Mountain Buzz - paulie's Album: Creeking

Whitcombe River, NZ 
Still have the goods down south
Ever slid right to the ocean?
Went to a little gem of a creek over the weekend. Only known from halfway up. The upper part was the goods. boofs abound.  
Flooding huge today...
You have probably seen it before, but it is better than a picture of some dude in a ducky. Hope you suckas are loving the snow!
While y'all are dreaming about skiing, think about a winter trip to paradise as well!
Springtime in New Zealand, lots of water to be had down here!
Another creek of endless slides and falls in Iceland there are still goods up here! (and to keep rafters off of your main page)
A sweet creek 20 minutes from my house, everything you want and more, the big one 10 meters or so
12 meter falls at high water
sheep island creek
The big-boy on sheep-island-creek
Fossa, (literally river of falls) a sick little creek in the east fjords, waiting for a first descent (and a name!)
No releases around here, gotta wait for the ice chunks to melt !

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