Mountain Buzz - caspermike's Album: Creeking

running the Schmitt, CRG style, caspermike dropping
Photo by Glenn Watt 
The new early season Classic. Mid April run through Boxelder, Bedrock = tits
the goods
Nathan golden stroke double dueces.
big south stoke
Pat Toft, Wyo Explo..
alittle photo bump of BIG T,  buzzards quit posting non boating retardedness
rivers are for boating, not swimming.... 
by the way this is a creek...
pic by Luke Sutton, Caspermike 
switch boof, Bucking Bronco at an awsome level.
Bluegrass Creek 8/9 514 cfs, pic by Luke Sutton. Caspermike
Pat Toft...  1st d bates creek wyo. 05/02/09 don't swim is the name of beautiful rapid in a beautful canyon.  don't swim referred to what you want as...
austin(awoody) firing up dungballfalls...  300-350 cfs..
get some.
B.E.  luke r.  good times, good times. rocketlauncher or pocket rocket whatever you want to call it.  low water.
Durango Bro living the fantasy. Big South 07/19/08
Big South, 07/19/08  durango brother smoking a fatty down starter fluid
right line of starter fluid.  sunday 07-13. 
photo by Mike
chris with the gravitysession crew, box elder creek 350cfs, electrik slide
luke, boxelder creek wy,  
Great time, and a shitty hike afterwords
Boxelder canyon,  narrows 10cfs. part of the 360ft/mi section. luke took  this pic from 200+ feet above the river, where the would be portage is if...
end of the narrows, 360ft mile section, slides, and many many perfect shelves.
toward the end of the 360 ft mile section.
the goods 35 mins from caspar
Hole above the Main Event, Bluegrass Creek, WY.
one of the harder sets in the lower canyon.

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