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Lost & Found

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  1. Found 6/9 Lower Clear Creek Put-in - glove
  2. Lost - Jackson Monstar and Werner Rio at Pueblo Playpark
  3. Yellow Jefe lost on Bitch creek
  5. lost blue dagger nomad 8.1 on lower clear creek
  6. Found: oar on lower animas
  7. found cooler needs ride to Boulder area
  8. Lost Blue Diesel Kayak on Entrance Exam Rapid
  9. Lost Werner Player Lower Clear Creek
  10. LOST: Orange Werner Player Paddle, Colorado River Below Glenwood
  11. Lost AT2 Rodeo Paddle - Poudre - PineView
  12. FOUND purple seven2 paddle/in-town Poudre
  13. Fishermans bridge put in phone
  14. Lost Hyside (yellow) Raft on Salmon
  15. Lost Wave Sport Fuse 35
  16. lost blue dagger outlaw
  17. Lost Red Werner Powerhouse on Lower Clear Creek
  18. Lost Boat and Paddle in Poudre
  19. Lost AB Carbon Fiber AMT Shred Paddle
  20. Lost WRSI helmet on BV playpark boat ramp
  21. Lost Sawyer MX Oar/Dynelite blade Upper C Pumphouse
  22. Paddle found on dumont section of clear creek
  23. Lost AT Paddle on Roaring Fork
  24. Lost orange Werner Player Clear Creek
  25. found a cooler on the main
  26. Lost paddle on St Vrains
  27. LOST red pyranha & AT paddle- Upper Crystal
  28. Lost boat and paddle in Castle Creek / Slaughterhouse
  29. Lost Werner Shogun Clear Creek 06/06/2010
  30. Lost boat and paddle on roaring fork/slaughterhouse
  31. Lost Werner Shogun Clear Creek 06/06/2010
  32. Lost Oar @ G-wood Play park
  33. Found Jackson Kayak, on I70 Dowd Junction, eagle county
  34. Lost Jackson Little Hero in Clear Creek
  35. Found Blue Carlisle oar near radium
  36. roaringfork lost boat
  37. Found Throw Bag on Filter Plant Sunday afternoon
  38. Lost Blue Paddle On Poudre
  39. another lost paddle on the poudre- black 7-2
  40. Lost raft on Eagle River
  41. lost AT paddle on the Ark
  42. lost paddle on the Poudre.
