Mountain Buzz - Bruce from Canmore's Album: Lower Salmon August 18-22nd 2013

Lower Salmon August 18-22nd 2013
Our first trip in Idaho, what a great river! Just watch out for the yellowjackets...
New from NRS, our E-160.  The kids called it "SpongeBob Blue Pants".  I think we let them watch too much TV...
It's a dog's life on the beaches.  Damn fine beaches!
Pirate crew.  They would have preferred less rowing and more beach time.
10' oars are hard work when you're only 6 years old.
Wonderful beaches.  The kids are digging 'hot tubs'.
A few of our new friends from Oregon.  They had lots of great campsite and other advice for first timers like us.  A great group of people!
Fun splashy rapids!

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