Mountain Buzz - American Whitewater's Album: Gunnison River Basin Colorado

Gunnison River Basin Colorado
The Gunnison River Basin in Colorado is rich with whitewater opportunities, including Escalante Creek, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Oh Be Joyful. With over 20 whitewater runs, the Gunnison Basin has exceptional paddling oportunities for everyone - from class V alpine creeks to class I/II desert floats. In 2013 American Whitewater worked with local paddlers and visitors alike to evaluate flows on rivers throughout the Basin, and build support from water managers for policies that sustain recreational needs.
Gunnison Gorge. Photo: Tom Janney
Escalante falls on Escalante Creek, Gunnison river basin, Colorado. Photo: Joe Keck, paddler: Chris Menges
Last drop before the 25 footer on OBJ. Photo: Tim Kelton, paddler: Chris Menges
Chris Menges, 1st drop, Oh-be-Joyful Creek. Photo: Tim Kelton
Bryan Ownen and Keith Kirchner in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Photo: Chris Menges
Jonny Meyers ripping the Gunnison Wave. Photo: Chris Menges

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