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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. Are Numbers or Royal Gorge Runnable?
  2. CSU Kayak CLub Meeting
  3. Team River Runner and Disabled Kayaking Mentors Needed
  4. TR - Beaver Creek Falls (park & huck)
  5. Costa Rica Beta (for an Extended Stay)?
  6. Ben Stookesberry/Jackson Kayak Giveaway at CW Fundraising Spring Dinner - Apr 8, 2011
  7. Evan Garcia has nothing on these "3 bros"
  8. Film Release Dates
  9. baddest of the badasses
  10. Hendrik Coetzee - Outside Magazine Article
  11. Is anyone else having issues with Youtube
  12. Mid-March Salt River
  13. New C4 ISUPS test drive in Mexico this week.
  14. Homemade waves....
  15. Costa Rica Beach info?
  16. NE Multiday suggestions?
  17. Wanna be a (employed) kayak bum this summer?
  18. Idaho Snow Pack
  19. Dogs on Section A&B on the green?
  20. you have to check this out
  21. There Should be a Law against this
  22. Norquist's 2010 Dipper Creek Footage
  23. San Juan vs Deso
  24. New Ark Rapid?
  25. Whitewater Search has free stickers!
  26. Ark level raised
  27. Anyone going from Jackson Hole to Glenwood Springs
  28. Deadline to Sign Up for CW Training Camp is Tue, May 10th - 11pm
  29. More Canyon Creek (WA) Footage
  30. Advice on events permiting with the Forest Service?
  31. Scams on boat purchasing
  32. Please help tourist boater : Transport for boat from Ashville to North Cali ?
  33. Anything on the Front Range running this week?
  34. Pool Sessions in Idaho Springs.
  35. Numbers TR 2/13/11
  36. Moving West-Narrowed school choice
  37. Murtaugh Question
  38. Is Liquid Logic ever going to design a new playboat?
  39. Hendri Coetzee Part 1: The Story... now on 'In Between Swims'
  40. TR- Canyon Creek, WA
  41. boating partners needed
  42. Fort Collins to Casper Area
  43. This year's snow melt
  44. Salt-President's weekend.What's up?
  45. Kayak Racing Research
  46. Clear Creek on the Rise River Festival
  47. It looks like we might just get to put it to a vote (finally)
  48. looking for 16' avon self bailing
  49. Huka Falls Beatdown, Stikine Stories, Wind River Expeditions, and much more....
  50. The Official meeting of the unofficial CSU Kayak Club date Changed
  51. New Zealand-dry top or splash top?
  52. Anyone have the shoulder cryocuff?
  53. River map for Selway
  54. .... JUST A REMINDER ....
  55. San Juan 2011 Permits
  56. Grand Canyon art book
  57. TV Show Race
  58. paddlers in central PA?
  59. Grizzly Creek-Two Rivers/New Castle
  60. School Boating Project
  61. Main Salmon Beta
  62. InTerNetZ KaYaKInG FiGHt!
  63. Northern Oregon in late Feb.
  64. whitewater in march
  65. Anyone ever had a boat damaged while flying.
  66. Glen Canyon FOR SALE
  67. Grand Canyon Manhole
  68. ailing dams
  69. Heads Up--Scamer Back on Buzz Swap
  70. Looking for ww tripping canoe...
  71. looking for guide browns canyon 2011
  72. Calling on all buzzards..Need your help! Proposed WWP
  73. Lower san juan with youngster
  74. Farmington Whitewater?
  75. Trying to find Western South Carolina Boaters
  76. no good...
  77. Cataract Canyon Trip
  78. Good Kayak bag for Flying?
  79. Sea Kayaking badass
  80. Costa Rica-pacuare
  81. Four Rivers Lottery
  82. The new season of In Between Swims with Three Ladies and a Swim!
  83. Flows
  84. SWR/WRT with Rocky Mountain Adventures
  85. Zion Narrows is Crankin at 3300 CFS
  86. Green Mtn and Lower Blue today 2/3/11
  87. FIBark video 1949
  88. some 2010 recap pictures, To get you through the cold
  89. Who do you think will win?
  90. Anbody have info on Ruby/Horsethief Canyon
  91. River / Camping Maps for Colorado?
  92. Grand Canyon: Clear Water?
  93. 4'10" 80lbs Outgrowing Fun1- Next Boat?
  95. CANCELLED - Lochsa 2011 boating season
  96. Super Puma patched up value?
  97. Slippery when wet
  98. Question on Ark winter levels
  99. Boat from Steamboat to Denver
  100. Jefe Grande seat lift
  101. short Numbers TR
  102. Tatshenshini
  103. A Guide to North American Play Parks
  104. Cat frame length
  105. CW Instruction and Pool Sessions
  106. Headed to Chile next week
  107. Thanks to South Main..
  108. CSU Kayak Club Meeting date Announced
  109. Farmington WWP at 180?
  110. Cali roadtrip in Feb
  111. Some Desert Stoke for ya'll headed that way
  112. Moving West for school. Suggestions.....
  113. Are any buzzards EMT's in CO?
  114. New to Central Cali
  115. Pool Time in Fort Collins (Wednesday's)
  116. stepping it up
  117. I want to up my game
  118. The game of GNAR
  119. Costa Rica June or July?
  120. Dirty Devil River???
  121. World Record Dingy Descent
  122. Grand Canyon drawings/notebook
  123. Westwater Ice Free????
  124. Eagle Creek Questions
  125. Westwater Hand Drawn Map
  126. SUP report from warm Mexico
  127. Bored - check this trailer. EG profile = many many many waterfalls + dope style
  128. Rock Gardening Video
  129. Grand Canyon Flushing Flows
  130. Summer Road Trip Float Report. Tuolumne-Lochsa-Flathead-Clark Fork-Rogue-Tuolumne
  131. Jackson outfitting in a Jefe
  132. Mountainbuzz Rankings of Baseball Coolness
  133. Ark river conditions Sat. evening and an ELFing call
  134. Video: January Brown on Scrambled Eggs Bend Weber, River UT
  135. This just in... (New Mexico)
  136. deso gray rapid change?
