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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. Thank you Eagle County!
  2. In the spirit of Barrel Beat Down:
  3. Call for film submissions to tour on the 2013 RPFF
  5. CO river rescue @ shoshone - thank you!
  6. Big Thompson up to 175cfs... is it gonna get higher???
  7. Bailey Fest Video
  8. Mondo crowd at Fibark
  9. Used Nrs Bighorn II vs New Rowframes.com
  10. Paddling with the dolphins
  11. Mexico - Guatemala border crossing advice
  12. THANK YOU to Westwater Ranger
  13. BombFlow!
  14. Trip Report - Callaghan River (BC)
  15. Free villain S
  16. Chelan Gorge releases in a week!
  17. Rapid Lightning Creek & Riley Creek
  18. pfd lifespan
  19. Main Salmon: What's low water?
  20. Cool idea for using your unusable broken boats
  21. NE Weekend carnage
  22. lets talk about the snake river......
  23. Boomer styles crystal creeks on national TV
  24. Anyone live in Moab?
  25. Stolen Villain?
  26. White Rock Canyon low water TR
  27. Barrel Springs beat down!!
  28. Telluride whitewater...?
  29. BB in the GG.
  30. Oskar Blues at Bailey Fest Comments
  31. Chile vs. Costa Rica
  32. Chacos on The Clymb
  33. Team River Runner Event
  34. new comic about why some paddlers don't scout much
  35. Poudre - One more time!
  36. Bailey Today(MON)@T.O@2:30
  37. What to do when the water is too low to paddle?
  38. CONGO The Grand Inga Project
  39. Grand openings
  40. River Dog on the Grand Canyon
  41. Camping near the Kootenai River, MT
  42. Upper C camping spots
  43. Natalie Anderson WWGP video
  44. kayak down browns sun or mon
  45. Get Outside and Learn...about GOALS
  46. Beartrap on the Madison~ Montana
  47. Lower San Juan Photos
  48. Kayak Stoke in Blu-Ray?
  49. Ark Flows this weekend
  50. New to Ashland, Oregon
  51. North Texas Instruction?
  52. Proof Requested
  53. Westwater canyon
  54. Moving back to colorado oct 1st... paddling ?
  55. Green Flaming Gorge B Section Red Creek
  56. Trying to win a paddle.
  57. Quake Lake Race!!!
  58. Live tunes and paddling in BV this weekend
  59. Bailey Friday?
  60. Loma to Westwater shuttle
  61. New to Denver Area- WW Newbee
  62. Rockslide on homathko?
  63. Looking for beta on Rio Verde in Mexico
  64. North Platte Camping
  65. Partner for Gunny Gorge wanted!!
  66. Ride needed from Vail to Grand Junction, please
  67. National Whitewater Symposium ~ October 12-14
  68. Navajo Release Change - San Juan River
  69. Ammo cans at Cabelas
  70. With all the rain, did anyone check escalante?
  71. RRFW Riverwire – Big Water Little Boats book and talk is coming to a town near you!
  72. roll-a-cots on sale
  73. CO river construction above Palisade?
  74. Gore on ESPN, the Best Gorefest ever?
  75. Nicaragua Surfing?
  76. RRFW Riverwire – Hance Rapid Undergoes Major Change
  77. Frying Pan Up
  78. Creatuire Craft is running the Stikine
  79. Throw rope made into kayak harness
  80. Why is Astral's support of AW so weak?
  81. anyone headed from boulder to hood river, or. in need of boat transport! help!
  82. High on Pots vid + the Chronic check it Out
  83. Boat needs ride from Gauley, WV to Colorado during Gauley Season
  84. 8 Ball video.
  85. RRFW Riverwire – Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry Update
  86. Looking for Intro Playboating Classes
  87. It's not so bad Josh
  88. Rock Fall at Warm Springs Rapid
  89. Have any Buzzards used the DAN AKA
  90. darn computers damn dams
  91. Bailey Fest Kayak Session Winners
  92. Pueblo WW Park
  93. Gore Friday Morning 8-24
  94. secret meeting to discuss m wave levels
  95. Diamond Creek Road flashed?
  96. Free Presentation to benefit Save the Poudre
  97. Anyone know what the N Fork of the Clearwater is like at these flows?
  98. info on the black canyon of the Gunnison
  99. Any updated Poudre Flows for 8-25/8-26?
  100. Kayakers in the news
  101. Hey Arrogent Sandbagging Authors.....
  102. Future Ark levels?
  103. Gore Canyon Festival 2012
  104. Gunnison Whitewater Park Camera Live!
  105. Who's the Grumpy guy at the Alpine takeout?
  106. Middle Fork Salmon Smoke and Fire Danger
  107. Skirt implosion?
  108. Poudre today anyone?
  109. NEW Teaser Trailer for NORTHERN HUK
  110. Gore Race Video
  111. 2 Fat Guys+Little Boat+Big Waterfall
  112. Gore results?
  113. Video of Shoshone Exit 123 to Grizzly Creek Exit 121
  114. Navajo Reservoir - San Juan River
  115. gore pics
  116. Groover. Drain or Not?
  117. For those making a Gore Race video.....
  118. Animas, and her 680 fpm Crazy Women tributary
  119. North platte near saratoga wy?
  120. Front Range Facebooker's
  121. current westwater conditions
  122. Dutch Oven. Drain or Not?
  123. Green (August)
  124. RRFW Riverwire – Your Comments Needed on Deer Creek Narrows Closure
  125. GCPBA Rivernews -- Norovirus in GC
  126. What's the course for the Gore Race?
  127. Best Dutch Oven Recipies
  129. NEW ALPS White Water FILM
  130. Deckers Flows
  131. Bimini Top on the Cheap
  133. Bailey now!!!!
  134. Zambezi Night at The Saloon tonight!!!
  135. Oddball paddle help?
  136. Morals in the form of Freedom
  137. Upper CO section recommendation for float?
  138. Swift water rescue
  139. Interview with John Weld from Immersion Research
  140. Coming back...what's next?
  141. Bailey Fest Photos...
  142. Poudre river release 18 days...
  143. boat repair ?
