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Only One Way To Find Out.

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  1. latenightjoneser
    I thought Rickter already nailed it

    Howd it go?
  2. danimal
    the bomb is back!
  3. Warren
    Nailed would be just about the right term. Took a hit back then which I am pretty sure was a good thing that it was just that. After testing it yesterday, we (Rickter and I) both concluded it a NO GO! Broken Ankles. Broken Back. If you're lucky that would be it. The jump to test was fun though. Needless to say, neither he nor I will be attempting that drop. In my personal opinion it should probably remain as a beautiful piece of scenery not as an option.:(
  4. Meng
    And where is this drop? Is it part of the waterfalls that feed into Lime below Adrenaline?
  5. d.e.
    S. Mineral. I think BJ ran it clean a few years back?
  6. Warren
    If it DOES go I want to know. I'll take what info you have. We jumped about where we thought we would land and it felt like about 6 feet. If you know different gimme, gimme, gimme!
  7. d.e.
    I was talking with ClayW 6 or 7 years ago and he said they had run what Richter affectionately called the " junk " drops, the Room of Doom, the bottom of the Decapitator, the Big Double and the Big Boy. BJ fired up the Big Boy clean. It's second hand info, Clay or BJ would be a better source. You might get a bite on Boatertalk. Sounds like it filled in with a bit of gravel. It used to be a little deeper. We probed the landing and it was 8 to 9 ft deep then. Too big, too shallow for me.
  8. Warren
    The fill in would make sense. When I hit the bottom b/f I pushed off I kicked my feet around a bit and it was all cobble in the pool.

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