Mountain Buzz - Awoody's Album: Creeking

Just letting it be known that Spencer Mauk also takes action photos.  Also, the gentleman pictured will probably supply more sick photos if you help...
Nate Klema styling on North Fork of the Little Wind River this summer.  For more pictures that aren't lame check out Tom Janney's write up here 
Risto boofing the cheesegrater
Why not have rafters in flatwater and gnar?
Nick Wigston on the 1st bipedal decent (possible 1st outright) of the Laramie River Canyon, downstream from Tunnel Road.  17 miles of wilderness IV+...
Dave Schmitt on Boxelder Creek
Dave Frank and KSC
Luke Walker descending Leap of Faith on the Clarks Fork.
Count Derkula sliding through the bottom of Slideways.
Nate from MA in the runout of Cool World on the day the gate opened.
Great Wyomingite Dave Schmitt greases the line on Escalante Falls
It's closer than you think and still running 342 cfs as of 9/10.   
Photo courtesy of David Kemper
CasperMike lookin pretty with the rainbow on Bluegrass Creek
yourrealdad delivers a bitch smack on the face of the man eating deer of Bluegrass creek.

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