  137. Any guesses on the flows this year?
  138. Dallas now on the whitewater map
  139. CSU Kayak Club Interest Meeting
  140. Free WW Kayak
  141. Nederland Whitewater Park
  142. 2011 Bailey Fest Camping Poll
  143. Winter Training in the PNW
  144. Ted in the Grand with an Inuit
  145. Video of record waterfall Anton Immler
  146. Back in the news: Boulder Red Lion Bridge
  147. High water Video, sandy river, OR
  148. Sandy River in Flood
  149. Canyon Creek, WA is BACK!!!
  150. Another whitewater park proposed for Iowa?
  151. saturn vs. seyvelor sup
  152. Pool Sessions in Boise Idaho - Interest in Starting One?
  153. Fatal Accidents Reported to American Whitewater January-June 2010
  154. Clay Wright Q and A session on The 2011 Rock Star
  155. Illinois January 15-16 Photos
  156. plastic welder
  157. possible front range 1st D?
  158. Talluagh Gorge Release, and South East boating in April
  159. Kayak on a plane? Which airlines are anti Kayak
  160. Lochsa tomorrow
  161. Pool Sessions in Summit County
  162. A little overnight winter kayaking trip report
  163. Cool Snow Kayaking Video
  164. GC Survey -- Second Attempt
  165. Grand Canyon Survey Results Are In
  166. CW pool sessions
  167. Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Management Plan Review by CTF
  168. Boatercross! Animas River Days 2011
  169. Middle Fork River video
  170. South Eastern Boaters unite!
  171. Frontier (Rush Sturges Trailer)
  172. Kayak Polo starts this week! (Fort Collins)
  173. When does the Salt peak?
  174. This ones for the kayakers...
  175. This is an amazing paddling destination...
  176. New world record??
  177. Kayaker dies on Grand Canyon, Scott Foster of Bend, Oregon
  178. RRFW Riverwire - Glen Canyon Dam Update
  179. Jackie Dillon / WWSA president on kayaksurf.net
  180. North Carolina Recap: Locals Only
  181. Toowoomba Flash Flood Yesterday
  182. Fluid Kayaks team up with American Whitewater
  183. Winter rolling clinic (Summit county)
  184. Hey Laurie: Proof of your kick ass run in Lava!!
  185. Grand Canyon trip photos
  186. Survey on GC Lottery
  187. Colorado Springs Pool Sessions ~ Pikes Peak Whitewater Club
  188. Westy question
  189. National Paddling Film Festival
  190. RRFW Riverwire - Grand Canyon River Lottery Review Released
  191. Why is our sport declining
  192. 2011 National Paddling Film Festival wants your footage and photos...
  193. More questions about Chile
  194. New Year Snowpack Speculation: Escalante!
  195. boat for sale in central america
  196. CSU Kayak Club on Facebook
  197. spokane river
  198. Mexico trip
  199. North San Diego County
  200. Moho River in Southern Belize
  201. Snake river Jackson lake to Palisades
  202. Ladore, any time better than other?
  203. SPOT vs. Sat phone
  204. Another Propane Question...
  205. South Fork of the Snake?
  206. Lava Falls Oct 8 2010
  207. Fluid kayak testing 101
  208. Pyranha factory worker cooked in the Burn mold
  209. Salt River Trip
  210. green boat multi day packing?
  211. 12/24/10 Numbers ELFing
  212. New JK Rockstar Specs out
  213. after action on Coetzee croc attack
  214. Don't Miss the Boat. Fundraiser for the Arkansas River
  215. Demshitz Dominate Palguin Extreme Race Pucon, Chile
  216. Hiking on the Mexico Side of Big Bend NP?
  217. Colorado River Trip
  218. Water levels in eastern Mexico...right now!
  219. South Silver: California sierras
  220. Loveland WWPark?
  221. Numbers ELFing xmas eve day?
  222. Mountain Buzz Stickers?
  223. Grand County, CO will apply for RICD water rights for Gore Canyon Whitewater Park
  224. One World on Netflix is awesome
  225. Vertical Challenge 2010 DVD
  226. Bomber Gear bought by Confluence
  227. RRFW Riverwire - Glen Canyon Dam Update
  228. Green Mountain update
  229. AVC and the Arkansas
  230. For the flood boaters out there
  231. play at night
  232. Whats goin on in the Sierras?
  233. What are the Best Multi Day runs in the US?
  234. New Pearce Ferry Rapids photos on-line
  235. Anybody Run Middle Fork in Early May?
  236. I hate not kayaking so...
  237. Kayak porn
  238. I Hate Oversized Loads, So . . .
  239. I Hate Big Oil, So ...
  240. Mishawaka Sells
  241. tips on flying a cataraft
  242. Animas Whitewater Park Maintenance Project
  244. Hawaii Creeking
  245. Waveski in Cook Islands... HUGE!
  246. Is Sotar Going Out of Business?
  247. Best Burn Size for the M Wave?
  248. Solo ELF 12/13/10
  249. Propane for Grand Canyon trip
  250. The Roll