Mountain Buzz - lakath's Album: GC April 20th-May 12th, 2014

GC April 20th-May 12th, 2014
8 person, 5 boat, self-guided private Grand Canyon trip
Lee's Ferry put-in. This boat was so big and luxurious we called it "Bob's BarcaLounger."  I think I actually napped through a couple of cat.5...
On our way to the put- in.  Two lifetime besties about to share an experience of a lifetime.
Cocktails and a killer sundown.
Take-out morning at Pearce Ferry, AZ.  Just 2.5 hours to Las Vegas and a suite at the Monte Carlo Hotel!
Besties trying to control the sun damage.
Bob, the rowing machine.  No matter how windy, hot or cold, he loves to row that 18' boat.  And he never stops grinning.
Rigging day at Lee's Ferry.
5 boats lashed together, motoring the last 40 miles to Pearce Ferry.  The end of a 280+ mile journey.
Lee's Ferry group dinner night before put-in.

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