  144. Gore Canyon with Liquid Decent
  145. Bailey Fest 2012 Report / Thanks!
  146. weather in GC during december
  147. San Juan River - Navajo Operations Meeting
  148. Banana boats for whitewater
  149. First Ds and Class V action in the PNW!
  150. Support our whitewater olympians.
  151. Lance Dog Captain of the River Freestyle Swim Team
  152. RRFW Riverwire Glen Canyon Dam Update
  153. Main Salmon Road closed
  154. Newbees need information please
  155. VIP Party / Paddle Weekend in Buena Vista
  156. Nomad for AW donation $
  157. The Unlimiting Factor
  158. Hoping to Join a Westwater Group on 8/16
  159. Bailey fest 2012!!!!
  160. New to CO - looking for fellow paddlers
  161. first time for upper narrows
  162. Bailey Fest 2012 WorldKayak.com Photo and Video Contest
  163. Slimeballs on the Middle Fork
  164. Long Draw at 200
  165. Highlight Video 2012
  166. Air looping a Creek Boat...
  168. Eli Helbert Interview
  169. Grand Coulee, WA
  170. New Jackson Karma.
  171. Thank you Westminster Mystery Man
  172. Bailey Fest SWR CLINIC with Downstream Edge
  173. Virtual slalom
  174. Game changer boat: Jackson Aquaman!!!
  175. Has Pyranha discontinued the Karnali ?
  176. Pickin' N Paddlin' on The Arkansas - Labor Day Weekend
  177. GORE CANYON 2012
  178. Kayak Google Doodle
  179. Trinity River California
  180. Thank You, Cisco Landing Mystery Man
  181. New guy here.....
  182. Middle Fork Flathead
  183. Carpooling for Bailey Fest
  184. Anyone recently back from Lodore? How are the skeeters in Island park?
  185. Paddling in CO, WY, ID- need advice!
  186. Baileyfest foamies smack talking...
  187. Trip Report / Video - Lower Wind (WA)
  188. Rope question
  189. Overnight on the Blackfoot?
  190. Ruby/Horsethief...still under burn ban?
  191. Navajo Reservoir Release Increase
  192. South Fork Flathead Flows
  193. Arm, Wrist, & Hand Numbness Worse When Paddling
  194. Eastern ID, Northern UT, Western WY?
  195. Ogden Narrows Downriver Race, Sept 22 2012
  196. River Runners, again the best.
  197. Grand Canyon Beaver Creek
  198. found PFD life jacket Chama River
  199. Main Salmon flow speed
  200. Visiting Seattle...
  201. Interview with Billy Harris
  202. A couple of goodies from OR show
  203. Roaring fork beta needed
  204. Kayak: Denver to Boise
  205. yellowstone boating
  206. Main Salmon in Sept.
  207. Anyone have experience getting a same-day Rogue permit from a no show?
  208. Cell Service Near CB
  209. Cherry Creek Race (Tolumne River, CA) August 18th
  210. Tuolumne Drowning Tuesday
  211. Gluten Free River Snacks for the Grand Canyon
  212. Vallecito
  213. camp spots in grand canyon in november
  214. Anybody want to do some photogeek-ing on gore the next few weeks???
  215. Lower Animas guides suck
  216. GCPBA RiverNews 8/1/2012 National Canyon Camps Washed Away in Major Flash Flood
  217. 500 Miles of the Colorado
  218. Balance web series
  219. New Fire on the MFS
  220. What would you do to this old Hyside?
  221. Trip Report - Ohanapecosh (OR)
  222. ACR Aqualink PLB?
  223. Change.org petition against Grand Canyon Tramway
  224. A little boofing philosophy...
  225. Shoulder Dislocations....
  226. Roll Critique
  227. "Texans have the hookem’ horns, and kayakers have, sigh..."
  228. Sweet Fullface - Ear drainage?
  229. NZ paddling advice needed
  230. Grand in November?
  231. 2012 Colorado Wooden Boat Float
  232. Costa Rica or Ecuador??
  233. Numbers at 300
  234. The Poudre Peaked Tonight
  235. Snake River Canoe Dump
  236. Ark Commercial Outfitter permit wanted
  237. [TR] Upper Taylor @ 200 cfs = Fun
  238. Looking for a ride from Caldwell to Boise or Banks Idaho.
  239. Georgia paddler new to game... Need a possie
  240. Serious Class V Question
  241. KKA 7/23-27/12
  242. Outfitting help
  243. Begginer looking for some help
  244. Floating the Roaring Fork: C'dale to Glenwood at 550 CFS?
  245. What is the lowest...
  246. Play feature at mayhem gulch??
  247. Whitewater in Socal (specifically, around Irvine)?
  248. Poudre morning
  249. Win The Party in BV...Again.
  250. williams fork of the colorado