Mountain Buzz - floaty22's Album: Creeking

Eric Monroe, R.C. Ranger, getting it done again.
The stick on the left will clothes line your face off!
Lower flow on tues. Wood starting to show
Lots of water. Totally runnable, except for the tons of wood that is under water on the corner. This was the highest flow (monday)
Broken Ribs, paddles, and last jug of whiskey. Ya'll Come back now ya hear!
Can you see the boater?
Secret smoke shack on the micos
Workers building the diversion sliced this tasty treat up.
Drunk Virgin.....Run? Ha, Taylor gettin' ill in a sweet pocket.
La Luminosa on Rio Salto. Gauge said 18. Assuming this is 180 cenitmeters H20.
Lsst little drop on the micos. We think this is an average flow. Thanks for all the help and beta people sent to me to make this trip happen.
Thanks Dan
Right line. Water was 2 inches below gauge tree.

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