. lost white 7-2 paddle in baliey
  223. Lost paddle in Big T
  224. Found Paddle in Escalante
  225. Found Bomber Gear Paddle Jacket Dolores
  226. Found, Werner BS, Big T
  227. LOST paddle on clearcreek
  228. FOUND Mr Clean, Slaughterhouse, 5/26
  229. lost h2o paddle
  230. STOLEN JeFe in Silverthorne!!!!
  231. Lost seven 2 paddle on Foxton Saturday 5/24
  232. Lost Werner paddle on Big T
  233. Lost paddle in Numbers!
  234. Slaughter House Booty
  235. Found Werner paddle at BB hole Lyons
  236. found stolquist paddling jacket-Animas
  237. Found paddle in Castle Creek 5/23/08
  238. Lost Paddles - Boulder Creek
  239. Found: Boat Eagle River
  240. lost paddle on poudre
  241. Lost Paddle May 20th
  242. lost/stolen paddle jacket-BV
  243. lost Oars and Rocket box - Lower Eagle
  244. Lost Pyranha Burn L on Lower Eagle
  245. Rafter pfd found at Hecla
  246. Paddle recovered in Lower Boxelder
  247. Lost oar in Dolores
  248. Lost Paddle in Eagle River below Avon Whitewater Park
  249. Lost SuperHero!!
  250. LOST Hydroskin pants and socks LOWER NARROWS