Mountain Buzz - adrock's Album: Creeking

Crystal Gorge July 09
Crystal Gorge July 09
Evan Stafford - Big South 08 - Sequence Shot by Adrian M Glasenapp
Peter Stromberg has a Fantastic time at the bottom of Double Trouble
Warren Starrett having a fantastic time in Double Trouble
super collider le clp08 v2
white line le clp08
white line benl clp08
narrows clp08
The 1st to drop in post wood removal Leif Embertson enjoys the fruits of his labor
Leif Embertson all but disappears while cleaning up the right line at Super Collider on the upper narrows of the Cache La Poudre - 2.8 feet
JJ goes surfing then finds his way to salvation in the upper narrows at 2.8 feet
Different Crop/color...
Big South 08 - 
Mike Fires it up while TN Nick looks for that sweet little eddy
Big South
Big South
fantasy flight andy bs08
andy fantasy flight bs08
cool world andy bs08
fantasy flight bs08
starter mike pagel bs08
big south put in
1st drop on Joe Wright Creek
dubltrubl es 08
dubl trubl leif 08

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