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Whitewater Kayaking

  1. alto alto am
  2. Jackson Funs and 4 Funs are here!!!
  3. Anyone do the Pumphouse run lately?
  4. Beaner you out there???
  5. Crested Butte Creeks: Running?
  6. Any DJ's out there?
  7. Encampment - 6/5 & 6/6
  8. Bailey - 3:00 @ the fort
  10. OBJ results
  11. Anyone watch Dan Daru this am on the WB?
  12. slaughterhouse/castle creek or crystal
  13. Giardia anyone?
  14. Pro kayakers in town
  15. Blue below Green Mountain?
  16. Info for a truck rack system?
  17. Why do the poudre flows suck so bad?
  18. Need new shoes, what have you tried lately, liked?
  19. Lake Fork of the Gunnison - Redbridge section beta request?
  20. Homestake Race
  21. ACA Class this weekend
  22. OT: Ticketmaster gone crazy!
  24. Running Bolder Creek
  25. Lock up your stuff @ Fish Ford campsite
  26. Clear Creek Whitewater Festival Sunday June 6th
  27. The Tongue: one of Japan's best play spots
  28. Wavesport and Confluence Kayaks (Read More...)
  29. Vallecito 5-30
  30. post shoulder surgery poll
  31. Cascade/3rd Lime to Animas!!! awesome BUT, BEWARE!!!
  33. Who busted their shoulder on Vallecito this weekend?
  34. ski independence in am boat shoshone at noon
  35. Women's Triathlons Need Safety Boaters!
  36. Encampment Beta
  37. Wood in Lake Creek
  38. Shoulder Specialist in Denver Area???? Please Help.
  39. Clear Creek of Ark
  40. Any Info on Accident with Red Jeep in CKS Parking lot Sunday
  41. Anyone have info on Clearwater River, Idaho kayak fatality?
  42. Lost throwbag in Vallecito - Warning re: waist throwbags
  43. Waterway rights question
  44. Boulder Spilling
  45. Poudre Gauges??
  46. South Canyon question...
  47. Foxton today/Sunday!
  48. sprayskirt for a disco
  49. hip pad repair
  50. kayak museum in BV. May 29th 7pm until June 13th
  51. Big South Gauge
  52. Barker May Spill Tonight!
  53. Mt Quest Boat Swap this Weekend!!
  54. The Ark needs your help
  55. Yough R. contact for early July run?
  56. Lime Creek Info
  57. Swap at Mountain Quest Sports in Edwards, CO this weekend...
  58. Last Day to Buy Ken Whiting's New Book at a Discount
  59. Small pop-up campers for compact trucks?
  60. Poudre on Saturday??
  61. San Juan, Pagosa, Mesa Canyon Run Beta?
  62. World Premier of NEW REIGN by Young Guns Productions
  63. Backcountry assault
  64. Paddle with the Dagger Pros Sat at CKS
  65. Rapidshots.com - The water is a risin' in the Ark Valley...
  66. Delores run: Mile marker 27-29
  67. creeks in crested butt
  68. Blue Paddle FIBArk Whitewater Festival, fibark.net
  69. Charging Camera Batteries on the Grand Canyon
  70. River Release Schedule
  71. Barker Reservoir Spill Update
  72. ACA Instructor Training June 3-6
  73. Lyons River Festival Info (good time!)
  74. Great photos of Chris Gragtmans on Minibus
  75. What does the rock say?
  76. Golden Community RODEO Series-MAY 26th---RESULTS-------
  77. new paddle
  78. Need names of good class 4-5 creeks that...
  79. Memorial Weekend Plans
  80. need Embudo photos
  81. Need Memorial Weekend Salida to Westwater Boat Transport
  82. Do you guys think that Clear Creek has peaked?
  83. Novice Kayak River Clinic in Glenwood Canyon
  84. Where to camp Durango & anybody do shuttles for upper an
  85. Lower Clear Creek - How Low is Too Low
  86. O Be Joyful , 1,000 up for grabs.
  87. How quickly can the upper animas be run?
  88. Buy Ken Whiting’s New Book at a Discount
  89. Kayaking this summer
  90. Upper Animas Friday
  91. Rating Rapids
  92. Range for Black Bear hole? Paddling around Ward?
  93. Poudre Saturday, May 29?
  94. premier whitewater event
  95. Paddle and Party in Buena Vista Saturday
  96. OBJ race is this weekend (Memorial day)
  97. New to creeking, would any of these runs be good to learnon?
  98. Alto-Alto Afterwork Today
  99. Upper clear creek is like at 250-300
  100. lightening and kayaking.
  101. Mellow Durango overnighter beta request!
  102. Piedra Second Box Beta
  103. Jackson is pretty sweet right now... Upcoming PWTPs Colorado
  104. Team Wavesport lesson on Arkansas River
  105. Foxton this week?
  106. Fort Collins June 10-17 looking for partners . . .
  107. Water levels for upcoming TEVA games in Vail???
  108. Fleet reduction sale!!
  109. Crested Butte Runs - Beta Wanted
  110. Gilman today??
  111. Davey from Wolf Creek we have your gear!
  112. Homestake Beta
  113. FREE DEMO-Moutain Miser-TUE. @ GOLDEN 5-7pm
  114. Upper Boulder Creek (canyon run)
  115. Caught up in a hell of whitewater
  116. i need to meet some more IV-V boaters!
