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Bulldog Folding Trailers
Bulldog Folding Trailers has 3 models, the folding boat trailer (FBT), folding motorcycle trailer (FMT) and the folding utility trailer (FUT).
The uses for these trailer are literally endless. From hauling kayaks, boats, motorcycles, ATV's, camping gear or outfit one with a Yakima rack system and a space case.
When you're through using the trailer, simply fold it up and stow it in the corner of the garage or closet!
FBT with aluminum boat
Easy to transport
RV mount accessory
FBT unfolding
FUT bare bines
Folding Motorcycle Trailer (FMT)
Folding Boat Trailer with inflatable accessory
Folding Utility Trailer (FUT)
FBT kayak accessory
Trailer folded up in garage
Kayaks on the folding boat trailer FBT

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