Mountain Buzz - COLDFEAR's Album: Creeking

Check out the latest trip into one of Arizona's big secret canyons!
Check out for the full story, photos and Gary E. Video!
Ed Conning in his new creek/play boat on the upper stillwater (Pots Section)
Tom Sunderland running Moe the first of the big three waterfalls. 
Go to for eye candy and quick write up!
Trying to catch up on TRs check out then Click hot flashes. 3 possible new runs to add to Wyomings list of whitewater. I should have...
Clarks Fork, Wy
Got a quick run in before work in July and posted some photo on  Hit Hot Flashes.  A fun mank run to have in your backyard!
Trip Report and Photos at  click Hot Flashes
Aaron Mulkey on Chicken Head falls. Clarks Fork Gauge around 1100cfs.
lower Deer Creek this morning was back at work by noon!
Ben Stookesberry getting the First D 
Check out Hot Flashes for a full trip report.
Quick TR on Box Elder   hit the Hot Flashes!
For the full story check out
Dave Gilbranson enjoying the release of water thanks to American Whitewater! 
Check out Hot Flashes for more photos and updates from the...
Check out 
for more photos and story!
Dave Benkley showing the line in the Big Horns 
For more photos check out
Getting to the flatwater of Ten Sleep Creek, Lower Canyon Run!
Thinking of the upcoming season in the Big Horns, Wyoming
Ten Sleep, WY
Check out the Big Horns update
Sweet Creek...
More photos  and local run info at
WARNING: I was up ice climbing this past weekend and found this poor guy. I know you guys are needing to get a fix but know when to just hang the...
Iron Curtain
Just past the wood is a sweet 8 foot boof into a pool.

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