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About 1 second later I got Destroyed and went DEEP. Superfun.

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  1. CanyonEJ
    You kinda look like you're dropping a load...
  2. caspermike
    smiling while dropping a load.....
  3. youngpaddler06
    Are you tied to the board?
  4. TonyM
    Yes, I have a leash attached to my QR belt on my PFD. I found it essential to have a leash in WW as getting separated from the board led to some really long swims, and in some cases the board having to get rescued out of eddies by someone else cause I could not get back upstream.
  5. DurangoSteve
    That looks like big fun... in an utterly perverse kinda way.
  6. De la Boot
    Sweet! Just curious though, how is it getting worked with the leash? I know with the QR that you can bail if needed, but I would imagine that you coudl really get yanked around. Like if you are flushing deep through a hole and your board is getting worked on top. Has that been an issue?
  7. TonyM
    The board flushes through, at least it has so far. I pulled myself up the leash after this Pic was taken as I was deep. The board did tombstone though and my leash was about 6 feet and the board is 12', I grabbed that leash and pulled until I hit the surface. Goodtimes.
  8. ChrisL
    Case of the hemorrhoids?
  9. storm11
    Awww come on ya big nancy... you'd better post the follow up pic. Don't make ME do it.

    Thanks for the photo credit, btw.
  10. caspermike
    storm just post it

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