  117. Rodeo - this Wednesday...
  118. New Boater - Where Should I Start?
  119. Paddle with the Pros at CKS Sat. May 29th
  120. OBJ- Crested Butte next week??
  121. Lyons Today (Sun 5/23/04)
  122. How do back problems effect kayaking?
  123. Considering AIRE Lynx II
  124. The Source today (Saturday) afternoon?
  125. embudo tues./wed. ?
  126. changes at Frog Rock?
  127. Shuttle Pumphouse Saturday 5.22
  128. June 2 public meeting about new whitewater park near Palisid
  129. Complete Newbie to the sport and the area
  130. local run sunday anyone? foxton/north saint vrain/chutes?
  131. Durango for Memorial Day
  132. Juice or i:3 moving out of BEZ
  133. Latest Pic
  135. Poudre Today (5/21), early afternoon
  136. BV or Salida
  137. Frenchy, why is it so slooooooow?
  138. ACA Cert and Re-Cert June 3-6 with M. Wheeler
  139. boatin friday at clear creek
  140. july/aug paddle trip - northwest + bc or ottawa?
  141. Is Gilman accessable from HWY 24?
  142. PWTPs Jackson/Bozeman
  144. Pagosa Springs
  145. Afterwork Gorge float
  146. Golden Communtiy RODEO--MAY 26th--EAST Qualifier--
  147. Southern Colorado II-III's
  148. Best boat back pack?
  149. middle fork of the salmon question
  150. Lower Gore Creek Put In ??
  151. SF and upper NF Poudre flows?????
  152. kannah ck
  153. USBC update
  154. Boating Atire first week of June?
  155. Taylor river closure?
  156. Colorado Springs Lessons?
  157. Creeking with a Unibomber?
  158. boulder white water park
  159. broke AT4 paddle
  160. Here one for you Cutch... Broach or Pin?
  161. Save gas money on your next paddling trip!
  162. Friends of the Yampa Fundraiser - Sunday 23, 7 pm Steamboat.
  163. Yampa River needs your support - support the Steamboat RICD!
  164. What is the difference between a sieve and an undercut rock?
  165. Is the Upper Colorado really that low?
  166. Check out CRC's mobile water flows...
  167. Buy Ken Whiting’s New Book at a Discount
  168. Boulder Creek Update
  169. Upper Taos Box - Video and Stills
  170. Whats another web site when you cant get the flows here?
  171. new avatar test
  172. ACA Instructor Certification Clinic
  173. Lyons River Roar-Whitewater Festival
  174. classic RV for sale
  175. Shoshone after work
  177. Reno river fest re-cap.
  178. 2004 Reno Whitewater Festival results
  179. Teva Mountain Games are around the corner.
  180. Filter Plant
  181. Canyon Creek info
  182. I am planning a trip from Georgia to Colorado...need Advice.
  183. crested butt next weekend
  184. USB
  185. Boat Advice for North St. Vrain
  186. Boat for REALLY BIG guy!!!
  187. Alto Alto - Beta and do i really need a creek boat?
  188. [b][i][b]Buy Ken Whiting’s New Book at a Discount[/b][/i][/b
  189. Log Hazard, Wolf Creek...East Side of Pass
  190. in carbondale
  191. Spencer Heights Wood Update
  192. Poudre FLows
  193. Colorado creekin' photos
  194. Wavesport Siren
  195. Video Premiere & Free Kayak Clinic with World Champ.
  196. How long did anyone wait to paddle after shoulder surgery??
  197. Log Hazard, 3rd gorge Lime, S.Mineral and 1st gorge report..
  198. Lower Taos Box
  199. main salmon
  200. 40th Crystal river races run smooth
  201. Log Hole Rodeo Cancelled Sunday May 16th
  202. Girls at Play - FREE women's boating clinic!
  203. Elk River
  204. New wood in Gilman
  205. New wood in Gilman
  206. Shuttle on Browns
  207. Union is good to go.
  208. Support Groups?
  209. Bailey Access may be pulled
  210. Picnic Rock post
  211. Gore Race
  212. Joe Wright Report?
  213. Poudre Rock
  214. Golden Community RODEO Series-MAY 13th---RESULTS-------
  215. Buy Ken Whiting's New Book at a Discount! Release June 2004
  216. Photos of paddling Ohanepcosh (by Bryan Youngs)
  217. New play hole on S. Platte
  218. Glenwood Whitewater Park kick-off PARTY! LAST POST!!!!!
  219. Oh Be Joyful
  221. Any kayaking GIS folks want to help me with a wwpark map?
  222. Please let me know if I'm missing any whitewater parks in US
  223. Friday outing...Eagle? Lower NSV? Something else?
  224. New Mexico/S. Colo Boating
  225. Upper Animas Questions
  226. Need place in Golden for rent next August
  227. Water Resources Web Site
  228. Flows for Yampa Town Run
  229. Best way to gauge Lower North St. Vrain flows?
  230. Poudre- Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  231. fun with mountains
  232. Nick W. give me a call
  233. china paddlin'
  234. Short notice--CC Friday 5/14
  235. confluenza is juicin!
  236. Whitewater Park funding??
  237. front range creeking monday tuesday
  238. Video Premiere & Skills Clinic with World Champion
  239. Golden WWP, how is it right now?
  240. Lets Go Kayaking !!!
  241. Upper Poudre and Big South Cleanup
  243. Photos and Interview of Ed Lucero
  244. What will this cool down do Poudre flows for this weekend?
  245. Alto, Alto?? Creekboat or Playboat??
  246. So what playboat makes you happiest?
  247. SSV was great last night...
  248. BV Hole is back and better than ever...........
  249. USB?
  250. I got laid off today. Who wants to do some weekday runs?