Mountain Buzz - DES's Album: Creeking

Seal launch on a snowbridge @ the first rapid. Water was low-side-of-medium.
Dano the Mano looking cool on Cool World.
The Fuzzy Bunny, taken by Scotty B.
Whitewater aside, Slickrock Canyon is amazing!
Big rig boofin' the hole @ Black rock
Taylor runnin' Quartzite on a 3-day self support mission down the Salt in late February.
Will runnin' Tunnel Falls.
They sure got there money's worth outa that trip!
Maria on the sneek at Gore Rapid.
Steve from Ashville runnin' the 15 footer on OBJ this last weekend.
Heart Attack!
O Be Joyful Race.
John wade paddling the birthday boof.
Guess where? 
photo by Scott Baker
It's coming soon! 
...taken last Apr.

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