Mountain Buzz - COUNT's Album: Creeking

Not-So-Happy-Jack attempting to recover his boat.  A couple hours, a few ATV's with a winch and a bunch of rednecks later, we went in for round two.
Movin' Left in the Mainline.
7 Boats + 9 People + 1 Truck = 1 Epic Story.
They're out there if you're willing to work for 'em.
Awesome day on Bluegrass.  If you're headed up there on Sunday, please stop by Room 10 at Vimbo's Motel (just off of I-25, 5 minutes past the...
Upper Upper Blue.  Has this drop been run before?
High Alpine Boofage.  Has this ever been run before?
Virgin Creeking in NM.
Now Leaving the World of Verticality
Log in Turkey Creek a little past halfway down.
Urban mank on Turkey Creek
Upper Petawawa

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