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I thought this was kind of cool. If anyone wants a copy let me know. I Have a much larger copy.

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  1. yetigonecrazy
    hey, that is a great pic! but i do think it is a picture that only boaters would appreciate. to anyone else who doesn't know what they're looking at it would just be some weird looking picture, but if you do know what youre looking at, its a really neat shot. nicely done!
  2. benrodda

    As I think about it I probably titled it wrong. You are right, If you are not a boater you have no idea what it is. I am not even sure if most boaters would have known it was M wave. Which kind of plays into the story I guess. Even though I hate all of the fighting and disinformation around the spot.

    So umm maybe a new name?

    Any body got any ideas?
  3. caspermike
    why was this posted>?
  4. benrodda

    I just thought people might appreciate it, being that it is kayak related and all. I actually did have one person who is requesting rights to it to make a print. Which I am happy to give. If you like I guess I can figure out how to remove it. I just did not think that it was offensive.

    Ben Rodda
  5. caspermike
    its worse than looking at class 2 pictures.
  6. benrodda
    wow your an ass....

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