Mountain Buzz - codyhoward's Album: Creeking

Early x-mas gifts in AZ.  Tyler Williams charging.
Stoked to see the desert come alive with the much needed floods last week.  Boofing in the desert...
Cody and Ben saying goodbye to the Grand Canyon of the Stikine.  Update coming to HH soon.
amazing scenery / falls in cali and new update on
Cully, dropping some vert on the First D of the Middle Yuba Box Canyons.  =HH=
Droppin' some vert on a hot hot day in Cali...check CKS blog for more.
On a classic roadside run, in the middle of an island, off the coast of Vancouver.  More at HH and CKS.
Hut Wade on the start of a series of drops dubbed "Five Finger Death Punch"  In the backround you can see "Pencil Pusher", a really sketchy drop onto...
Here is a quick teaser of an upcoming update on  Mike Fisher is running The Big Dipper on Poland Creek.  AZ had these epic rains, and...
freewheelin' the first rapid
aka Dirty White Girl.  This picture really shows what you fall into after having the worst piton of your life.  Freakin' sik for sure.  check out the...
bitch of a portage.  un-known height, and drops in an incredible small gorge.  getting back in require a 50' throw and go.
mandatory big flow....
w.cherry goodness
The Classic Line on the classic Lumsden productions!
Huckin Heath Springs in a heavy ass boat...
avoiding nasty holes in az.
classic setting...cacti, waterfalls and petroglyphs.  AZ creekin.

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