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My three week old burn (previously a demo boat) I plan on working on it tommorow.

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  1. tj@cu
    give me a call tommorow and I will come help you with it, I've got no class.
  2. heliodorus04
    How did that happen? PM me! You guys freak me out with broken boats - I can't afford a new one!
  3. Ture
    That looks like a worn out old boat. It looks like the edges around the tear are thin and there is plenty of wear on the rest of the bottom. I understand that you are pissed that it broke but don't call it a 3 week old boat. It is 3 weeks old to you but god only knows how many demo days it had on it. I would think that one demo day equals about 4 owner days, what with the inexperienced users, abusive users, and people who picked the wrong boat to demo and got worked in it. Someone probably demo'ed that boat so they could do laps on Bear Creek.

    I am very happy with 3 seasons on a creekboat in Colorado (about 200 days for me). 1 or 2 seasons (75-150 days) does not suprise or dissapoint me. Every creeker breaks boats. They wear out and break. Sometimes you swim or take a big hit and a boat that isn't worn out breaks.

    That said, I have a (new to me) demo Burn and I am looking forward to wearing it out next season.
  4. boof512
    Looks like you got forked!!
  5. miker
    Looks like you are missing some plastic.

    Are you a Ween fan Browntown?
  6. Browntown
    I am not a ween fan, but I haven't heard enough to make a decision.

    I believe it happened getting into the boat on a sharp rock at Waterton. I was there with a beginner friend and he was using it while I was in my playboat. We noticed it at the end of the day when the boat was filled with gravel from the drag back up to the car.

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