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working on the remix
here are some pictures of outfitting my remix 79 to a c1. i'm putting in a dagger pedestal and so far haven't had to glue anything to the hull, for ease of resale i've kept the seat this time.
The float wasn't much of a test since the day involved a lot of rock sliding. this is smelter at 189 cfs.
one more picture of the trim on the maiden voyage. animas river february 2010
i duct taped the hip pads in to try out in the pool. they have velcro attachments but aren't very sturdy. i'd hate to lose one in a swim. i'll...
using the existing hip pads and mounting hardware. this shows rear pillar extension too.
pedestal installed and first attempt at hip pads in.
i think i am going to split the difference and move it forward one inch. i can always move it again in the spring if it doesn't work out.
i've moved the saddle back two inches since the last time i got this boat in the pool.
second boat trimming session at the pool. i've moved the saddle back two inches in these photos.
Here is how i attached the anchor strap of the pedestal to the boat. the wing nut is where the kayak bulkhead adjustment was. i riveted a piece of...
the view from the bow. i still need to extend the rear pillar to meet up with my pedestal but once the thigh straps were in there was little to no...
side view showing the height of the back rest and thigh strap placement. i ended up moving the forward attachment of the thigh straps to the most...
after putting in the thigh straps to the existing holes, i had to cut an inch off of the back rest. now it is 4.5" high. i've also shimmed out my...
duct tape along a seam that sat pretty much horizontal while the boat was sitting on the ground.

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