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Rodeo & Freestyle
Triple ducky carnage at Glenwood Whitewater park (after some unintentional sidesurfing). To avoid the same fate stay right! (By the way, no this is...
The wave just got better as the water came up, but now things have cooled off. Hard to say when we'll see these flows again.
Though this picture was taken @ 17,000 cfs, the park is still good now over 20,000 cfs. River left is washed out, but all the action has moved over...
Unbelievable how this wave turned out, well done by Jason Carey and the others who helped. Friendly no-entry fee rodeo tomorrow morning (5/24) @ 9:00...
Wow has this wave been good.
5/21/08 Glenwood Whitewater Park still good. Wave on center-right becoming huge. Leif Anderson here rips it up.
Stephen Wright throwing a nice backstab at Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park @ 12,000 cfs
Glenwood Whitewater park from river right. Shows boat chute (nearest) and main feature (left) which have been nearly merged into one. Flow=9,500 cfs
It is still good, in fact better then ever.
Leif Anderson puts his knowledge of wave physics to good use
Natalie Kellum shows off her skillz at Glenwood Whitewater Park Main Feature @ 7,500 cfs
Early Season GWS Park.
Natalie Kramer enjoys the newly opened hole in West Glenwood Springs

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