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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. Serious injury today on Blackrock
  2. Getting into kayaking
  3. New Zealand kayaking...
  4. How's the paddling in steamboat now?
  5. escalante to whitewater in 16' cat?
  6. Upper Gunnison Shuttles
  7. Ideas of advanced whitewater books
  8. Buena Vista Park Update...
  9. San Juan
  10. Where in the West is the water?
  11. Music at State Bridge?
  12. Best level for Lunchcounter on the snake?
  13. Chattooga section 4 thursday
  14. RRFW Riverwire 50th Anniversary of Kirschbaum Kayak Run
  15. LaPorte Play Park Proposal - needs support now!
  16. Beta fopr BV Boat Chute?
  17. Poudre 3pm or later 6-30
  18. OBJ creek race in the Denver Post
  19. Body Found in Library Hole
  20. Is OBJ still running?
  21. Ashland/Medford Oregon Boating Beta???
  22. fishing/backpacking advise and ideas
  23. Corra breaks world distance record
  24. Open Spots
  25. Any Landerites Out There?
  26. OBJ Race Results and Pictures
  27. Awesome Vehicle that can handle the lifestyle?
  28. World Kayak is going to host live streaming coverage of the U.S. freestyle team trial
  29. Sickbird 2010 Video
  30. Lodore last week
  31. Does anybody have any trailer plans?
  32. Tuber dies on the Big Thompson
  33. Survivorgoat Video:Pure Extremeness
  34. RiverGypsies AW Board Meeting Trip Report
  35. Oh-Be-Joyful Creek Video...
  36. Interview with Todd Wells
  37. Rio Grande Near Creede
  38. Big South wood report
  39. How low is too low for rafts on the San Juan? (or any Navajo Dam release info?)
  40. Jon Waterman at New Belgium 6.28 5-7pm
  41. Tully River, Cairns, AUS
  42. Scary first over-nighter
  43. Cross MT in an Oar Rig?
  44. The Lower Elk?
  45. anyone up fpr paddling salida to rincon today?
  46. run river in salida @ 3:00 any takers
  47. Lower blue or Pumphouse tomorrow?
  48. Yule flow?
  49. Fall Grand Canyon?
  51. West Side Update
  52. Joe Wright / Spencer Heights Visual?
  53. video footage of some fun HOOLIGAN action from last weekend
  54. Another Gore Canyon Epic
  55. Satellite Phone Rental???
  56. Boating down the Tambopata in Peru
  57. RRFW Riverwire - Glen Canyon Dam Update
  58. Boxelder / deer creek camping
  59. How's the Payette system in late August?
  60. Any entry level creeks still running?
  61. woods/west fk. clear
  62. Did you have to cut my rope?
  63. boat to borrow in Fort Collins
  64. Ruby/Horsethief thoughts?
  65. Am I already out to pasture?
  66. paddling browns canyons on saturday 26
  67. Sr. Hydrologist Job Posting - CWCB
  68. NSV Visual?
  69. sunset falls in a creature craft
  70. Vids/Pics
  71. upper east friday am
  72. Fire left below yarmony
  73. Request for info on Alto Alto
  74. How clear is the water on the Ark right now?
  75. Private boaters prohibited from using ramp at Split Mt?
  76. Good weekend float in Idaho?
  77. OBJ Race is on
  78. homegrown 6
  79. ww park design companies?
  80. Hell's Canyon Snake
  81. Salida Whitewater Park Info
  82. Summit Camping?
  83. Cody or Telluride for July 4th?
  84. Raffuse Creek Exploration BC
  85. Northgate Canyon
  86. Sponsorship?
  87. Lower Owyhee TR
  88. Idaho springs boat ramp?
  89. 2nd Gorge Lime flow?
  90. RRFW Riverwire - Grand Canyon Rafters Fall Sick
  91. What to dress for?
  92. Big South?
  93. Fibark: After Dark W/ EJ, Nick Troutman and Dane Jackson
  94. Royal Gorge Festival
  95. Canoe trip for cancer survivors
  96. Why are the holes in golden mediocre
  97. Overnight trips and permits
  98. Fort Collins Playpark
  99. What's up with the source?
  100. aqua seal
  101. Disappointment Creek, Alaska
  102. OBJ flow and quadruple crown for this w/e (6-26)?
  103. Rim Seal
  104. Gunnison camping/fishing ?
  105. River Toilet Cleaning in Front Range
  106. Fitness Paddling
  107. can you teach me to roll today?
  108. Alpine Quest Paddle with Demshitz!
  110. R1 Narrows
  111. Cali TR week 2
  112. beware of camp poachers!
  113. NSV Lower Shellys Cottages gage
  114. Durango to CB? Gear needs ride.
  115. Lower Narrows in an R2
  116. Groover Clean out near Denver
  117. Mike Kochnich and beginner friend Austin?
  118. Split some Bitch??
  119. Pine Creek section of the Main Salmon
  120. Possible spots on Grand Canyon Sept 2, 2010
  121. NF Clearwater
  122. Golden
  123. Where is the Run off?
  124. Upper/Lower Rustic Rapid info?
  125. Lower Blue continues to drop
  126. Obscure Runs that you did this year?
  127. How is Calgary for Boating?
  128. Ft. Collins
  129. Ccark gauge screwed??
  130. Need gear shuttle from BV to Lakewood/Denver this w/e
  131. exostoses
  132. Are the Southern runs over?
  133. 2010 FIBArk Pine Creek Boater X Video and Pics...
