Mountain Buzz - james fleming's Album: Creeking

James Fleming on Fukawaria falls.
Giles Chater on the Yamanashi, Japan.
Ian Letton going down Inari Fall.
River Orchy, Scotland.
Ian Letton, flaring to boof the drop.
James Fleming coming off Eas a Cahthaidh, River Orchy, Scotland.
Topo run with Neil and Dave
Topo run with Neil and Dave
Rivers in Scotland
Rivers in Scotland
Rivers in Scotland
Linn of Tummel, Scotland
James Fleming, Tummel, Scotland.
James Fleming, River Tummel, Scotland
James Fleming on the Soca, Slovenia
Tim in Slovenia
Soca, Slovenia
Kayaking in Slovenia
James Fleming, Falls of Dochart, Scotland
Marv, on Invervar Burn, Scotland
Kayaker: Roger Hamlet, River Leny,Scotland.
James Fleming on the Pattack, Scotland

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