  43. Found Kayak Eagle River
  44. Castle creek - lost yellow jefe grande , at paddle
  45. Found:Shogun on Alto-Alto (John Harvey??)
  46. Lost Aquabound Paddle Dowd Chute Eagle River
  47. Lost gear in Clear Creek Of the Ark
  48. Lost Throw Bag on Clear Creek
  49. Lost FLIP camera
  50. Found Oar/Blade
  51. LOST Sweep Kit at BTO on the Poudre!
  52. Found kayak paddle on poudre
  53. Keys Lost
  54. Lost sawyer guide stick eagle river
  55. Lost: Pogies on Blackrock
  56. groover left at blackrocks
  57. Hydroskin shorts found - Picnic Rock
  58. Found kayak paddle at Pumphouse
  60. Another Paddle Lost in Gilman
  61. Found: Blue Water Bottle @ BV Playpark
  62. LOST 1 sandal North Platte
  63. Non-Emergency Golden Fire/Rescue Phone Number - USE TO REPORT LOST BOATS!
  64. Lost DRE throwbag on Eagle River
  65. Lost PAddle and float bags on Lower Clear Creek
  66. Lost Sawyer Oar on Upper C Pumphouse
  67. Lost: WS EZ anf AT Paddle on Lower Clear Creek
  68. Lost waste-band throw bag Upper Clear Creek
  69. REWARD: Lost Red Paddle on Clear Creek 5/31
  70. Lost Paddle BV Park
  71. lost kayak on the colorado
  72. Found: Wallet at Hecla Junction
  73. lost a paddle at BTO on Poudre
  74. Found Paddle at BTO Sunday eve 5.30
  75. lost 2 paddles on pumphouse
  76. Lost: Rough Stuff paddle on the Source
  77. Lost 5/23/10 Desperately seeking our oars!!!!
  78. Lost: Werner Paddle on Clear Creek of The Ark
  79. Lost: Sawyer Oar on Colorado at Gwave
  80. Lost: Werner Paddle between Salida and Rincon
  81. Lost Dry Bag. Browns Canyon
  82. Taken-xs Snap Dragon spray skirt at Yampa RF
  83. Lost on Upper C Sawyer Oar..This one hurts!
  84. Lost: Werner Sidekick on Clear Creek
  85. Stolen Dagger Kingpin 6.2 -yellow
  86. Lost Dog Collar @ Black Bear Hole 5/28
  87. lost my roit nito
  88. found paddle on Poudre filter plant
  89. Lost Dagger Outlaw & Werner Paddle below BV Play Park
  90. Lost: Sawyer Oar on Westwater 5/25
  91. Drybag in Vallecito
  92. MFS Lost Jacket 5-21
  93. Lost NRS waist throw bag
  94. You lost your paddle at the Golden Playpark
  95. Lost Oar and 2 LJ's in Deso
  96. Lost Glasses
  97. found throwbag at Sunshine
  98. Lost paddle on the upper Eagle
  99. Lost Werner paddle on Narrows/Crystal
  100. Lost paddle at Pagosa Wave
  101. Lost Gear Near Eagle Vail
  102. LOST Paddle in Gilman Canyon
  103. LOST in Big Cottonwood Creek today! my brand new paddle
  104. Lost Helmet - Avon
  105. Lost drysuit + many other items- Salt River
  106. Lost Paddle in Gore/found Black Playboat
  107. Lost: Pin-kit right bank Yampa below Tee-pee rapid
  108. Found: Oars in Durango on 5/9
  109. Lost hat and shirt at Smith Fork Gunny Gorge
  110. Lost AT Paddle on Ruby Horsethief on 5/8/10
  111. Lost Helmet; north fork Payette, ID
  112. Lost kayak on Piedra 5/8/10
  113. Lost Life Jacket on Animas
  114. Lost Bear Claw Knife on Peidra (5/8/10)
  115. Lost Paddle: Arkansas River, Number 5
  116. Lost Paddle: South Fork Clearwater, ID
  117. Found: Mesh Bag at Pueblo Playpark
  118. 1/2 of my boat
  119. Lost Paddle - Arkansas numbers
  120. Lost Level 6 Mack Drytop... Ocoee
  121. 3 Boats Stolen over the weekend from Boise
  122. GoPro lost at union chutes
  123. Found: Helmet and Lifejacket
  124. Westwater leadville crew who flipped
  125. Lost paddle/pogies, Escalante Crk
  126. Found: NRS Creek Gloves - Union Chutes
  127. Left an AT Paddle at Bakers Bridge
  128. Found Drysuit, 4/18/10, Piedra
  129. Lost Nikon Camera, San Jaun , 4/18/10
  130. Lost Sawyer MX-G on North Umpqua
  131. LOST: GoPro Camera in Skull on WW
  132. Lost oar on Salt River April 14-16
  133. Kayak paddle found on Shoshone 4/13
  134. Found NRS toaster miten at lyons-Black Bear hole.
  135. Lost Remix 47 Fort Collins
  136. Lost Paddle in Upper Taos Box
  137. Looking for Ya Ya Linda
  138. Lost Kayak and Duckie on Verde
  140. Lost Camera, Salt River 3/20
  141. Lost keys at Cataract
  143. Lost paddles on Salt River
  144. Lost Hand Paddles@Meyer's Pool
  145. Dry pants found Ark.
  146. Found skateboard Breck
  147. STOLEN: Paddle Bag w/Werner Shogun and Carbon Powerhouse!