  134. Butte, MT mid-July
  135. Looking for a Westwater Permit
  136. Clavey River Equipment customer service.
  137. Playboating
  138. Mens Expert Class at FIBARK
  139. Lyons v Golden PP
  140. boat names
  141. Beginner looking to run Brown's Canyon
  142. Temporary neck seal repair?
  143. river access question
  144. Alberton this sun,(20th)
  145. S Boulder Creek Wood?
  146. Amigo Perdida
  148. Help me out!
  149. OBJ Status
  150. FYI Upper C
  151. Union is a blast right now.
  152. LOG: behind the scenes-Nick Troutman dishes it out under the bridge!
  153. 2010 VC Photos and Video
  154. Inflatable kayaks on Main Salmon in high water?
  155. 2010 LOG
  156. Boater Brotherhood
  157. North Fork Payette at 8000cfs pics..
  158. WildWater North Fork Payette Teaser
  159. GCR resutls and standings as of 06/09/2010
  160. 4th and Last Night of the 2010 GCR
  162. Paddling Life offering up free schwag
  163. Survey: What do you put in your groover to deodorize, etc.? (prepping for a GC trip)
  164. class 5 whitewater
  165. hey playboaters, don't be so serious!
  166. San Rafael Swell; Black Boxes @ minimum 6/15/10
  167. SSV Visual?
  168. Battle over Taylor River ends?
  169. dory on shoshone?
  170. Close call in Westy...
  171. Moab Daily takes another
  172. Big Thompson, Colorado
  173. Camping for Fibark?
  174. New world class kayaking destination....
  175. a song about the Poudre River
  176. Is your new Kingpin HOT? stolen boat
  177. Oh be joyful
  178. Pine Creek Boater Cross , you ready?
  179. Rocky Roll
  180. Oh Be Joyful running? or too low?
  181. Join RA Guides Wednesdays in Golden - FREE!
  182. Photos of 2010 Adam Barron Mem Creek Race
  183. Drive my kayak East! $100
  184. Northgate 5800
  185. Results of LOG 2010!!!
  186. Cranking NF Payette Pics from this weekend
  187. Kayak pinned in Upper South Boulder Creek
  188. Pine Creek Race 2010...
  189. Denver to the Poudre
  190. Adam Barron Memorial Race
  191. Westwater Canyon
  192. beginner looking for instruction....
  193. Poudre Paddle Partners 6/18-6/19
  194. Have you rafted Barrel Springs?! I need info!
  195. Plans for bridge in Lawson?
  196. Hey Durango River day boaters
  197. Lower Blue and Lower Big T
  198. The Real Big T POV
  199. If anyone has footage of Poudre at high water?
  200. Demshitz Dashboard Empanada Tonight 7pm Lyric Cinema Fort Collins
  201. Rocky Mountain Adventures Paddle with Demshitz!
  202. Demshitz Premiere Dashboard Empanada Fort Collins!
  203. Durango boater needs search at rescue at Glenwood wave!
  204. Lower Boulder Creek at 880 today (Beta)
  205. Good Learn How To Loop Hole/Wave
  206. Need an easy playspot to come back to kayaking
  207. AIRE SUPER PUMA info
  208. Poudre at 6 Feet This Morning
  209. Carlisle oar extensions. Anybody ever use 'em?
  210. Great Falls in a Canoe?
  211. Main Salmon in late Aug / early Sep?
  212. Roof Rack Questions
  213. Newbie Seeking Paddling Pants Advice
  214. Denver to Salida on Friday or Saturday a.m.? (paddle #s, maybe?)
  215. Flipped at Yarmony, Upper Colorado, watch out!
  216. Indonesia whitewater?
  217. New to Montana, looking for OC1ers/others!!
  218. Need a seat for a Inazone 230
  219. Boaters Wanted for Upper Animas Monday and Tuesday 6/14 and 6/15!
  220. Pinned red inazone on Boulder Creek
  221. cooler packing for multi day trip
  222. E Fk San Juan
  223. Can't Keep Water Out of my Kayak
  224. U/L Rustic: 14' oar rig?
  225. Cameras on the Taylor
  226. Shipping a kayak
  227. Tandem Surfing on Glenwood
  228. question about bent canoe hull
  229. Riverdale Wave at it's peak
  231. looking for brian d trescott
  232. WTF on Clear creek
  233. Foxton/Waterton tomorrow if water holds?
  234. Clear Creek of the Ark..
  235. Hot off the Glenwood Wave
  236. MOVIE REVIEW. Demshitz: Dashboard Empanada
  237. Important Lyons Outdoor Games competition information
  238. Desolation Canyon - June 5-9 2010 Trip Report
  239. Class III-IV day run suggestions?
  240. Westwater this weekend - 25k+
  241. lost paddle on the gunnison
  242. Ohiopyle Camping
  243. The Pilgrimage to Oh Be Joyful Creek
  244. Lodore June 20th
  245. Video - Royal Gorge at 4200
  246. Ruedi reservoir to hit full, bypass inflows
  247. Anyone for San Miguel Telluride during Bluegrass Festival?
  248. gore creekers
  249. 2010 LOG Rodeo Scoring
  250. Demo Kayaks on Arkansas neg > 2200CFS