  148. Lost Paddle back in Summer
  149. Lost Avon Thwart
  150. Westwater 10/25 Lost Paddle and car key
  151. STOLEN: EZG50 and AT PADDLE
  152. Lost Smith Sunnies -WestWater - 10/17.18/09
  153. Lost Keys at Westwater
  154. Lost Keys at Westwater
  155. Lost IR dry pants at Westwater takeout
  156. Lost Paddle in Gore Canyon
  157. Lost my paddle below Pyrite.
  158. Found skirt, helmet and pants
  159. Found - NRS Strap
  160. Lost Paddle on Lower Blue
  161. Found Camera at Green river play park 9/27
  162. Lost Paddle in Waterton
  163. lost 2 paddles
  164. Gunny Gorge/Paddle Found below Boulder Garden
  165. stealing boats is suicidal
  166. Found a bag @ Rancho del Rio CW weekend
  167. Lost Red dry top and fleece- Shoshone
  168. lost AT 2 standard bent shaft paddle
  169. Lost Oars @ Astoria on Snake River
  170. Lost two paddels in Gore
  171. Found: Helmet Golden PP
  172. Found: IR fleece@shoshone
  173. Found Women's Wallet Upper C
  174. Found 2 Dogs At Fishermans Ford - 9/6/09
  176. Lost: Olympus Camera at Pumphouse Put-in 9/5/09
  177. Werner Paddle - Gore
  178. lost werner powerhouse 197 on gore
  179. Lost Black Sherpa Jacket at Gore Race
  180. Found: Paddle in Baileys
  181. Lost Dry Bag in gore Canyon
  182. Lost Aire Lynx II Snake River
  183. Lost wallet
  184. Lost- northface tent pumphouse to radium
  185. Found: werner paddle in Gore
  186. Lost Tent Poles Ruby/Horsethief 1 year ago!
  187. Lost Red Camera In Silver case
  188. 2 oars lost betweeen rancho del rio and pumphose.
  189. Lost waist throwbag @ gore race
  190. Lost: Werner Paddle - L. Fryingpan
  191. Lost: gore race: watershed drybag
  192. Found Hat at the Deckers Chute
  193. Found: Bag of straps on MF Salmon at Tappan 2
  194. Lost Paddle on Lower Blue
  195. Lost Paddle in Golden Play Park
  196. Lost AT 4 paddle shoshone
  197. Lost in the Box of the Clarks Fork of YS
  198. Found Elbow pad in slideways
  199. Lost Camera - Gore put in
  200. Lost AT bent shaft paddle at take out, Hecla Junction
  201. LOST:Oakley Suglasses at Gunney Gorge Put In
  202. found PFD upper c
  203. Lost Paddle in Bailey Canyon Sun 8/16
  204. LOST: oar at big bend boat cute by salida
  205. Lost 9ft Carlisle Oar
  206. Lost Waterstick Straight Shaft Paddle On South Platte Near Deckers.
  207. Left paddle in parking lot Glenwood wave 8/10/09
  208. Lost: Black SR Helmet @ Southmain B.V. playpark
  209. Lost Gear on The Ark weekend of 8/8
  210. Lost NRS Drybag at Radium Boat Ramp 8/9
  211. Left NRS Booties in change room at Stone Bridge
  212. Lost Old Town Kayak and Aquabound Paddle
  213. Lost Kayak, or My Boat Snuck Off the Reck at High Speed
  214. LOST: Black Sweet Strutter Helmet @ Radium
  215. found: 1 raft paddle
  216. lost grey Shred Ready helmet
  217. Lost Werner Straight Shaft Paddle Just Before New Castle
  218. Found one pump at dead deer
  219. Lost Paddle on Shoshone
  220. Lost Werner paddle outside Cody, WY
  221. lost throw rope in browns
  222. Lost Paddle AB shred AMT on Roaring Fork
  223. Lost Paddle bridges takeout
  224. Found paddle on lower Clear Creek
  225. Lost Igloo Cooler Lid - Moab
  226. Found Pump at the Carbondale Put In
  227. Found Kayak Paddles in Grand Junction
  228. STOLEN GREEN C1- Dagger CFS- Chicago Area
  229. Lost paddle on Shoshone
  230. Lost rope, yellow drybag, and pink jug BTO
  231. Lost Sunglasses
  232. Lost PFD's x 3 at Hecla Harbour
  234. Lost Yellow Hand Paddle after Vail playwave...
  235. Lost Union Suit OBJ
  236. PFD and Nice Sun Glasses Left at Bridges put in 7-19-09
  237. LOST: Astral Rescue Vest at BV Ballfields
  238. Found rope bag Clear Creek Saturday AM
  239. Lost helmet at Kermits
  240. Found: Lotus rescue jacket at Kermits
  241. Stolen Jackson All Star
  242. Lost items in Brown's
  243. lost red saftey webbing in BV
  244. Missing Jackson Star! REWARD
  245. Lost Pentex W-20 Camara at Slaughterhouse take out
  246. Found a Hound on the MFSR 7/15/09
  247. Lost Paddle, Taylor River, Gunnison
  248. Lost Paddle, Middle Narrows, Poudre.
  249. Found Helmet Golden
  250. throw rope in numbers